Jim Howell


Jim Howell 6 years, 5 months ago

Unfortunately, I wrote a comment about Tim Nelson's article, but it was not included in the blog area associated with the article. Guess the author and Steamboat Pilot Today cannot take criticism for not having necessay information relative to the woman, Cindy Jordan, who called the sheriff's office. She was not a neighbor of Mr. Nelson. Jordan did not even know Mr. Nelson. She was at the Xcel Power Plant were dogs were running that she and two other employees decided the dogs were owned by Mr. Nelson. The dogs did not belong to Mr. Nelson. No where in sheriff documentation does it say anything about barking dogs! Oh, perhaps barking occured at the Power Plant. Jordan trespassed by going on Mr. Nelson's Posted "No Trespassing". She caused character assassination of Mr. Nelson.

Fridell, get you story straight before you write incorrect information. Your Publisher and Editor should discipline Fridell!


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