Julie SuchoskiWard

Julie SuchoskiWard 3 years, 6 months ago on Routt County DA: Felony plea deals no longer will be bargains

I do not believe that the DA's office has attempted to seek any type of justice what-so-ever, and that their attempt to bring things to a trial for a change will be to the victim's, and people of Colorado's, benefit. Mr. Prindle leaving the DA is the first sight I have seen of "justice" in this county in a long time. Mr. Prindle only had interest in the right of the criminal and neglected the rights of the victims on several occasions. It is no surprise that the defense attorneys in this county would be upset to see him go, he would give repeat plea bargains to repeat offenders therefor giving the attorneys job security. Mr. Prindle was demeaning, condescending, and bullied victims in this town. Quite frankly he made victims out of victims and took away the safety and security that we naively sought in protection orders, courts, and judges. Mr. Prindle and Mr. Barkey, in my opinion, need to write a formal apology to all victims of Routt County. Also he ought to make a very generous donation to Advocates (c/o Diane Moore), since he does not consider Domestic Violence a serious issue.