John Rogers

John Rogers 4 years, 6 months ago on Steamboat City Council rules out replacing Iron Horse with police station

I love a simple fix......

Let the city look at the purchase of the TIC complex.... hey there outta here so use that for all things needed....plenty of room and not a bad location ...

Oh and can we talk about a round-a-bout @ 40 & 129....


John Rogers 4 years, 7 months ago on Group wants to annex western Routt County into Moffat County

Moffat County....till 87 then San Diego for my Senior year as well as production school untill 91.then moved back to the valley. but Moffat was a sore spot for me as i grew up out near Hamilton. would love to send my kidos to steamboat. Simple yet due to county issues they consider us Hayden residents. I dont live in hayden.

GO Milner..!!... ..and while were at it can we now be known as Steamberg Falls?


John Rogers 4 years, 7 months ago on Group wants to annex western Routt County into Moffat County

Ok.... If that happens WHAT ABOUT US IN MILNER ! as it stands now its "we pay hayden taxes" if we want our kids to go to school in Stbt we have to file paperwork ...ooh and then only will they allow our child in if thers room. So if Hayden becomes apart of Moffat...which i think is a bad idea. does that mean that I live in MOFFAT COUNTY??? please explain this to me because it makes no sense what soever ...Is this about taxes and the coal mine in hayden?

mabye we can convince Routt .to bring Milner back where it belongs TO STEAMBOAT so to speak ...helping our children and our well being since we DO NOT live in Moffat County. Rant over thx


John Rogers 4 years, 10 months ago on Routt commissioners table energy exploration request again

I agree w/John W. there is a lot to say but for now I will just say this Thank you Routt county for looking at this from the point of homeowners in Milner. we too live here and Quicksilver should seek wells elsewhere.Drilling that close to homes is just asking for trouble ..and thx to our local Govt.we might just have seen the last of Qsilver......

Love where we live and keep our county safe.....


John Rogers 4 years, 10 months ago on Steamboat man arrested after shooting at downtown bar

Ok first ....never seen him before ...... 2nd....simple fix ..we vote.....if he's voted out of town to craig ya go man!! aah Steamboat in the Summer time~~


John Rogers 5 years ago on Routt County commissioners table Camilletti oil well permit

Last night was a learning experence.but what i learned was the Quicksilver guy's TELL .....(Poker reference)..see me for the tell As for the meeting .and the drilling's going to happen..but by them tabling it out so far it gives us time to think of more ways to help ourselves to keep our familes and homes safe. In my heart i belive that the county is just worried about lawsuits and not the well beong of the people as a whole. Did some ruff math on this and correct me if I'm wrong but the 3 ..q'silver Routt county and the Cam fam stand to earn a mear 500 million in the first 10 yrs of this 1 well ...and they want to punch 3 across the street so to speak from my my small 300k investment means NOTHING IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS and i feel thats not what they were elected for ...ok now go ahead and beat me up and take away all my family has worked for in the 20 yrs we have lived here .........

I hear N.Dakota is a nice place to live .......humm.......anyone like to buy a 3bd home in the booming town of Milner........

PLEASE HELP US ~~ THX Milner Home Owner