jaunty 8 years, 9 months ago on Fires cause finale fizzle

The subtle ending of this show reminded me of the early 1970s here in Steamboat Springs. The shows were shorter, the waits between each exploding firework were longer, and we were never quite sure if we had reached the end. Eventually, when we saw the volunteers' trucks driving down Howelsen Hill, we would wander home, quite happy with our hometown 4th of July, including the modest fireworks show.

Thanks for a brief return to the good old days.


jaunty 9 years, 1 month ago on Change of address

Let's all go back to the early 70s and praise "dawg's" memory. There was a small but adequate post office in the building that later became Mattie Silks.

Sureva Towler ran the place, which was also a restaurant. Was it called The Lunch Box? Really reaching into the deep recesses of my brain, but I think that was it.

Sureva also wrote a column for the Steamboat Pilot, relaying people-related news that she heard from all of her customers. Going to the P.O., regardless of whether it was the mountain location or downtown, was the social highlight of everyone's day.

The Clock Tower building and any other postal locations came later.


jaunty 9 years, 3 months ago on Postmaster asks neighbors to pitch in

Again, I ask -- why are most neighborhoods in Old Town Steamboat denied the possibility of having cluster boxes? Why do I have to pay rent for a P.O. box because the USPS does NOT deliver the mail anywhere in Old Town residential neighborhoods?


jaunty 9 years, 4 months ago on Postmaster asks neighbors to pitch in

Can anyone explain why we cannot get cluster boxes in most parts of Old Town? Some of us requested this service about 15 years ago and it still hasn't happened.


jaunty 9 years, 5 months ago on When the world changed

Thanks to Brent Boyer, Matt Stensland, Brian Ray and Melinda Dudley for presenting these veterans' stories to the public.

The staff at the Doak Walker Care Center -- Celia and Jean -- deserve a big pat on the back for their efforts to gather and prepare the veterans for the interviews.

When we honor our veterans, we honor our country and way of life. Thanks to all of the men and women who served on our behalf.


jaunty 9 years, 5 months ago on Council mulls Iron Horse

Oh, Scott, quit whining. Why don't you just order a boatload of corrugated sheet metal so you can plaster it all over the Iron Horse Inn and "beautify" it so it meets your architectural standards?


jaunty 9 years, 5 months ago on Suspect in high-speed chase flees hospital

The hospital won't be charging the taxpayers for anything, as Yampa Valley Medical Center is not tax-supported.

Hospital security stays busy almost every night in the ER, protecting staff from the intoxicated patients who turn violent and assisting in keeping these patients from harming themselves.

Read The Record in the Today and see how many substance users end up in the ER during the wee hours.


jaunty 9 years, 5 months ago on Recreation center tanks

"The ballot initiatives would have instituted the city's first property tax."

Please, Pilot and Today reporters, stop repeating this untruth. The city had property taxes in earlier years but did away with them sometime in the 1970s.

First a sales tax was put in place. Then, as I recall, the City Council doubled the percentage of sales tax to be collected with the accompanying promise that this would replace any property tax.

Look it up.


jaunty 9 years, 6 months ago on Locals empty-handed as Rockies World Series seats sell out

Do you think the Rockies front office learned anything? They sounded very sure of themselves -- even arrogant -- in their public announcements.

It's a shame that fan attention has been diverted from the team and the countdown to the Series, during what could have been a very exciting time. We're upset with the men in suits when we should be cheering for the men in black -- or purple pinstripes.

Can't help feeling betrayed by the whole system. This proves beyond all doubt that baseball isn't a game, it's a business. Just like skiing isn't a sport, it's an industry.