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Jason Krueger 1 year, 3 months ago on Thinking About Health: Facing the realities of high-deductible insurance

I have no interest in debating your ideology as it is quite clear you are set in your belief system. What I am a bit confused on is your insistence regarding Medicaid eligibility. Based on the link you provided eligibility is based on your family's income level. If I am reading it correctly, a family of four is eligible for Medicaid if their income is less than 133% of the federal poverty level (or $39,501.00). Am I wrong in this understanding? Do you consider this an "acceptable" medical safety-net for the US population?


Jason Krueger 1 year, 4 months ago on Potential lies in targeting the 85 percent of air travelers who leave the Yampa Valley to catch a flight

Scott and David, As a business traveller, the cost is not the primary issue with Hayden (at least for me). The issue is the unreliable service and poorly managed airline that runs things. While Hayden staff are generally professional and hard-working, Republic Airlines (the United subsidiary) is apparently being run by interns down in Denver. It is appalling how disorganized the operations are in Denver. According to United's own "on time performance report", the HDN-DEN/DEN-HDN flight is cancelled or delayed 25% of the time. Please tell me what other service you would be willing to pay a premium price for in return for "C-" service?


Jason Krueger 3 years, 3 months ago on David Moss: Birth control 'dust-up'

Brian, the reason you haven't heard a response from your accusations is because they are false. Regarding the "teabagger" term; the first time it was used in relationship to the tea party was by a tea-party demonstrator in Washington DC on Feb 27, 2009. Don't cry because your own movement didn't bother to learn its alter meaning. It is unfortunate that our President chose to use the term in an interview- much the same way a certain VP decided to use the F-bomb on the floor of congress. You tell me which one is worse. I contend they are both inappropriate. Comparing Mr Limbaugh to Letterman or Maher is just foolish. Neither Letterman or Maher are considered leaders of the "liberal" movement. By all rational accounts, they are considered entertainers and their comments are treated as such. Mr. Limbaugh is considered by the Republican party itself as one of its vital voices and is often featured as one of their keynote speakers- something Letterman and Maher have never been asked to do on behalf of the Democratic party. The only time Limbaugh considers himself an "entertainer" is when he tries to defend his actions. As for Shultz, you are correct, he did make an inflammatory statement on MSNBC against Laura Ingram (I assume this is what you guys are whining about). In response to that statement he was SUSPENDED for 1 week by MSNBC. I don't see ClearChannel doing the same thing.


Jason Krueger 3 years, 9 months ago on Ulrich Salzgeber: Bike education needed

This has nothing to do with cyclists versus drivers. This has to do with understanding the laws that are already written. My sarcasm comes from the audacity of your statement; "stop expecting others to be as resourceful as you". You seem to imply I should not expect others to have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities associated with driving, biking, etc. As for the amount of "resourcefulness" this entailed, it required a google search which yielded the information in under .5 seconds.

The signs stating "no bicycles, etc." seem pretty clear cut to me. A bicyclist on those sidewalks is obviously in violation.

Perhaps it would benefit you to spend an equivalent amount of time "learning" about things you aren't sure about as you do posting your expectations of others. You and the 3 other people all posted (in addition to the author of the letter) that you had absolutely no idea what the laws were and someone should so something about it. In other words, the 4 of you spent a significant amount of time supporting each others ignorance rather than striving to educate yourselves. Again, this case can be made for bicycles, horses, skateboards, airplanes, hang-gliders, and anything else you choose to propel yourself around in/on; if you plan on operating it, know the rules!


Jason Krueger 3 years, 9 months ago on Ulrich Salzgeber: Bike education needed

Dear Brant and Ulrcik and the anonymous peanut gallery,

Lucky for you there is an ENTIRE handbook that explains ALL of the rules of the road!!! It can ALL be found right here:


Interestingly enough, I believed all of you signed a document when you renewed your drivers licenses attesting to your knowledge of this handbook.

In specific response to your question regarding bike lanes, you were at fault. That bike lane is considered no different than a bus lane or similar vehicular lane. You were changing lanes into that bike lane. (see page 15 & 16 regarding right-of-way)

Bikes ARE allowed on sidewalks unless a local ordinance states otherwise (pg 30).


Jason Krueger 3 years, 10 months ago on Sen. Mark Udall: Back to jobs

It is pointless to debate with individuals who are so sure in their convictions that they hide behind anonymity.


Jason Krueger 3 years, 11 months ago on Sen. Mark Udall: Back to jobs

Great. 3 more posts blaming the middle class for the failure of companies. By all means, cut everyone's wages. It's all the unions fault Saturn went extinct and Japan still runs strong. It has nothing to do with Senior mgmt designing vehicles nobody wanted to buy and GM going into every business OTHER than designing quality products. "I saw union workers doing NOTHING all day". Rhys, based on your previous posts, it's my understanding you're a computer consultant. How much do you get paid and do your really think what you do is worth that much???? I have yet to meet a "consultant" truly worth their fee. Keep buying your stuff from WalMart, keep supporting corporations that pay their CEO's in excess of 100 times their employees salaries and keep slamming the middle class. Keep demanding less "government regulation" to prevent corporate corruption yet in the exact same breath demand the government prohibit the middle class from organizing to support one another. I have yet to see a single union worker sit in front of Congress (and America) after stealing billions of dollars from taxpayers in giant pyramid schemes (Citigroup, AIG, Wells Fargo, etc.) and then insist the same people who caused the problem are the only ones capable of fixing it. For all of the problems that exist with unions (and I agree there are problems), I place more faith in them than wallstreet investors who have no interest in the actual long-term viability of a company but are interested only in profits.


Jason Krueger 3 years, 11 months ago on Cindy Antonucci-Ameen: Righting a Congressional wrong

Nice Rhys. It's been a while since someone blamed unions. "$93/hour...No wonder American junkers start at $25k!". What is an OK wage? Here in Steamboat, landscape companies bill at $80/hour for sprinkler maintenance. Snow shoveling is billed at $40/hour. Rhys, what is your billed rate? According to Sledneck's post, product cost and employee payments have nothing to do with each other ("...Rockefeller made oil so cheap that the price went down and he and his employees made way more money".)

American labor is "lazy" and "fat" but hedge fund managers are worth their salaries. CEO's "earn" their millions because they "create" jobs. "Taxes are too high on business", "American labor costs are forcing jobs oversees", "Employee pensions are ruining industry". (Have I covered everything?) Wake up middle class. Every time you join in on this mantra you're contributing to your own demise. Those supposed high taxes pay for YOUR schools, YOUR roads, YOUR Arts, YOUR safe drinking water, YOUR military. Those "high labor costs" are paying YOUR and YOUR NEIGHBOR'S salary which, in turn, allows YOU to buy stuff from business; it's putting food on YOUR table. Those pensions are paying for YOUR retirement.

To the vocal "pro-Gary Hoffmeister/business saves the day" crowd, I call your bluff. Just because you "own" a business doesn't mean you're carrying the financial health of the planet on your shoulders. The vast majority of you "business" folks aren't John Galt (to quote Ayn Rand) and haven't "created" a thing. You're merely shuffling money around.

To the entire "anti-tax" crowd, America enjoys one of the lowest tax rates in the first-country world. It costs money to run a country- to keep roads maintained, to support our elderly (because you've also made it clear death panels are bad), and to have a military. We all benefit from these and many other government services. It is taxes that allow for parks, Core Trails and Tennis Bubbles. It is taxes that help support ballet, opera and football stadiums. As long as corporate America is interested in quarterly profits, it is NOT in their interest to support any of these services. It is, however, in their interest to increase the work week to +50 hours, eliminate employee benefits, and fund executive "team building" retreats. Restoring tax rates to the levels before the "TEMPORARY Bush tax-cuts" is NOT A TAX HIKE. It's a RESTORATION!

To every business out there: I (the consumer) don't work for you. You work for me. Start taking care of your work force instead of your Board of Directors, start regulating yourselves voluntarily rather than spending money on lawyers and lobbyists to circumvent consumer protection laws and, in return, I'll start buying what you're peddling.

And, one last rant. Stop lumping the words socialism, fascism, nazism, keynesian (it's not even a word!) into the same sentence. They aren't synonyms.


Jason Krueger 5 years ago on Bob McConnell: Candidate answer

Dear Mr. McConnell,

One closing thought if you are following these posts- Notice how the vast majority (apart from JLM and Seeuski who are, if nothing else, consistent in their rhetoric) are wanting Congress to work things out. Just because the rabid fringe crowds get plenty of media air play doesn't mean the majority of this country believes an "all or nothing" approach is an intelligent solution to anything. As stated before, if you're not willing to intelligently discuss the issues and find workable solutions, you're no different than what we have in place already.