John Kinkaid

John Kinkaid 1 year, 4 months ago on Energy-saving panels go on sale at community solar garden due to open in Craig this summer

The "solar garden" is a sharp stick in the eye to every coal miner and power plant worker in Routt and Moffat Counties. If residents want to spend their money on fluff, they can certainly do so. But remember that Twentymile mine is the number one taxpayer in Routt County. Just my two cents.


John Kinkaid 1 year, 8 months ago on Moffat County divided over secession issue

Not one Republican state legislator voted in favor of SB 252 and yet it became law through shear force of will. We keep getting run over at the state capitol and our economy suffers as a result. BTW...... Yesterday I gave an interview to The Wall Street Journal.


John Kinkaid 1 year, 9 months ago on Moffat County divided over secession issue

What I said was.... That I would be okay with a compromise solution.

A compromised solution would not be good. Ha.


John Kinkaid 4 years, 1 month ago on Mark Udall: Continuing the fight for bark-beetle mitigation funding

Having read this letter by Sen. Udall, I would like to know what the plan is to restore our forests and their beauty. Does it include planting new trees?


John Kinkaid 4 years, 4 months ago on Bob Semro: Repealing reform a step backward

The CBO scored the "Affordable Care Act" based on inaccurate suppositions supplied by the bill's sponsors. The cost curve, in reality, will never go down. The math doesn't work. Costs will rise.

Have you seen the organizational chart of what it will look like to manage the system? If I remember correctly, the act is creating 120 something new departments. The chart really will make your head spin. I can't help but think that you could actually add flow lines to the chart and no one would even catch it. Well, maybe eventually.

Which article or articles in the Constitution supports the argument that I must purchase something as a condition of citizenship or membership in society?

One thing is certain. If allowed to stand, the "Affordable Care Act" will take away our status of having the best health care in the world. And you will not like the way that it is rationed.

Check out the link below. I trust that it still works.


John Kinkaid 4 years, 4 months ago on White speaks about tourism to Mainstreet Steamboat Springs

Regulatory mission creep is stiffling any economic recovery. Increasing the cost of energy, unnecessarily, will make inflation take off like a rocket. Well, that and printing money. Think in terms of inflation and no jobs.

Tourism and Energy Production sectors both need help.


John Kinkaid 4 years, 4 months ago on Colorado coal industry representatives plan to increase lobbying after tough year

New Mexico is making their state more business friendly. Colorado needs to compete with other states for jobs. We need to build up our state's economy. Otherwise there will be no money for schools, roads or medicaid.

Common sense..... It's getting rare.