id04sp 8 years, 9 months ago on How the West was lost

Well, so much for the "new" policy unless it kicks in later today.


id04sp 8 years, 9 months ago on On the market for Aug. 3

People are merely shifting to the more desirable properties, and away from the overpriced hovels.

When folks figure out that $600k in Clark buys a custom home while it takes $855k in town for a fixer-upper jammed into old town, where do you think they're going to buy? $255k buys a lot of gas and cars, plus the scenery is lots better and there are no crowds.

I guess city dwellers from elsewhere want to live in the city, but lots of people with money to spend on a "get-away" really want to "get away."

The realtors are the only ones will suffer, because they live on the turnover. Anyone who has owned a home for 4 or 5 years is in line to make a nice profit and move up, or out, to something better when the time is right for them.


id04sp 8 years, 9 months ago on Conservative commentary: Sovereignty - bye bye?

Clinton got the free ride, cutting military budgets and forces to the point the Guard and Reserves have been overburdened by the war in Iraq, and leaving us with hundreds of millions of dollars in equipment sitting around needing repair when the war started.

If we had continued another 8 years, and some credible military threat had arisen, we'd have been unable to meet it. It's a sad and brutal lesson to learn, but our readiness to defend ourselves must be preserved as long as there are people in other countries who are bent on genocide and destruction of their fellow men. We have no control over their politics, and prejudices, and racist attitudes towards others. So what do we do? Think that talking to them will do the job?

Think about this. Guys like the Green River Strangler and Ted Bundy murdered scores of people without a second thought. The psychopathic personality is alive and among us, and we can't prevent people without a shred of human compassion from exerting their will over others except by force or incarceration. Some of them are smooth talkers who tell you one thing and do another; Bundy was a champeen at luring women in with words by playing on their sympathies. Is Obama really that different? He's got the words alright. The problem is that we don't know what he's going to do once he gets us in the car . . .

Hitler was a charismatic psychopath. Saddam Hussein was another. They knew what to say to get the people behind them, but they had their dark agendas ready to roll once they took power. I don't think Obama has any dark motive other than wanting things to be true that can never be true, because the world doesn't work the way he imagines it. He thinks he can hire advisors who will take care of the details. When the advisors tell him the truth about how things are, however, the truth will differ from his view of the world on many, many levels.

A Harvard Law degree only qualifies you to be an ambulance chaser. Lawyers didn't put men on the Moon. Lawyers didn't invent the airplane, steam engine, or clipper ship. We cannot prosper under leaders who only know how to make wishes, without the knowledge to understand what is achievable and what is not.

People have speculated over why Obama did not visit wounded soldiers by himself, as John McCain did. I think it's because he knows they are carrying the burden of democracy, and have the scars to prove it. Obama just wants to be in charge of the people who will do the real work. He plans to wave at the crowd and take the credit.

Good luck with that.


id04sp 8 years, 9 months ago on How the West was lost


I've got a better idea.

We have brought democracy to Iraq.

Let's go work on Mexico when we're done in Afghanistan. For one thing, the logistics will be much easier. I'd love to have a new American territory where I could buy property near the beach and retire like a king on my humble pension and Social Security check.

If the Mexicans are coming here to earn dollars, it makes much more sense for us to move down there and spend the dollars in Mexico. That would give the maximum benefit to both groups since the illegals would not have to pay U. S. prices for food, clothing and shelter on this side of the line. If we made the whole thing one big country, with people free to come and go as they please, we'd all be better off.

If we had to pay the environmental protection costs in pesos instead of dollars, we could still cut costs and increase domestic production by moving industry to the Mexican side of the line. We'd just have to keep the lawyers up here so that things wouldn't get screwed up down there.


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My best post ever, I think. 98 words.

I think I'll start writing songs now.

Yesterday a clerk in the supermarket asked me for my birthday to go along with a liquor sale. I gave it to her, and then told her, "I usually say April 18th, 1775." This, of course brought a blank stare, so I explained, "that's Paul Revere Day."

She responded, "History is not my thing." I guess the same goes for poetry.

I once took a prize in the Spilled Ink local literary contest after sitting down and writing the worst short story I could imagine. Took me 45 minutes. Full of puns. Horrible plot. They loved it.

So I think I'm going to work on the worst song album ever written. If it goes platinum I'll thank Brent Boyer, when I pick up my Grammy, for not letting me post here anonymously any more.

Stranger things have happened.


id04sp 8 years, 9 months ago on Dealing with denial

The insecticide required to kill these buggers is of the "thrin" family. Pyrethrin or something similar. You can't get these substances anymore without a pest control license. This problem is also occurring in southeastern pine forests, but at least in that part of the world, people who can afford to cut down the damn sick trees and burn them are doing so.

So say a big ol' THANKS to the Environazis for condemning the forest to death from beetles by banning use of pyrethrin insecticides, and not allowing fires to take out the sick trees. Man has created a giant tender box, ready to explode with a single lightening strike.

Of course, in the natural scheme of things, without man interfering, maybe the forests would have died or burned before now. It ain't like man killed the dinosaurs off . . .

So what's wrong with clearing the dead trees, replanting a resistant species, or observing a healthy post-beetle forest to see what the natural progression is, and going with that as a model to help accelerate recovery? Do it for "the kids." That's how everything else gets justified, isn't it?

One thing for sure; without poison, or fire, the beetles will not die out. What's the alternative? Asking them to please stop killing the trees? Is that the Barack Obama approach that's supposed to work on Iran, etc?

This is a pretty good natural example of what happens when people let a noxious condition continue to exist for fear of something "worse" happening. Are the dead trees an omen of dead Americans if we don't do something about the Islamo-Fascist movement?

Something to think about.


id04sp 8 years, 9 months ago on Brent Boyer: Cleaning up our online comments

I once got kicked off of Compuserve for declining a "private message" offer of cyber sex with the chatroom monitor in the Writer's Forum.

Same thing as what's happening here, more or less.

Anybody remember "New Coke." It was a flop. "Coke Classic" was back in just a few weeks. The Pilot will do the same sort of thing, except the new "classic" version won't use high-fructose corn syrup instead of cane sugar like when they brought back "classic" Coke.


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nmy --

I don't watch them either. Remember, I was referring to the Pilot staff.


id04sp 8 years, 9 months ago on Rodeman recordings released

Oh, you nasty staff scamps! No sense of humor at all. If Jay Leno or David Letterman had said what I posted, you'd all be repeating it to each other and laughing your heads off.

To the rest of you, I suggested that someone should name a deli sandwich after Cargo. Apparently the ingredients were considered insulting to someone.

What's wrong with corned beef? White bread? A hot dog?

I guess it's the way I put them together. Oh, and the association of the word "trash" with one of the ingredients, maybe?

So, make up your own joke. It was based on the assertion that the officer was squeezed between two of the suspects and a door while trying to enter the residence.

As for the "poor Cargo" comments, if any other public person had pulled a similar stunt, the comments would have been just as brutal. Look at Sheriff Wall's case for confirmation on that one, and he didn't attempt to flee or resist arrest.

The answer is for the Betty Ford Clinic to annex O C and be done with it.