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john oakland 6 years, 5 months ago on Growing Pains: Colorado's medical marijuana industry ignites

ok look Im pretty sure this is going to piss some ppl off.

The fact of the mater is that marijuana affects every person slightly different.Depending on the form of absorption different results will be felt. Smoking or absorption through the lungs is most likely going to give your the euphoric affects and can be useful against insomnia. Tinctures or edibles are becoming more common among people who have pain or nausea but do not want to smoke due to the health risk. also tinctures do not create as much of the euphoric reaction. Finally in fused topical applications are better for any sort of condition lies close to the skins surface, this for of absorption can give you a euphoric feeling depending on a whole slue of factors out side of potency and your tolerance.

As for the fact of legalization creating more or younger users I would have respectfully disagree (directed at seeuski.) the fact that there are more younger ppl in the police arrest reports for the use of marijuana can not be linked to legal MMJ. the fact of the matter is that youth are doing every thing younger these day weather it is sex,drugs,drinking,partying. its just the way it is( I'm not saying its right)

Seeuski I am sorry that you had a negative reaction and that ppl told you that couldn't happen after it did. I would like to pose a question to you. you said that you experienced the gateway. assuming you were referring to the gateway drug effect. My question is "did you do other drugs because you tried Marijuana or did you do other drugs because of the people that you were around when buying or using Marijuana?"

Just from my experience the ppl i know who smoked marijuana first then moved on to other drugs was because of the ppl they were buying from.

In closing i am going to say this i believe that marijuana should be legal. not just for medical use but for any that is of age. It should be controlled much like alcohol. California has it on the ballot as "any one over the age of twenty one may poses up to one ounce of marijuana" thats how i know it, and in Brekenridge any one over the age of 21 may poses up to ounce and paraphernalia. that is only a town law so it is kind of a gray area. Don't legalize it because it can make the state copious amounts of money due it because of the children. sounds odd right well if its legal they won't feel as rebellious and most likely they wont put them selves in dangerous situations with dangerous ppl


john oakland 6 years, 9 months ago on 3rd Street could open Tuesday in downtown Steamboat

I agree but you also have to look at the fact that it is a state highway and not a local street.

Still agree it would nice to give the locals some work.