PJ Howe

PJ Howe 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Karl Koehler: Do your homework

What about the incredible toxic mess left from the production of solar panels? There is a reason that China can send those over here for pennies on the dollar (like our dollar is worth anything). China doesn't care about local enviromental problems. They dump the cadmium in their local rivers. What do we do? How is it being hidden here?


PJ Howe 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Craig man to serve 20 years for meth possession

Of course Marvin is happy with this sentence; he probably doesn't make enough money to pay the taxes necessary to incarcerate this guy for 20 years…FOR 20 YEARS…for a non-violent offense. I do have to pay this. Thanks prosecutors for the $1 mil out of the pockets of the few of us acutally paying taxes. Result: The druggies now have to buy their crap from someone else. No dent in the supply, or the demand.


PJ Howe 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Dylan Roberts: ‘Yes’ on 66

I hope, Mr. Roberts, that you have been contributing graciously, from YOUR pocket, to the school systems in our area. I have listened to my children when they come home from their day at our “underfunded” schools about how incredibly awful their day was. Those comments can be summed up quite easily…MOVIES, or if you prefer, NOTHING. Money is not the issue, never has been. How the money is spent is the issue. My daughter’s first comment when she went to college, “Dad, they didn’t teach us anything in High School.”


PJ Howe 5 months, 3 weeks ago on Karl Koehler: Do your homework

Dave and Robert...I have some very good land prospects for you. $1 an acre, please contact me ASAP!

Dave, a debate with you would be entertaining, in the least. Please bring your argument how the earth has warmed over the last 15,000 years without an SUV driving around it for 14,960 years of it. Please bring you argument how anything that the earth, sun and moon do, have nothing to do with the temperatures we (and the dinosaurs) experience(d). Please bring your arguments that…oh, dang, this is too easy. Doesn't it suck when realty smacks you in the face? Humans aren't, and can't, do anything to the atmosphere of this planet. It is cool to think we can. Our arrogance is definitely there to believe we can...but...we can't.


PJ Howe 5 months, 3 weeks ago on Yes on Amendment 66: The right choice for Colorado schools

I went to High School in the Denver area in the 80's. We had one principal and one vice principal. My niece graduated from the same school 2 years ago. With 40 more kids in her class, they had an Executive Director, one principal and 7 (SEVEN) vice principals, all of whom I'm sure make well into 6 figures, not including benefits. I say we all vote for 66!!! By golly, we need to have more administrators to take care of all that extra money coming in. Yes on 66! Let's feed the bureaucracy until we have an 'effective' administrator for every 5 students!


PJ Howe 6 months ago on Steamboat Springs cocaine dealer to serve at least 4 years in prison

I really hope that people like Mr. Barkley and Ms. Hill will stop trying to save us from ourselves. Mr. Rice will now be a burden on society, most likely, for the rest of his life. How many millions will that cost. It's at least $200k while he is prison. STOP sending non violent drug affenders to prison, we, I, can't afford it anymore.


PJ Howe 7 months, 3 weeks ago on Ken Collins: Global climate change

I really, REALLY need Ken to invest in my new company! I don't know what it will be yet, or what it will do, but I promise it will benefit the demise and utter destruction of "Global Warming" as we know it! I only need about $10mil Ken.

Until the "believers" can figure out how all volcanic activity (Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991 and put more carbon dioxide, sulfates and particulates into the atmosphere then what all of human existence has done to date, and that includes your foreign built SUV, Ken [NOTE: The main eruption lasted only one week]). Until the "believers" can control the wobble in the earth's axis and the wobble in the earth's orbit around the sun, and, of course, control how much energy the sun puts out, I'm at a loss why Ken wants to completely ruin the economy of the United States of America in a fantasy attempt to control the earth’s thermostat. The USA seems to be the only willing country to destroy themselves in the name of something that a few “believe in” with no proof whatsoever other than a really cool computer model (we only take up .06598% of the earth’s surface). The earth has been covered in ice and it will be again. The earth has been devoid of ice and it will be again. Colorado has been covered in ice and Colorado has been a subtropical, oceanic haven. Just be patient Ken, and you’ll get the temperature you’ll looking for.


PJ Howe 1 year ago on Paul Bonnifield: Not a popularity contest

Sherriff Wiggins should enforce the law, all laws, no matter how impractical they are to enforce. To adequately enforce these laws, the Sherriff must first know what guns (and clips) exist in the county, what type they are, and who owns them. How are these new gun laws to be enforced? Door to door inspections? Should these be warranted or not-warranted as unwarranted inspections are much easier and more efficient? How about a neighbor tip line so you can turn in those dirty gun owners who pass their rifle down to their kids? Yes, Sherriff, enforce the laws. Let's start by enforcing the speed limit. 1 mph over is a violation of the laws enacted by legislature and should be enforced. These tickets can easily be avoided by always driving 5-10 mph under the posted limit. I can only image the uproar when Paul, Sherry and others that are in a tizzy about Sherriff Wiggins's comments when they start receiving these tickets and they are then fully enforced by the county judge, which, by law, he must.


PJ Howe 2 years, 5 months ago on Routt County elected officials to go to board about pay disparities

The first thing I noticed is that the elected officials are correct, there is quite a bit of disparity in wages, but theirs are fine. It's everybody else’s wages that is way out of line; $96,000 for an Internet Services Director??? You can probably get a high school grad to do that job better for $25k, whatever it is.

I really find it hard to believe that all these people ran for office and didn't know what the job paid. Now they want to discuss their wages? Maybe that should have been a family discussion prior to running for the position.