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doug monger 3 months, 1 week ago on Experts discuss tactics that could help prevent Howelsen Hill landslides

Being an armchair quarterback on the issue of Howelsen, and more importantly the issue of Howelsen Maintenance I couldn't agree more with the analysis that all have provided. First we have continued and increased use of the mountain in the summer which doesn't allow for down soil growth of plant coverage, this has accentuated the issue. Added moisture in the snow making is a major major issue in my mind in that there is more water being added onto an already unstable soil situation. In any potential land slide area which is caused by water, getting the water to the surface and not between the soil and bedrock is of upmost importance. If that water can get to the surface it runs off, if it can't or doesn't get to the surface it builds up a reservoir under the soil and then takes the land and water down the slope. Now that everybody has analyzed the problems the community needs to come up with solutions, diminished snowmaking, more drainage projects, and maybe limiting the use in the summer and increased short shrubby cover. The bad thing is that Howelsen is not alone in this problem our county roads and maybe some houses have numerous areas which are subject to some of the above issues. Unlike Howelsen, our road issues can be dealt with by remedial solutions that reduce further erosion and maintenance issues while not having to deal with skier utilization. For some of us with good memory's remember just a couple years back the major landslide that happened in Mesa County where a whole mountain slid and took out several lives and almost a town. That is not a threat here but mother nature counts the cards. Good Luck on it.


doug monger 3 months, 1 week ago on Jim Clark: Housing need 'critical'

I guess as part of government, why is it up to the government to solve the problem. Typical issue we can't solve it and it is up to the government to solve this. How many times do we need to see that this Does NOt Work. Nor should it work. I still believe in personal responsibility and corporate responsibility. Let's see some of that.


doug monger 4 months ago on CDOT reports new wildlife fencing mostly successful, but some smart deer are slipping past

We don't want to forget Davis/Bacon wages, we don't want them (whomever or whatever) to be underpaid, and we need to remember Buy America there might be some foreign lions that might want to volunteer.


doug monger 8 months, 3 weeks ago on Arrest made in Emerald Mountain trailhead vandalism case

Good job on the Sheriff's office Luster/Arsenault in putting the puzzle pieces together. Personally I'm amazed that if he was that DUI he didn't hurt himself when flipping the Skidsteer upside down. Maybe to far gone to feel the pain, but that upside down trick could not have been a fun ride to take. To top that off we (jail/taxpayers) are probably paying for his medical bills for the episode.


doug monger 8 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter to the Editor: Response to Monger

Well I do apologize for isolating out Texan's and Floridians, it could have been meant to be directed to Colorado residents as well. When we are having the conversation about having nightly rentals out in the county I want to make sure that all of us understand the concept of minimally and not maintained roads and not having nightly renters lost on a night with a three foot snowfall and wondering why the road was not plowed and getting lost on our rural road network. Yes I would surely be a lost clown in Texas and Florida, been there done that. Also sometimes my desire to lighten up things during hearings can be taken wrong or offensively. I also have plenty of self inflicted boot marks on tongue. Absolutely nothing personal. Doug Monger


doug monger 11 months, 1 week ago on Perlman named president, COO of Steamboat Ski Area

Congrats Rob, Routt County and the Yampa Valley Airport Commission look forward to our mutually beneficial relationships. Good Luck on the Venture, and we look forward to working with you. Doug Monger


doug monger 11 months, 1 week ago on Celebrating 25 years in pictures with John F. Russell

Nice article John, congrats for your work and being a steady hand 25 years strong. Always a pleasure in your professionalism. Keep up the good work . The local High School activities have positively been a benefactor of your reports and pictures. When the kiddos are reported on appropriately the parents are most always appreciative. Doug Monger


doug monger 11 months, 3 weeks ago on Our view: Growing the tax base for all

I find it interesting that the editorial board did not ask to have a meeting with the organized opponents and have a presentation on the other side of the real numbers prior to this editorial. They came out in support of this joke ages ago, would be to lose face to get the real story and have to change positions. It's not like we haven't been saying things about this whole fiasco from the get go, yet they not once asked us to discuss our side of the controversy. I guess our bad for not asking for that meeting to present "the other story". The county has been as nice as we could short of telling the city Heck No even though they can do what ever they want based on abusive laws. For the Editorial board it might have been enlightening to see the numbers from the County Assessor or County or School district staff that really understand the true effect of this sham and provide their numbers. The city's position is that the joke of the Mountain URA investments has raised valuations on all of the city, in fact maybe it is all of the county or is it all of the state and nation. You can expect the same sales job with the downtown URA. We all know from our statistics classes numbers can lie, and liars use their preferred set of numbers. There is no way the School district is going to be financially held whole in this scenario, and I have absolutely no doubt that the county will lose "New Growth" dollars as well as having all of the rest of the taxpayers fill the hole (increased mill levy) from the diverted funds.

In no uncertain terms I asked the Governor when he was going to stop the abuse of URA's and that URA's were not only killing local governments but were also killing the state budget with the underfunded state backfill to schools. He eloquently said talk to my budget director. I asked the same question to Mr. Sobenot the state budget director. His reply yes they are affecting the state budget. I hope the Council understands the long term effects and consequences of their vote on Tuesday both politically, financially, and representing the true values of our whole community.


doug monger 11 months, 3 weeks ago on Routt County commissioners have strong words for city about URA plan

""Downtown lodging capacity at 100 percent this weekend

About 7,900 visitors are expected to be in town Saturday, according to the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association’s lodging barometer released Wednesday.""

Totally caused by the quite evident nature of the blighted area. All of that criminal activity happening and add to that the dilapidated and run down structures it's embarrassing and humiliating that our lodgers have to put up with all of that. LOL Doug Monger


doug monger 12 months ago on Chuck McConnell: Voters should decide

The complexity of this all has forever been the ally of the cities. "Trust me" it is for economic development. Yes it is for economic development for a selected few not the collective all, in fact it costs the collective all on behalf of the selective few. The abuse needs to end. I am just amazed (to put it nicely) the hook line sinker on the STBT council on this all. I need a good used car to sell. Again for cities (Co. Municipal League) to complain about the legislature creating a bill to end the flagrant abuse and deception, yet the Governor to sign such. The public's awareness to the cities abuses has been exposed. The public awareness to the Stbt's abuse is also being exposed. Open your eyes public, let your voices be heard. To the city council, all of us need to make a statement "enough of OPM (other people's money)" to fix your problems. Doug Monger Routt County Commissioner.