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doug monger 1 month ago on From the publisher: With change comes progress

I hope that the new format and new company it will allow easier and more reliable internet access. We used to have that before our access information was sold to the world and we had better access to better internet article review. I don't mind the access and asking those stupid questions when one brings up an article, but it is the constant and the time required to pull an article up. For those of us that live out in the hinterlands and served with marginal wireless, the constant misdirection of our internet by the newspaper is totally frustrating. I can sit and watch how my web request gets directed, then redirected and then redirected again. I realize this is the new model where they can ask us stupid questions of our buying habits and whatever so they can characterize our buying habits and someone else can capitalize on our internet review with sales opportunities. Bottom line it can take all of five minutes to pull up an article and then another five minutes to go back to the home page. I most often just close the page and wait another five minutes and retry. Other than that, thanks for your news reporting and we hope the paper will be a home town newspaper.


doug monger 1 month, 1 week ago on 'Happy trails and tails'

Cindy, thanks for your service and your passion. Thanks to both you and husband Bob for being great citizens in and for our community. Good luck in your collective retirement. Cindy, I'm sure you will find some homeless pets and horses to help through your retirement to keep you stable. Doug Monger


doug monger 1 month, 3 weeks ago on New airport manager touches down in Steamboat

Welcome Stacie, good to have you aboard. We all look forward to your expertise and improving a great asset to our community.


doug monger 2 months, 1 week ago on City's 4-year-old quest to build new police station nearing finish line?

The 60-40% split is only in relation to the shared space. That shared space being roughly 13,333 sf +/-. The rest of the whole building and building space is solely for the for the City of SS and replacing the current PD station.


doug monger 3 months ago on Bow hunters rescued from cliffs on Mount Werner

Thanks to Search and Rescue as usual saving the day. These hunters must have been hunting some Rock/Cliff Elk, the ones that interbreed with Mountain Goats. I've heard about them in tales of the past. Sometimes in the past I've seen them(elk)climb/navigate slopes that humans shouldn't be on, but I've never heard of elk rappelling off of cliffs. Must have been a compass and navigational error, or we lost them at the last turn. Again good practice event for S&R thanks for what you all do, glad no one was hurt. We don't want those elk to breed down by the Flattops Causeway.


doug monger 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Longtime newspaper outdoor writer, Neil Cantwell, off to 'fishing hole in the sky'

Nice article Tom, Carl aka Neil was a great presence in doing a tough job. Always great to talk to, he was a great diplomat for the city during his time. You always had to enjoy his articles, it's like reading Baxter Black. How can you not enjoy that, it seems at times to put things into perspective. Something we forget to do so often. Great fishing to Carl.


doug monger 6 months, 1 week ago on Doug Monger: Trade deal crucial to economy

Have I read the whole document, NO, Has the ole palms been greased, NO. I will tell you that my review of the plan and my understanding of the agreement/plan is that it will specifically be beneficial to agriculture and specifically to the West slope of Colorado. Agriculture since WWII has been the sacrificial lamb in trading logistics for the benefit of what seems all other industries in America to all other trading partners. Agriculture since the industrial revolution has been the belle cow in trading and America has used the Ag in negotiating beneficial deals in other realms of America's prosperity while leaving agriculture to struggle to survive. Ag has continued to be the belle cow as we continue to produce more on less while our production costs have ratcheted up as fast or faster than inflation. We can't even get a Country of Origin to survive in our trade negotiations. We know where our shoes are made, but we are not allowed to know where our food comes from. I understand that the TPP will open up non-existent markets for AG products thereby hopefully increasing demand and prices for America's Ag products. It continues to amaze me in what little % of each of our individual income goes to feeding our own families. I'm looking out for the AG Industry some, still interested in the other down side, as was said in other blogs, Labor will be a much harder to bring back in relation to our world wide economies.


doug monger 6 months, 3 weeks ago on To bee or not to be

Yes nice article, and good research and bringing it home to the Yampa Valley.


doug monger 7 months ago on Our view: What are we waiting for?

Steve, here is the web site for the BCC packet, the packet for the Secondary Units start at page 87, Planning Commission minutes are at the front of the packet.

Thanks Doug Monger