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rhys jones 3 days, 3 hours ago on Quinn: Model for counseling

Phoebe -- These forums have become dominated by religious zealots using them as a soapbox to trumpet their extremist views, in the face of known Science -- "this is where evolution ultimately fails" -- and those dispelling a tense energy, unmitigated by drugs or Dr. FeelGood.

They obviously consider these forums their own, to spout their voluminous opinions ad infinitum et nauseum, to where any person with any semblance of a real life, cannot find time to read all the tomes of knowledge, except at the expense of their own pursuits. This phenomenon is evidenced by phrases such as "people on the outside, such as yourself" indicating that they indeed consider this their private playground, and you're not in the club.

That's limited my input lately -- that, and a real life, again, finally. I just don't have time to sift through the garbage. Let 'em have it. I've got better things to do. The little cutie in my driveway demands a loving touch, and I'm just the guy for the job. Have fun pounding keys, guys!!

Aside to Pilot: Please do not revoke the privileges of even our most voluminous or contentious contributors. Thank God for this outlet for their aggressions, because He only knows how they might otherwise vent their frustrations.


rhys jones 3 days, 14 hours ago on Community members: In support of URA, TIF

Not bloody likely; it's specialized to a trade, a niche product.

Our fearless leaders throw money around like it's going out of style -- which, at their rate of expenditure, indeed it is!! They'll pop their own balloon.

PS -- Naw, the scumbag got away, despite clear video on five cameras, we know what he looks like -- to be honest, I never took it to the police, not wanting to tarnish the reputation of the establishment (though many other thefts appeared in The Record) and doubting they would devote much in the way of resources to it. Had I been interested enough and had the means at the time (I do now) I would have travelled to Ft. Collins -- home of the band that night -- and much of the crowd -- and cruised the consignment shops, looking for my jacket...

Though the theft ring operating downtown does appear to be possibly local -- they occurred too frequently, and out of two main establishments, for it to be out-of-towners -- so I've still got my peepers peeled...

I found a GREAT replacement at Boomerang's, stole it for $36 -- a $350 L.L. Bean "Nor'Easter" a heavy parka... lined with my NorthFace down, good to minus-whatever!!


rhys jones 3 days, 14 hours ago on Community members: In support of URA, TIF

Jeff -- While Collin may be restrained by lease or decorum from commenting publicly on this music matter, I am not so constrained, so I may offer the scuttlebutt I have heard: Apparently some new and stodgy out-of-towners who bought in above Carl's, had problems with the noise. They obviously had enough clout with management or ownership to curtail the music, and apparently Collin has no recourse, through the courts or otherwise, can't claim an implied contract or anything, and I'll shut up now about that, before I get any more stupid.

For all we know, Collin didn't object too much -- those nights could get late, and attracted some riff-raff... Carl's still does a healthy business; I keep going back. They didn't shake ALL the riff-raff...


rhys jones 3 days, 22 hours ago on Pro Challenge routes announced

Okay Jerry I'll bite. I waited in Camp Verde for a half hour, but you never showed. What are you driving? I'll put my new ride in the photo forums next.

Just kidding -- I didn't do Oak Creek canyon -- but I did do Utah 128, the Castle Valley cutoff, following the Colorado upstream from Moab, and that's a pretty ride.

Speaking of climate change -- when are you changing your own personal climate? I had to come back to Colorado to get warm again -- barely missing the AZ heat wave, which should be in progress now...

This troll has spoken; argue with that. Later!!


rhys jones 4 days, 13 hours ago on Quinn: Model for counseling

Phoebe --

Got a drum? I can beat it. I'm BORED. I need to TYPE.

Too much money, too much time, and nothing better to do than offer my well-considered and experienced guidance.

It's bubbling out. I can hardly contain myself.

Y'all know where it's at; don't mind me.


rhys jones 6 days, 17 hours ago on Colorado weighs the best means of sharing the water

Hey Jerry!! I had to search to find a recent comment by you.

I'm down in Avondale now -- west side of Phoenix -- and it's cool, rainy on the north side -- we had big boomers and a downpour late last night. I came down here expecting the start of the summer, and it's like I never left home!! (except with palm trees and cactus)

You still in this neck of the woods, or are you back in the 'Boat yet? I'll be heading back tomorrow -- maybe we can say Hi in Camp Verde -- might be a bit of a drive for you -- I think I'll do Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon.

Just sayin'... I came down here to get warm, and I might have caught a cold...


rhys jones 1 week, 3 days ago on Ciao from Cortina: What we found, North to South

Thanks again, Sophie!! You have a positive outlook, charming wit, and the ability to express yourself well. You have a bright future as a writer. I hope to one day mimic your adventures, and in my next life, if I can't be a bird, I want to be born Italian!!