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rhys jones 1 week ago on Swayed by remarks of Gold Star Mothers, Horn says she'll vote for Trump, 'Make America Safe Again'

Count me among the Veterans for Peace, Eric. I'm Vietnam-era, but they wouldn't let me go kill Commies, wanted me punching keys instead. I was ready: Back then I was gung-ho. It was only after I witnessed the perpetual string of wars that I realized the truth: Manifest Destiny now applies to the whole Earth, we continue to be the puppets of the British, and we won't stop until every working person on the planet drinks Coca-Cola, eats at McDonald's, and pays their taxes to the Federal Reserve. And we'll pave that road with American dollars and lives.

No wonder everybody just wants us to get outta there.


rhys jones 1 week, 1 day ago on Oak Creek resident learns his driveway belongs to South Routt School District

Max can always secede and become an independent nation.

They'll have to send the National Guard to get the driveway back. But they're busy killing Muslims, so Max is safe for a while.


rhys jones 1 week, 2 days ago on Colorado group collecting signatures to triple state's cigarette tax

What a crock. Yet another in an endless chain of robbing the people, this one under the do-gooder guise of reducing smoking by increasing the cost. And where will all this money funnel? We are handed a dubious list of possibilities, programs here and there -- do you honestly think the State is going to give the Feds money for vets? Get a grip. I see millions rolling into the State, and thousands rolling out, and lots of eager thumbs in the pie. How many BMW's will this tax buy? Who administers it, and who tracks the money?

Don't make the responsible pay for the stupid. If you sit on your couch all day eating bon-bons and smoking three packs a day, you can expect problems -- you asked for them.

The doctor was amazed at my last physical exam, two weeks ago. PERFECT. Blood pressure, circulation, respiration, enzymes, cholesterol, name it, whatever could be determined with four vials of blood and the exam. She said "I should tell you to stop smoking, but I don't see where it's done you any harm." Touché. I can control myself, and only smoke in moderation. My bad habits have left no ill effects. Medically certified.

And now some opportunists in sheep's clothing want to steal even more of my hard-earned money. Fortunately, the voters in this State have a record of turning down unfair and excessive taxes.

Fire away; I'm outta here.


rhys jones 1 week, 6 days ago on Ken Collins: A scary scenario

To attempt to return this discussion to the issue at hand: Ban ALL handguns. Period. If they won't turn 'em in, confiscate. The madness has GOT to stop. Or at least slow down.


rhys jones 3 weeks, 4 days ago on Brodie Farquhar: What's going on down under?

Here's a digression for you: I think ALL handguns should be banned. Anything with less than about a 16" barrel, or no stock (grip only). The Second Amendment doesn't say anything about that, and the government obviously has the right to restrict types of weapons allowed without permits. Possession should be a felony -- use in a crime, a more serious felony.

Obviously this won't get all the pistols off the streets -- not in Detroit or Chicago anyway -- but it will take a big chunk out of homicides immediately, as fewer people will be packing. We'll get the hot pieces, one at a time.

Turning in your guns will be voluntary -- this doesn't imply search rights for police, without cause -- and many of you will be broken-hearted to part with your Precious -- too bad. Canada took my Ruger .357 when I tried to sneak it in -- I had no intentions of using it, but couldn't afford the alternatives -- the Mountie said "Everybody thinks we're still the Wild West" and I replied "I just came from L.A." Point being, handguns are not allowed in Canada, but my Google is low on ammo, so I'll leave it to The Pest or preferably anyone else to refute the good effects that has had.

High-capacity magazines are a separate issue. I would submit that handguns cause ten times the carnage in a given year. Outlaw them, right now.

Happy Fourth!! We're still Britain's biggest Colony.


rhys jones 1 month ago on The Record for Saturday, June 25

When I put regular unleaded in, my car suspects I'm a cheapskate. Happy turns!!