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rhys jones 2 days, 19 hours ago on Letter to the Editor: Punishing and taxing

Jerry -- My own interest is purely academic, I hope and pray. But after a while, the Boys' Club sorta grows on a feller... after all, how much worse can it get? ;-)


rhys jones 2 days, 21 hours ago on Letter to the Editor: Punishing and taxing

Might I add... this brilliant technical maneuver to increase "accessibility" coincidentally removes inmates one more step from outside reality, isolating them in their own dark dank world, one totally devoid of sunshine and birds and any hint of another existence -- while reducing our need to deal with them directly, or their troublesome kinfolks; it's all remote control now. And best of all, we won't have to look into those dark, troubled eyes.


rhys jones 2 days, 23 hours ago on Letter to the Editor: Punishing and taxing

Pat -- I rode the bus for ten years, because I couldn't afford the "cost of care" for an extended stay at RCSO (DUI, second or subsequent). By the time I did get it paid off, finance charges had grown my bill by several hundred dollars. The State wouldn't reinstate my driving privileges until Routt County was paid off. So Deb's cold bus stops were my debtor's prison.

While I was in RCSO, my mentor brought me a big fat "Unix TCP/IP Network Administration" manual, which I studied for months, while the other inmates played cards and watched TV. I went in there clueless, and came out knowing how the Internet works. When Guru came to visit, I had learned.

Save for one little compromise stint following a "choice of evils" I have managed to stay away since. My mentor, and that stay, allowed me to bring my knowledge level to something competitive in today's market, as I was previously mired in obscurity.

But now, with so many people grabbing for the same pie, the tendency seems to be to just warehouse the criminal element -- the accused, along with the convicted. Delay and continue affairs as long as possible -- here, sign this speedy trial waiver, so we can get a good deal. Oh wait -- here's another chance to make money off these poor suckers, just by denying them personal visits? Cool!! It's a done deal, folks; we're just flapping our gums here.


rhys jones 3 days, 10 hours ago on Routt County Jail launching video conferencing for visits

“The inmates are paying for this so they can have more availability,” Richardson said.

Whether they want to or not.


rhys jones 3 days, 22 hours ago on Letter to the Editor: Punishing and taxing

The statistics cited show that if you eliminate personal visits, the prisoners return at significantly higher rates. Thus it turns into a self-feeding money machine, to the benefit of all involved (except the lowly prisoner, and/or their families) and won't that be great?


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They're not THAT stupid. When the crash happens, those same cronies will fly in that same jet to their private enclaves in Aruba, Fiji, Samoa, Costa Rica, Switzerland, and Dubai -- while we are left to pick up the pieces, currency now worthless, stores all closed, refineries too; there's widespread looting and fighting in the streets, one gang wants Mark's place -- meanwhile, Chinese and Saudis, primarily, are flooding in by the plane- and boatload, eager to take possession of their new property...


rhys jones 5 days, 11 hours ago on School board expresses urgency in submitting final master plan

If you've got a kid in the schools, why don't you kick in whatever you have to? Why should I have to pay for your kid's education?