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rhys jones 4 days, 4 hours ago on Triathletes, cyclists looking for answers to Colorado Highway 131 thumbtacks

Slow down, Scott. It's been a while since my last law course, but I'm pretty sure a lawsuit requires a defendant or respondent -- you can't just sue thin air, subject to be named later. Thirty aggrieved versus -- who? Every person gets his day in court; you would be depriving them of due process. They'd be paying for racers' breakfasts, the plane trip to the race start -- while maybe the tacks fell off the back of their truck. [ludicrous, I know, but it makes a point] We'd have to get assurance from ex-pub, but I'm pretty sure on this one. And again, your legal acumen astounds me.

Investigators: I'd start my search for a perp immediately downstream -- nobody poops on their own path -- and if you can get into the Pilot's records, some folks in here don't have much use for bikers, and some of those live out that way...


rhys jones 4 days, 12 hours ago on Steamboat Ski Area, Winter Sports Club to build race venue

That area intrigues me more than any, save Europe, which I can afford even less -- and I hear their snow isn't so good in recent years. Anything south of Aspen/Crested Butte gets Sierra Slop, from Mammoth east -- the northern Rockies corner the market for light powder. After the Sierras and Cascades have wrung the wet out of the storms. Our best storms last saw land in India.

You're right about memories, Dan: You never know when it's going to come, or how long it's going to last; it's over before you know it, leaving you with just the memory, that much sweeter for the rarity...

Sorta like the Thunderhead sunset, when I forgot my camera -- it won't be the same when I get back with it -- better just enjoy it for what it is, because it'll be gone soon enough.

Just like I'd better be, if I expect to make any progress. Ciao!!


rhys jones 4 days, 13 hours ago on Paul Bonnifield: Start of a golden age

Oh my God -- the sky IS falling!! Here, let me duck under this computer. It can't hit me then.

I won't be replaced by a robot. I MAKE the robots. Well, their alter-egos. It'll all come out in the wash, don't worry 'bout it. It's a total escape, the journey into cyberspace, this world barely relevant then. Think I'll go back, right now, and leave the troubles of the world for you to solve.


rhys jones 4 days, 15 hours ago on Steamboat Ski Area, Winter Sports Club to build race venue

Thanks Dan -- I suspected as much. I LOVE Idaho and western Montana -- the mountains north of Sun Valley looked awfully inviting and sparsely populated, I owe that area more exploration, given the time and money.

I spent a summer north of there, on a hunting guide's ranch, learning the trade and cowboy stuff, between 8th and 9th grades; he had a cute little box canyon ranch just off the Clearwater River, and we'd travel way back into the Clearwater Mountains, shoeing horses and mules for the Forest Service... What a magical summer THAT was!!

My best run ever happened at Snowmass. I was terribly intermediate at the time -- bumps, powder, and/or steep would kick my butt. The 15" of new light powder was mostly skied off by the time I got there -- I went to Big Burn, that half-mile-wide intermediate area where the Indians tried to burn out the white folks way back when... all intermediate, couldn't get into trouble... kept hanging right, inexplicably... snow started getting less tracked, then virgin... it got steeper, turned into a V gulch, with no flat bottom... fell once; got out the trail map -- where WAS I? Garret Gulch.

I gulped and took off -- and I was WEIGHTLESS!! I could do ANYTHING!! I knew I was dropping, but it felt like I was RISING!! THIS is what they're talking about!! I whooped with joy, uncontrollably.

When I got back, it was skied off, choppy, not the same at all. I realized then I had enjoyed a rare experience.

I haven't found the right powder and steep combination on this hill, to replicate that feeling. It was TOTAL freedom!! Could be my fault; I'm not exactly an early bird -- but you'd think, after this long...


rhys jones 4 days, 15 hours ago on Paul Bonnifield: Start of a golden age

You guys are flapping your gums over a moot issue. It doesn't matter what the Reps or Dems do or say -- they are just the talking heads -- the shills -- the actors, in a play directed behind the scenes. The charade and farce is a success, if it pulls you in, with all your fervor.


rhys jones 4 days, 16 hours ago on The Record for Saturday, Aug. 16, 2014

Wow... except for the protection-order violation -- all the perps got away, on this fine day.


rhys jones 5 days, 7 hours ago on Steamboat Ski Area, Winter Sports Club to build race venue

One place on my to-do list is Grand Targhee. Being on the western slope of the Teton Range, surely they wring the best snow out of the passing storms, Jackson Hole getting their leftovers... and if they don't have the wind problems Jackson does -- constant, howling, -- maybe it's a downdraft thing or something -- they've got the terrain, and the potential...