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rhys jones 1 hour, 35 minutes ago on What could go where Staples is leaving?

You have inspired a brainstorm, Mark. I'll throw everything I've got into this venture, even the old Blazer. Maybe that'll buy me my cot in our loft hostel.

You following this, Louie? I'll be your resident watchdog. It's a win-win situation.


rhys jones 6 hours, 54 minutes ago on Chelsea's Chinese restaurant makes mountain comeback

I hope they provide a concession at the free shows like they used to. Pot Stickers and Crab Rangoon are to DIE for!!


rhys jones 1 day, 4 hours ago on Steamboat briefs: Earth Day Film Festival at library starts Tuesday

Pardon my lack of compassion for the little kiddies and their non-involved parents, but when I read of DMB's appropriation of out hard-earned dollars for another do-good project, in these hard times, my second thought was "How do I get MY thumbs in that pie?"


rhys jones 1 day, 4 hours ago on What could go where Staples is leaving?

Okay, Louie, how 'bout a Cabella's catalog store/showroom? Boats, guns, fishing, camping, skiing, snorkeling, scuba, archery, all the outdoor sports, that'd go over big in this town. Couldn't do the spectacle they have in Glendale AZ, wildlife and aquariums, not in that little store, but you could put up a good selection.


rhys jones 1 day, 5 hours ago on What could go where Staples is leaving?

How 'bout a combination In-N-Out Burger/Arby's/Jack-in-the-Box/Pot Shop with cots and a hostel in the loft where storage used to be? I could live there.


rhys jones 2 days, 23 hours ago on Questioning authority: City of Steamboat Springs quietly fights lawsuit alleging excessive use of force

That show was a spectacle, eh? Then Jonny brought his black guitar to Slopeside later, further enthralling the remaining participants. G. Love was okay today, but by then it was over; it ended the day before. It WAS a great season!!

A couple of closing thoughts regarding this article:

I used to think I owned the road, get out of my way... that has changed.

I will never drive even close to drunk again.

The cop who stopped me, zoomed up on my rear end at at least 60 MPH on River Road, at the apex of the tightest curve, I thought he was going to ram me, causing me to swerve over the center line however briefly as I surveyed this new threat, and providing him probable cause for the stop...

Why I stopped playing the game.


rhys jones 3 days, 5 hours ago on Questioning authority: City of Steamboat Springs quietly fights lawsuit alleging excessive use of force

I could have gotten my driver's license back five years ago, but I am sick and tired of Routt County Court. Two cops lied -- one under oath, the other in refusing to recall a breath test he administered -- the first lie supported by the Court; the perjury was documented, yet the court overruled my objections, allowing the matter to be attributed to "mistake" -- reminding me yet again, I am no attorney; I see several mistakes I made, in retrospect -- I thought that perjury, amounting to the only physical evidence, would be sufficient to end the matter, one lie taints the whole case, and this was a big one -- which is why I don't drive around here (or anywhere, obviously) the lies cost me my license, and I'm sick of that building.

My old Blazer doesn't help matters; it's like there's a bullseye painted on it.

I'm saving tons of cash, in gas, insurance, tires, oil, more oil, not to mention interlock and associated monthly fee; the free bus is a short walk away...

Yes, cops lie regularly, under oath; they back each other up, and are sanctioned by the Court. Just like today's poll question, regarding police abuse, it's rigged, and the cards are stacked against the citizens. Don't make the mistake I did; get a good lawyer if you need one.


rhys jones 6 days, 10 hours ago on Brad Meeks: Statement on district policy

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rhys jones 1 week ago on Brad Meeks: Statement on district policy

Sorry Harvey, but you're WRONG. "destroys their ability" my @$$. State your proof. I (or somebody who cares) can find ten credible citations to the contrary.

I can only speak from experience. While I had above-average math aptitudes in high school, I was having trouble with computer logic, at the rate the Marines (Navy) were shooting it at me. One day, while doing my homework, a friend of a friend insisted I get high with him, second friend being gone, and I required some convincing, not wanting to lose the variable values in my head, only reluctantly agreeing when I accepted having to start over at square one in my debugging... a while later, when friend's friend (now mine too) departed and I returned to the errant program -- not only did I recall the current values of all the relevant variables -- but I UNDERSTOOD it, for the first time ever, as if a light just came on.

I have used it on THOUSANDS of occasions since then, to assist finding a particularly elusive bug, or design a complex new database, or do things rarely, if ever, done before. Try to get Google Charts to show you a negative number, and get back with me on that. I did it. I believe a version of my original code is still used by Steamboat for their Breakaway packages, and Grey Line for bus tickets. I won't tell you the wrenches those threw at me. You can guess how I compensated. I won't drag my own endeavor of 20+ years into this; it has yet to succeed in any big way. But it works.

This student had a 3.8 GPA including calculus. That hardly supports your theory. Worldwide, America is falling behind in education levels, and you agree to burn this bright young talent at the stake. We ARE in trouble.