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rhys jones 45 minutes ago on City Council wants more police station sites to consider

"sense of urgency"? Who says anything is "urgent"? The cops, the council, or this fine unbiased and disinterested publication? When was there ever a need demonstrated? What are the shortcomings with the current PD? Future growth won't sell it -- this town is at buildout. Our own laws and economic reality insure it will grow no larger. What other excuse was ever floated, except the chance for somebody to skim some money in the BAP fiasco, where we were to give away city property for dimes on the dollar? Has the Old Guard who actually run this town finally had its influence on the new Council? Or is this paper lobbying in somebody's private interest? We haven't heard a peep about the new PD in weeks, and now all of a sudden it's "urgent." Bend over and grab your ankles -- runaway train's a'comin'!!


rhys jones 56 minutes ago on Moose charges hikers, man with baby on Spring Creek Trail

We've got a dog problem, not a moose problem. You go running Rover in moose country, you asked for whatever you get.


rhys jones 11 hours, 53 minutes ago on John F. Russell: Panthers, commentators find out why expectations can be so dangerous

There was a moment in the Patriots game -- they were lining up for a crucial kick... and my brother-in-law, who was for New England, said how he'd been following this kicker since high school or something, he hadn't missed a kick like this all year or such, it was money in the bank... I said Well, if you were an announcer and you said that, you would have just jinxed him...

So he kicks it, and MISSES. I looked at Mel and said "You DID jinx him!!" He stomped out of the room.

That missed kick proved crucial in their later strategy, and could conceivably have cost them that game.

So for all we know, Mel won this one for us!!


rhys jones 12 hours, 41 minutes ago on John F. Russell: Panthers, commentators find out why expectations can be so dangerous

I wish my Phoenix kinfolk were here to verify -- but on the day we dumped New England (again) I said "This will be a classic matchup, the #1 offense against the #1 defense -- and Von Miller is gonna run Cam all over the field." They asked me what I put in my coffee.

I love how the experts come out of the woodwork, after the game is over. I guess EVERYBODY doesn't know Carolina is a better team -- some smart folks made a bunch of money thinking otherwise.

Reminding me somehow of the time, the pre-season prior to Elway's first ring... I was headed back from Phoenix, and I had a hunch... the previous year, the Broncos had been upset at home in the playoffs by Jacksonville/Bruner or Pittsburgh/Brister, I forget, but they were back intact, TD in his prime -- pre-season, the odds were long that they would go all the way, like 200:1, but you could get them locked, and I was sorely tempted to take a side trip by Vegas and plunk down some cash -- naw, I thought, think of all the things that could happen... (and maybe Green Bay really is a big bad monster like everybody says)

Just sayin'... I shoulda gone to Vegas this time too... and if you want odds, just ask me!!


rhys jones 14 hours, 23 minutes ago on John F. Russell: Panthers, commentators find out why expectations can be so dangerous

Yo Tom -- I would agree with your assessment, that our armchair quarterbacks/analysts probably never played a down in his/their life outside of gym class.

And that possibly the Panthers didn't voluntarily abandon their winning formula, but the reason Cam didn't roll out was because he couldn't. The Broncos had "outside contain" going on: Enough people came from enough places that he couldn't go anywhere except backward, and he could never guess where they were coming from, because it was everywhere. His throws were rushed and thus ineffective, for the most part. He still managed to connect a few times.

I give John Elway credit for building the defense as a priority -- he knows the modern offense. I think this formula will succeed well into the future; they're all young. People criticize our offense, but they forget the quality of defenses we ourselves faced, Carolina not least of all. You don't need a whole lot of offense, generally, with our defense.

I fail to subscribe to the "defense getting tired" lament (like if they weren't better they wouldn't be out there so long) it's not like the opposing offense isn't running just as far, and they don't swap out so many players every down. But whatever straw you have to cling to...



rhys jones 1 day, 13 hours ago on The Record for Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016

"Defense wins championships" goes the old adage, and John built this one specifically for high-powered offenses like New England, North Carolina, Indy, Green Bay -- whoever they might encounter at crunch time. I had doubts about New England late in the season, but after Von Miller chased Brady all over the field -- along with the rest of that talented d-line -- I knew Cam Newton was in for a rough afternoon. (or I hoped anyway) I just think it's ironic they were 1-2 in the draft they year they came in, Von at the back end. But I think any statement was inadvertent; he just played to his usual level, and earned that trophy more than anyone else. Peyton will go out on top, and Brock has skills; I'm just afraid he doesn't have the fine touch necessary to hit the long ball and crossing routes, but will reserve judgment. Where did Jake Plummer go? He had an arm, and he can't have been hurt much since Josh McDaniel blew holes in the team in the Cutler misadventure. Am I rambling?

I'm watching the Nuggets in Brooklyn right now, on the Internet, clawing back from behind as usual, at halftime. I don't entertain any championship delusions there, but many fun games remain in that season. I like the new coach, Michael somebody.

I'm hoping to get back down there, sooner as opposed to later. I'm thinking about canning some of this cold air now, and selling it down there later this summer. Investors?

Ciao!! Go Nuggets!!


rhys jones 1 day, 23 hours ago on Speaker warns of Chinese military threat

If I'm so smart, why am I renting a bedroom in a mobile home and trying to turn a Honda I don't need into money I do? (see Craigslist) I was just saying I think yer all punch drunk now, swinging roundhouses at empty air, for your own egos, if not the imagined audience. To misquote the Dalai Lama: Sometimes the best answer is silence.