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rhys jones 8 hours, 41 minutes ago on Tom Schatz: An environmental waste of breath

My Daily Troll:

Even given these numbers, after adjusting for relative populations, China still puts twice the CO2 in the atmosphere as the US. CO2 is a gas. I'm more concerned about particulates, but not enough to Google it. I'm sure somebody has the time.

Electricity is a beautiful thing. Dad explained to me, at several levels, how power plants work, and basically, they all turn rotors with magnets on them, by poles, which pick up the brief charge as the magnet passes... a constant revolution of, say, 3600 RPMs must be maintained, (assuming 4 magnets on the rotor) in order to generate 3-phase 60-cycle electricity (maybe my math is off, RPMs or poles) and every time a light is turned on, the load on the generator increases. Intervening electronics -- and huge capacitors -- regulate the flow, acting as shock absorbers. Most are run 24/7, except for maintenance.

The grid flows like water. We could be burning electricity made in Hayden one minute, Palo Verde the next. Hayden power might be used here, or in LA. Any contribution to the grid is a good thing. Whether it is worth it to its investors, or the environmental damage it might cause, remain good questions -- whether public monies should be committed, is another issue, and it is my opinion government should stay out of risky ventures, based on past performance.


rhys jones 2 days, 3 hours ago on Real estate transactions for Sept. 12 to 18, 2014

Without knowing specifics, I can't say the two are related... but I've been watching big equipment leveling building pads, just uphill from WildHorse, all summer -- somebody's got big plans, and big backing. My bet is the developer wants to build, sell, and get out -- leave rents for the next guy.


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I just did a round trip to the east side -- albeit on the bus -- still, I paid close attention to the merging, it being the height of construction, and topic of such relevance these days.

I was proud to see the motorists merging early, at least 200 yds before the cones -- only left-turners using that lane -- and I agree with the majority: I want my spot in line. I don't want to be the guy zooming past the ignorant, those not enlightened by this forum -- thereby eliciting snarls and fingers... naw, just give me a nice smooth cruise; both directions went smoothly. Like they taught us in Driver's Ed: Look down the road. Plan ahead. Merge early.

I USED TO be that guy. One reason I'm busing and walking these days (2 flats on my bike the other).


rhys jones 2 days, 11 hours ago on Dusty Atkinson: Merge in right place

Naw; when in Rome... like I said, it makes a certain sense, considering the volume of traffic -- I was referring to highway construction in the country, traffic of less density, where everybody keeps rolling, more or less. The same principle here works well in lift lines: Keep it tight. Politely alternate. Smile at your neighbor.


rhys jones 2 days, 11 hours ago on Dusty Atkinson: Merge in right place

While I can adjust to this merging technique -- it does make some sense, although only so many cars can pass a given point within a certain time, assuming the same speed -- I still prefer the merging technique of the wide-open Western Interstate: Early, and respectful.

Of course, there are some line-poachers, who take advantage of others' benevolence, by zooming around the now-single line, as far up front as they can...

I thwart them by placing my vehicle in BOTH lanes, so you can't get around on either side. That puts the bottleneck behind me.

They'd HATE that, here. :-)


rhys jones 5 days, 2 hours ago on Routt County commissioners hesitate to invest public monies in community solar garden

I didn't make any value judgments; I just echoed the opinions of the professionals. I hope alternatives CAN replace coal and nukes, eventually, just doubt that will happen any time soon, with known technologies.

Obama is just a henchman for the Fed*, and what the Fed wants, the Fed gets. FCC in newsrooms? Hardly a surprise. Homeland Security is already whitewashing all national and international news -- I worked on the facility where they do it. Take it for what it's worth.

Fed* -- Federal Reserve, the private corporation


rhys jones 5 days, 9 hours ago on Routt County commissioners hesitate to invest public monies in community solar garden

Wind, solar, and geothermal, combined, aren't but a drop in the bucket, compared to nuclear. Dad's career was in power generation, and according to him -- and Duke Energy, about the biggest player in the game -- the future is nuclear. Leave it to Science how to deal with the spent fuel; meanwhile, Utah and Nevada compete for the honor of disposing of it. Bury it deep.

I applaud Mankind's efforts to find a viable and sustainable alternative, and I wish us the best of luck there -- but in the meantime, Palo Verde supplies power for millions.

There's a whole Third World, only now awakening to the benefits of electricity, and begging for it.

Nukes are here to stay.

Because, as Dad said: Everybody wants pizza!!