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rhys jones 2 hours, 9 minutes ago on Kotowski: Take focus off weapons

If this paper ousted contributors for straying off topic I would've been gone years ago.

Sometimes I find the subject stupid or boring. Other times, I'm afraid to get caught in the crossfire. Still others, I have something to say, and no other avenue to vent it.

Take soccer for instance. National sport of Europe, widely followed, dedicated fans; players are idolized; the games incite major riots...

What a stupid game. A whole bunch of running around, for not much scoring. A Chinese Fire Drill would be as entertaining. You need binoculars to see across the field, which is big enough to mow for bales. Every time somebody trips, they blow a whistle.

And the NOISEMAKERS. Those God-awful irritating devices, emitting a buzz not unlike an angry swarm of wasps; that sound alone will put you on edge.

I'd bitch about this in Facebook, but I don't want to piss anybody else off.


rhys jones 1 day, 12 hours ago on Letter to the Editor: Punishing and taxing

(of course if you shot somebody or stole a car, some of the afore-mentioned might be foregone conclusions.)


rhys jones 1 day, 13 hours ago on Supreme Court rules against EPA

Silly power companies and co-ops, wasting their members' money in frivolous litigation fighting the EPA when, as Scott points out, they (EPA) can simply modify one aspect of their testing or threshholds and do it again. That money could be better spent on bringing their plants into compliance -- where it will soon be repaid in more efficient operations and lower costs. The Sierra Club lawsuit forced it at Hayden in the '90's, and they are now in compliance, while apparently Tri-State may not be. Maybe that explains that ugly blue cloud which hugged the ground around that plant and environs during the extreme cold or a temperature inversion last winter -- it looked toxic -- and was clearly visible from Thunderhead.

I don't think anybody is out to destroy coal. We just want it to be clean.


rhys jones 1 day, 13 hours ago on Letter to the Editor: Punishing and taxing

I'm sure you're right, Jerry. But I'd have my own gang before long.

My point was simply that the more you isolate inmates and restrict their contact with the outside world, the easier it is for them to lose hope altogether, and accept the regimented lifestyle -- maybe I AM a criminal. Society seems to think so. I did something to deserve this. I BELONG in here. Forget my life, whatever I was doing -- my whole life is in here now. And I won't be out in FOREVER. What if I NEVER get out? What a loser. Where's my book?