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rhys jones 5 days, 12 hours ago on Steamboat City Council backs city manager after two members seek her resignation

I would consider those recommendations as tainted by association. The political parties have their own agendas, and all these factors must be considered in choosing replacements. Some seats won't change fast enough. Hopefully we'll weed out the money interests, one by one.

Thanks Scott for doing the due diligence on who's term-limited -- lame ducks, but still with a quack...


rhys jones 5 days, 13 hours ago on Our View: School board should avoid rush to polls

How about this: We use our heads and combine resources: Let's build the new school and the new police station on the SAME PROPERTY!! The kiddies will be safer, the taxpayers, greatly mollified. It'll be like sinking our money in two holes-in-one. Let's think outside the box now.

Although I am a taxpayer, the opinions presented are not necessarily mine.


rhys jones 5 days, 13 hours ago on Steamboat City Council backs city manager after two members seek her resignation

Well this dog found a new stick to chase -- blame it on George, who brought up sliding snow -- leading to my roofline comment -- so then I got curious; what roofline WAS proposed? -- I looked back at the proposed design (sorry) --


and I found it painfully short on architectural details, while long on justifying presentation (other places, then and now) layouts for two floors, with no other renderings -- so I couldn't criticize a roofline; there isn't one!!

How much did we pay for that PR job? And that's all we got?


rhys jones 5 days, 13 hours ago on Steamboat City Council backs city manager after two members seek her resignation

Consider yourself lucky George -- I never had the money to lose!! I couldn't even buy into Walton Village when they were $22K, let alone the $48K they wanted for the one I was renting. My own fault, possibly -- I had a good job -- but frittered away much of the money, in ways I now regret. But I had fun!!

I heard other stories about the Grand -- like how tons of snow came sliding into an unoccupied dining room once...

Reminding me: To those on the advisory committee: Pay attention to proposed rooflines. Flat roofs are trouble. This is snow country. It has to go somewhere.

You don't want me on that committee. They're looking for a rubber stamp, and that's not me -- I'm against this thing from the get-go. I still haven't seen a demonstrated need. I can see right through smoke and mirrors.

It's kinda like when my friend wanted me to go to the Optimists with him -- I said naw, they probably wouldn't have me.

Stuart -- Now I wish I would have attended that meeting -- normally I don't bother; those meetings are scripted morality plays, everyone reciting their part, a smokescreen for what goes on behind closed doors -- but that one sounds like fun!! Nice to know the people have at least two advocates, while still being outnumbered by the money interests. Let's hope those odds decrease, over ensuing elections. Now their colors show.

All: I admit I'm skating today, not doing a durn thing. I would ski, but it's still a tad chilly, the snow can't be that great, and this ain't my first rodeo, nor my 30th. I like those sunny warm Spring ski days, yet to come. It's not like I need the workout -- I'm still recovering from my job. I did some work on my website yesterday, in the name of progress. Maybe I'll think of something constructive yet...


rhys jones 5 days, 15 hours ago on Steamboat City Council backs city manager after two members seek her resignation

I didn't know that, George. And I had so hoped I would make it through the day without learning anything new.

I just thought I'd add, for those doubters out there, who might ask why I am not more active in civic affairs, being so vocal in here: I am a financial dolt. There is no other explanation for my own lack of success. I couldn't come up with a budget for a prospective investor, in months last year -- besides being busy earning my own living -- I had no idea how to project actual sales, assuming a better marketing effort, advertising in the trade publication(s), trade shows, a better website (an artist I am not)... whether ten new sales a year was optimistic, or fifty...

I would've travelled to Battlement Mesa to consult Mom, had I restored my driving privileges by now (who needs 'em, with this great bus) and we would have whipped something up in hours; she has a knack for numbers. A city's budget wouldn't involve NEARLY the guesswork as my hare-brained scheme.

Not that I'm plugging her services -- haven't even consulted her; she's mostly retired, just doing her Sheriff's Auxilliary stuff. Voluntarily.

I'm just saying... there's a lot of talent out there. Surely we can do better.

And yes, George, Mom is disgusted with what the EPA has become, the bureaucracy and politics -- living in Garfield County, natural gas everywhere, witnessing firsthand the lack of monitoring and enforcement -- her position was not in the office, primarily, but out on the road, educating the users, in a most pleasant way. She loved her job.