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Missing Steamboat Springs woman's body found November 22, 2014

rhys jones

rhys jones 25 minutes ago on Tight rental market, limited labor force are challenging employers in Steamboat Springs

Just thinking outside the box now... or rather, INSIDE the box.

Attribute it to our great Sheriff, or pot lowering the crime rate; whatever the reason -- last time I was there -- admittedly a couple of years -- our hoosegow at RCSO wasn't half full -- whole pods were empty -- housing for 24 at least, just one pod. Back in the glory days, folks were sleeping on floors, on the weekends. Eventually I was the PodFather, and I digress.

The inmates pay Cost of Support -- I did (and am) that place is a motel anyway -- why not rent out bunks, on a nightly basis? Routt County Bed & Breakfast. What day do they do biscuits and gravy now? Surprised me last time, after Saturday forever; I planned poorly, and missed them. Shoulda checked first. Best in town, but what you've got to do to get them...

The bus stops right outside. Float it by the Sheriff, I think the jailers miss me!!


rhys jones 17 hours ago on Local law enforcement makes meth, heroin drug bust

Yeah hey, nobody likes tweakers except other tweakers -- but what're ya gonna do? Half of them are on Dr. Feelgood -- Prozac or similar -- and so La-De-Da Happy -- smug in their ultra-contentedness -- until they run out of meds... then watch out... difference is, they're playing the game, paying their AMA dues. Either one is offensive -- a sub-surface tension exudes, while an outer calm appears.

But maybe Dr. knows best.

Hey Jerry -- How 'bout them Nuggies?? Four out of their last five, Gallo's starting to shine again, Faried's making good use of extra minutes, and McGee -- Oh!! To make one gasp. Maybe I dissed Shaw a little early.


rhys jones 2 days, 18 hours ago on Steamboat Springs seeing lowest November gas prices since 2010

If you get 35 mpg, that would justify more of a drive to savings -- with my gas-hog it's much less -- so there comes a point where driving to save becomes counter-productive -- what point that is, subject to many variables. I wouldn't drive to Sam's Club to fill up from here, even to save 60 cents a gallon.

I've had enough variables for one day. It's PBR time!! Cheers!!

PS -- Nuggets on watching Jerry? We're up on the Thunder!!


rhys jones 3 days, 21 hours ago on Monday Medical: Enrollment underway

Jeff -- My case is not typical. I have no service-related disabilities, enjoy excellent health, and only qualify through my service and relative poverty. No Agent Orange issues, post-anything disorder (that I can blame on them).

That said... I've used the Phoenix VA facility extensively, for over 30 years, Grand Junction just recently. Broken bones, skin issues, Shingles shot, colonoscopy... And my experience with the staffs at both facilities has been uniformly excellent, pun intended. Gracious, considerate, respectful, non-condescending -- atypical of the medical profession in general, that I've observed. Most doctors in private practice place themselves on a par with God Himself.

The building may be aged -- the halls of the Phoenix facility are hallowed, the ghosts of our heroes also inhabiting them, past and present -- some in there, will never see the outside of that building again.

They have the latest equipment, are up-to-date everywhere... between that, and people who really care, I'd say vets have it pretty good.

Transportation to and from can be an issue, for those of us momentarily un-driver's-licensed -- there's a van from Craig, given enough notice, getting there another issue; my thumb gets exercised, and I meet interesting new people every time. But I kinda brought that upon myself, first disregarding laws, then in my choice of location.

All in all, I've got to give the VA two thumbs up.


rhys jones 3 days, 22 hours ago on Monday Medical: Enrollment underway

I haven't voiced an opinion on ACA one way or the other -- as I have stated, my VA coverage qualifies me. The VA will cover 100% of my emergency costs at YVMC, and any attending expenses, such as ambulance, should that be necessary -- so I can't complain, even if I have to go to Grand Junction for routine care. Each trip is an adventure.

I'm glad I'm NOT required to participate in any other "plan" -- none I have heard of are even close to affordable.

Any hobo can jump off the train, run over to YVMC, demand treatment, and get it. They are REQUIRED to provide it. So in that sense, everybody is covered already.

PS -- There's an entry in Monday's Record which may be of relevance to this discussion. It raises more questions than it answers, and I found it comment-worthy.


rhys jones 3 days, 23 hours ago on Ciao from Cortina: What hockey means to me

Thank you, Sophie!! Hockey seems to have served you well.

I've noticed that people are either hockey fans, or basketball fans -- but not both (as a rule; then there are fanatics like my roommate).

My ice-skating experiences number two: When Barbara Ensinbach laughed at my two-rail, strap-on trainer skates, in the second grade, at the local lake, I was properly humiliated, had no desire to puruse that... then the racer skates I had at twelve, with foot-long baldes and floppy shoe, didn't work well on the snow-covered lake where my Buy Scout troop was camping, in the Black Hills. Both were negative experiences.

My family spent a good portion of my formative years in South Dakota -- cold country, in the winter. There were two primary winter sports: Basketball, and wrestling. No nearby skiing; Harney Peak didn't count. There was no organized hockey. I chose to pursue the indoor sports.

I saw my friends, playing hockey on a frozen Rapid Creek -- which we tubed often, in the summer, much like the Yampa -- and it just made me shiver. I was going somewhere warm.

Due to skiing, I have since come to grips with cold, goose down is my best friend -- but I never got into hockey. Sorry. Not qualified to comment.

B-ball is my game. I had the fortune of working for a company in Phoenix, out of Michigan, who installed sports and concert floors -- BEAUTIFUL wood -- padded underneath -- give me that, and a smelly locker room, any winter's day. Like Ski Corp's various locker rooms.

I read a John Grisham novel, "Playing For Pizza," in a departure from his norm, where the protagonist goes to Italy to play in their professional football league -- and reading Sophie's columns, confirms every suspicion Grisham planted: I want to see Italy!!

I love books. They take me where I might otherwise never go.

Thanks again, Sophie!!


rhys jones 4 days ago on Monday Medical: Enrollment underway

Fortunately my excellent health precludes me from providing a personal example (not counting the $4000 overnight stay I had back in '92; my company had moved without me, hence no insurance; it was Routt Memorial then, and ultimately a tax writeoff as a bad debt) there have been several other examples, documented in this publication -- this THREAD; see Jeff Kibler's comment above -- of YVMC charging two to three times the Front Range rate, for the same procedure. RIPOFF.


rhys jones 4 days ago on Steamboat Springs seeing lowest November gas prices since 2010

Numbers Guy, chiming in: If gas is a dime cheaper a mile away -- that's two miles, round trip... then say you get 15 mpg like I do (did, will) that's 1/7 of a gallon -- or more, since it's city driving -- say 50 cents -- now you have to buy 5 gallons to break even -- over 15 bucks -- only then do you start to realize savings. The poor Numbers Guy rarely buys gas in that quantity, more like five or ten bucks at a time... so going out of your way to save a dime could be counter-productive, depending on the amount spent to begin with. Numbers Troll has spoken.