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rhys jones 15 hours, 57 minutes ago on City Council approves downtown apartment project

There are a bunch of properties begging redevelopment: Space Station, ex-Stremel's, Bob's... the land upon which they sit can produce far more than it currently does. Even some of the classic structures from the 1800's may eventually fall to developers. There is only one Steamboat, they aren't making any more of them, it's almost depression-proof, and now the money is on the way to inflate it to Aspen dimensions. There is no stopping it. Money talks. Council listens.

I did not see the word "affordable" in this article -- the developers make no pretense that they aren't "marketing" it toward the upper support echelon -- not the average lift operator, cook, housekeeper, or dishwasher, who will find lodging downstream in one of the bedroom communities, because, as Steve points out, wealthy second-home owners will ultimately purchase these units, which will then sit largely vacant while the owners do whatever they do to pay for them. Their dogs will be here only when they are, some small consolation.

The added commercial space only adds to an overbuilt market already. Diluting all their value. More buildings stay boarded up.

Welcome to Aspen, folks. Now move somewhere you can afford. The money is on the way to kick you out.


rhys jones 1 day, 7 hours ago on Bear issues again come to light

There seems to be a corollary between bear-hunt advocacy and forum participation -- one reason I don't support that barbaric remedy. I'm surprised it hasn't been suggested already. There's got to be a better way.

To bar a bear, one should think like a bear. But what does a bear think? This poser has puzzled prognosticators and pundits for perpetuity. Properly so; the wily bear is an intricate creature. Who among us can't say they'd rather be a bear?

If I was a bear, one thing I'd hate to see is a line of humans marching my way, side by side, flushing up fowl, scaring the snakes, no stone neglected... I'd probably go the other way.

Hence I renew my call for a Bear Drive. We'll show those pesky critters who's boss!! A human chain, from Werner to Emerald, removing those reluctant recalcitrants, one step at a time, up the ramps of the waiting semis at the end of the funnel, at about the library, I'm figuring... for their ultimate relocation to the wilds of Idaho, where they can argue with the grizzlies about who gets the berries.

Then we all go to Carl's for a victory beer party and won't that be great?


rhys jones 3 days, 8 hours ago on City Council to make final decision on pot shop move Tuesday

Odors aren't a problem at the retail level. Everything is sealed.

I'll suggest that the pot shop patrons might be a little more low-key and respectful of others than the drunk store customers also haunting that neighborhood.

It's a double standard, enforced by ignorance, and a hidden monetary agenda.


rhys jones 5 days, 16 hours ago on City brings on PR team for major downtown improvement project

At least we heard about this frivolous expenditure. One wonders what goes unreported -- something makes all those trailing 0's in the city budget... lotta rounding going on... up, generally. Oh to get MY thumbs in that juicy pie!!


rhys jones 6 days, 15 hours ago on City brings on PR team for major downtown improvement project

I was thinking that myself, Bill. Lotta words -- no numbers. The Good Ol' Boys take care of their cronies. With your money.


rhys jones 1 week, 1 day ago on Steven Hofman: Fair and square in Colorado

Have we ever had a write-in President? We might be about to. Bernie says it's OUR country.

The worst that could happen is he splits the Democratic vote and Dufus slides in by default. Then it's time to consider residency abroad.