rhys jones

rhys jones 3 weeks, 1 day ago on The Record for Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016

Rough day.

I would work as a dispatcher for free, just to field the calls. Somebody would laugh.


rhys jones 1 month ago on Uptick in bear activity in Steamboat Springs

Bears are not into random destruction. Don't blame him, if he smells something yummy in your car.


rhys jones 1 month ago on Time change means increased wildlife collision danger

Don't think the last one in line is the last one. There's always a straggler.

Clean, functioning deer whistles are your best insurance. But even those can't work miracles, like around corners and over rises.

I'll honk my horn randomly, in suspected deer areas. Five deer and one elk later (I need decals), I've seen enough of those cloven-hoofed menaces on the highway to last a lifetime.


rhys jones 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Money matters in Gail Schwartz-Scott Tipton battle for Congress

When I met Tipton at some event at Little Toots Park, long ago, he had shifty eyes and wouldn't look me in the eye. I knew he was lying, whatever he was saying. His performance as a legislator has revealed his character: Money talks, and Scott listens.


rhys jones 2 months ago on Boomer gets a bust on Rabbit Ears Pass

"all over the road, crossing over lines and had almost struck another vehicle" makes Boomer sound redundant. Unless RCSO couldn't figure it out.


rhys jones 2 months, 1 week ago on Woman suspected of burglary, drug possession

I don't know which is worse: Replying to a comment four days old -- or going back through four days' worth of comments to see what was said.


rhys jones 2 months, 1 week ago on Forewarned is forearmed

Big yawn. Kids will be kids. I didn't start soon enough. Wasn't Mommy's then. Get it where ya can.

Hey Jerry -- ain't heard from you lately. Not getting itchy feet, are you? AZ sounds good about now...

Rockies are toast, Nuggies next week.

These baseball announcers kill me: Pitch looks straight as an arrow, they say "Wow what a curve" and it twists all over, they say "Fast ball, right in there." Curves, sliders, breaking balls -- what's the difference? Two seams, four seams -- you can really see that? And the famous "changeup": Two in a row, shouldn't it be a "sameup"? I'm so confused.

Of all the troll fodder to poach, I thought this most appropriate. Go Nuggets!!