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rhys jones 1 day, 21 hours ago on Teen suspected in Hayden break-ins

I poached this forum because it's about thieves, the lowest form of life on this planet.

I address this to the scumbag who lifted my NorthFace Saturday night: You're toast. They had six cameras rolling where we were. We've got it all -- me walking in and hanging it up -- then you hurriedly walking up and snagging it -- hugging a girl on your way out -- then beating feet outside. The exterior camera shows a reasonable image of your face, and you look strikingly like my roommate. Then we ran out of time -- but there were six cameras recording. We'll find a good mug shot.

The cops are too busy to crawl through video looking for petty thieves -- but I'm not. I'll MAKE time for this. I'm going CSI on you, buddy. You ripped off the wrong dude, at the wrong place. I LOVED that jacket.

Your best move is to just take it back and say it was a mistake. Because when we identify you -- and somebody we know, knows you -- or I see you about town wearing my jacket -- you're going to jail, right then; I've got the proof in hand.

If you're a band groupie, from their home town -- we'll send your mug to their PD. You can't get away, you pond scum. I'm hunting you down.


rhys jones 2 days, 17 hours ago on Helicopter ordered for Zirkel Wilderness fire

John -- As you may recall, that trip was to shoot Rusty's fling with the cute new Public Defender -- for our new FOX sitcom, "Routt County Law" -- but when he suddenly left, so did the babes -- and I haven't been back to the Justice Center to scope out his replacement for camera appeal -- not that room anyway -- the dashing Rusty will be hard to replace.

So we're on hold for the moment.

Okay -- what if we had the Mad Arson, lighting fires around lots of towns? An environmental activist gone bad. Think they'll show up for that? Who would we cast?


rhys jones 2 days, 19 hours ago on Helicopter ordered for Zirkel Wilderness fire

I've always thought a good theme for a movie would be the mountain town, surrounded by beetle-kill, it catches fire and spreads with the wind, and the residents are suffocated before they can escape, because the fire consumed all the oxygen. Think they'd pay to see that?


rhys jones 4 days, 21 hours ago on The Record for Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I am shocked, and my heart goes out to you, Kevin. I would have commented sooner, but I am in the process of moving. I would suggest the edibles as well, if you would prefer to avoid the smoke and associated pleasant buzz. Edibles have a different effect, almost negligible, compared to smoking it.

The doctors have probably told you to quit smoking cigarettes, if you do that. That's what they made my Dad do, when he was dying of Mesothelioma. They deprived him of ten months of pleasure, when he was toast anyway. I tried to make him some pot cookies, buy did it wrong; it was gritty and he didn't like them, although they did have a pleasant effect; I saw it.

God be with you, Kevin, all the best, and if I can help in any way, let me know. I've got some GREAT stuff!!


rhys jones 1 week, 2 days ago on Ken Collins: Fountain of knowledge

That "Freedom" group was the most egotistical group of entitled self-righteous snobs I have ever seen. They really think they are superior.


rhys jones 1 week, 2 days ago on Marijuana complaint at Howelsen Hill leads to arrest of man in possession of stolen motorcycle

George Washington grew hemp. They'd sit around after-hours at the local tavern, smoking bowls of it, along with their ale, he and Thomas and John and Ben, and talk about things...

Pot started America!!


rhys jones 1 week, 3 days ago on Ken Collins: Fountain of knowledge

I walk both sides, left and right, depends on the subject, and nobody's right about everything.

It's a shell game anyway, left and right, demons on both sides, when the real culprit behind the charade is the Federal Reserve, in cahoots with big corporations and the defense industry, Halliburton notably, Cheney's gang. Their guys provide vast support services to our troops, formerly performed in-house, for a starting wage of $200K/yr -- and if they get killed in the process, their losses are not recorded as U.S. losses, as technically they are tourists, being civilians. Also thus immune to the Geneva Conventions and much international law, officially representing nobody. Blackwater, DynCorp, and Anaconda live by nobody's rules but their own.

Now war is cool again!! There's injustice all over the world, and we're just the guys to fix it.

Especially places with oil. Central Africa, genocide going on -- eh -- who cares; too many folks anyway.