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rhys jones 3 weeks ago on Boomer gets a bust on Rabbit Ears Pass

"all over the road, crossing over lines and had almost struck another vehicle" makes Boomer sound redundant. Unless RCSO couldn't figure it out.


rhys jones 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Woman suspected of burglary, drug possession

I don't know which is worse: Replying to a comment four days old -- or going back through four days' worth of comments to see what was said.


rhys jones 3 weeks, 4 days ago on Forewarned is forearmed

Big yawn. Kids will be kids. I didn't start soon enough. Wasn't Mommy's then. Get it where ya can.

Hey Jerry -- ain't heard from you lately. Not getting itchy feet, are you? AZ sounds good about now...

Rockies are toast, Nuggies next week.

These baseball announcers kill me: Pitch looks straight as an arrow, they say "Wow what a curve" and it twists all over, they say "Fast ball, right in there." Curves, sliders, breaking balls -- what's the difference? Two seams, four seams -- you can really see that? And the famous "changeup": Two in a row, shouldn't it be a "sameup"? I'm so confused.

Of all the troll fodder to poach, I thought this most appropriate. Go Nuggets!!


rhys jones 4 weeks ago on Woman suspected of burglary, drug possession

Sounds good, Steve, and all basically true. Procedures and the masses being what they are, it can be literally months between appearances, which are often postponed for months again, while the accused rots in jail, their life on hold, no chance for recovery now. I was hearing on NPR yesterday about a woman in New York, spent three years in Rikers awaiting her trial -- most in solitary, deprived of even water, causing medical problems -- meanwhile adding felony charges for destruction of property, for breaking a jail chair -- then to be found not guilty of the original charge -- but branded with the new charges, born out of frustration with the system. Which attempts at every opportunity to identify and isolate the deviants. That's why incarceration is big business in this country: There's too many of us, and it gets the riff-raff out of the way. Why counsel and train these people, only to release them into an overstaffed world already? There's money to be made, keeping them hidden and forgotten.

Welcome to The Machine, Michelle.


rhys jones 4 weeks ago on The Record for Monday, Sept. 26, 2016

Good chance it was Jerry, Bill. He doesn't move too fast, and lives at Selby. We're gonna be roommates, as soon as they'll take me.


rhys jones 4 weeks ago on Rotermund's hole-in-one highlights Sailors' performance at state golf tournament

Nice!! Most golfers will never make an honest hole-in-one. I came within about four feet once, on a short 141-yarder or so, but it was off a bluff and over a creek. I won the Dr. Pepper on that hole. (we weren't drinking) Haven't played the game in a couple of decades (wiffle golf doesn't count) -- a matter of opportunity, not choice -- or I surely would have notched one by now. Ain't no John Daly, but I can drive 300.

You don't hear about these every day. Where can it go from here, but down...

Only two questions beg: -- How long was the hole? -- Is that the best picture you've got?

Congratulations at any rate, Jack!!


rhys jones 4 weeks, 1 day ago on Woman suspected of burglary, drug possession

Our system does seem to favor warehousing the miscreants, as opposed to treatment. There's a whole industry built around it. Scott's right, Michelle just takes the fall. Follow the crowd, look what happens. One less to worry about.

Pension treating you right, Jerry? Nuggets, next week!! Big hit, at RCSO.