rhys jones


rhys jones 6 years, 6 months ago

Alcohol abuse can lead to brain damage. Wait... what was I saying?


sedgemo 5 years, 7 months ago

Well said, I just made a short trip through SW WY and into Idaho, and was surprised how much it felt like "home"... as in CO 40-50 years ago. I don't own land here, either, and was feeling the tug as you seemed to. Not sure about those Mormons, though. Saw a few (?) Mennonite women at a truck stop with their menfolk, the same day Jeffs was convicted. Wonder if they had any conversation in the truck on the way home?


sedgemo 5 years, 3 months ago

Saw this and thought of you for some reason, software maybe? Might be they need what you have. Or not, just sending on.


Research Associate - Computer Science & Data Management POSITION SUMMARY
Global Footprint Network is seeking to hire a Research Associate to support the continuous improvement of the National Footprint Accounts, which serve as the basis of Ecological Footprint analyses worldwide, and to apply the accounts as needed in analysis, research and projects with governments, businesses and other organizations. In these efforts the Ecological Footprint is often used in conjunction with other methodologies, such as life-cycle analysis (LCA), Input-Output (I/O) analysis and scenario modeling. As Research Associate – Computer Science & Data Management you play a critical role in taking our work to the next level of technical sophistication and will work closely with the members of the National Footprint Accounts development team, project managers, and others working to generate the national accounts and apply the Ecological Footprint. You will be leveraging technology to manage and merge large data sets, writing processes, procedures, reports and papers, some of which may be submitted for publication in scientific journals. Additional responsibilities will include generating and providing data, graphs, maps and other flash based visuals so that our data is easy to understand and has an impact on our clients in government and business. Opportunities may exist for presenting on the Ecological Footprint methodology and on the outcome of specific research projects, technological advancements and proposals regarding ways to better generate and present Ecological Footprint results.

(there's more, check out the link).


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