heboprotagonist 5 years, 5 months ago on Routt County Sheriff's Office seeks funds for bulletproof vests

I think the vests should be supplied by the department. I also think the vests should be part of the budget.

Who's fault is it that vests weren't included in the budget to begin with?


heboprotagonist 5 years, 6 months ago on Police: Man who threatened officers admits to church vandalism

Not that I agree with any of the unnecessarily partisan pot-shots expressed thus far on this thread, but...

If the right wants to use this unstable individual to paint the left as a bunch of wackos, then have at it. The wacko in question admitted to church vandalism, a crime for sure, but it's nothing compared to the criminal activity of corporations and their lobbyists. The wacko in question made idle, and arguably delusional, threats against government and religion, while the mega-banks have made good on their threats to kick people out of their homes.

Personally, I think this guy is just wacko- partisan politics are most likely beyond his comprehension. Still, if he is emblematic of the worst the left has to offer I'll take it any day over the fascist on the right.


heboprotagonist 5 years, 6 months ago on Richard Rickerson: We need winners

You first, Mr. Rickerson.

Considering that these officials were elected by a majority of voters, we can only assume that the majority of residents agree with the attempted money grab. Or perhaps the opposition just wasn't motivated to vote in this cycle. Though with all the hype surrounding the airline tax and mmj issues, if the conservatives stayed home they have only themselves to blame.

So, forgive me if I find it highly amusing that the vocal minority suggests that majority of Routt County residents should move elsewhere so that they can create a conservative utopia in our beloved valley. Nothing could be more arrogant and elitist.

Mr Rickerson would have a better chance at said utopia if he moved (Mississippi, perhaps? I hear they shoot whiners on sight). But, I hope he doesn't. You see, for democracy to work we need both sides of the argument to be represented- we need both extremes to be reigned in by the other. So while Mr. Rickerson suggests that those of us who disagree with him move, I humbly submit that he do a better job getting out the vote.

Don't you just love Democracy?


heboprotagonist 5 years, 6 months ago on Routt County elected officials to go to board about pay disparities

All elected officials are public servants. Public servants should receive zero compensation. Let's remove income from the equation and see how many are willing to volunteer their services for the good of the community.


heboprotagonist 5 years, 6 months ago on Steve Ross: Educated parents needed

I find it disheartening that I need to repeat this, but I fear that Dr. Ross has cotton in his ears. So, listen up Doc- you just might learn something about bedside manner.

The problem isn't that I'm a hard-line anti-vaccine "wingnut" (as you so delicately put it). But rather that it's difficult to know what studies and doctors are trustworthy and which ones are in the pockets of big Pharma. As a relatively well-educated person, capable of intelligent conversation and critical thought I seek out professionals in the field that can speak to the vaccination issue without hiding behind their degrees or looking down their noses at me.

I don't care if you believe differently. However, as a doctor I expect you to approach the subject with empathy and the understanding that as parents we all just want to do the best for out kids. If the medical industry can find the time and money to prove that vaccines don't cause autism, why can't they fund a study to figure out what has caused the increase in autism?

You sum up your response by saying: "Those inclined to seek ways to have their children evade mandatory vaccinations need to recognize that vaccination is the best way to protect them from the risk of contracting dangerous diseases." I don't believe that any vaccines are "mandatory"- as in required by law. A doctor should really know better, & at the very least know better than to speak in such ambiguous terms.

Also, perhaps it's time YOU recognize something. Namely, stop dictating to your patients as if medicine is law and not merely the sometimes practical application of scientific theory. You seem like a man who's been in the business for too long. Patients no longer bow in deference to a medical degree. We prefer a peer relationship where we work together with our doctors to develop an individual healthcare plan. Start listening to our concerns and respond with answers that recognize our role in the matter, don't respond with statistics and NYT articles.

I can only interpret your cold indifference to our concerns as the knee-jerk reaction of man who is concerned with a threat to his income. Wanna give it another shot? This time, with feeling.


heboprotagonist 5 years, 6 months ago on Steve Ross: Educated parents needed


I think I successfully posted that info to your profile. I didn't want to post it publicly. Haters gonna hate, y'know?

For the record, the good doctor does recommend most vaccinations, but was more than willing to work with us on finding the appropriate plan.

We are skipping Hep B and chickenpox for sure. Others we haven't decided yet.


heboprotagonist 5 years, 6 months ago on Cathie Voorhees: Good luck with that

Self-serving, inconsequential, and petty letters like this should be limited to the comments section.

They have no business being printed.

Regardless of how anyone feels about taxes, we should all be able to agree that this letter is absent of any critical thought, possible alternatives, or even specifics. Notice how she fails to mention which taxes she's opposed to. I'm guessing she doesn't like any taxes, but it's not like we've got much to go on here. Instead we've got idle threats and myopic pessimism.

However, my main concern isn't with the author. It takes some guts to write a letter to the editor and be willing to have your name printed next to your thoughts. I applaud her efforts. Instead I question the editorial decision to print it. Surely, someone else has submitted a more suitable letter in the days following the local election. If not, fill the space with more ads or perhaps an locally produced editorial cartoon.

To summarize, what is the point of printing this letter? What good does it accomplish or what direction does it nudge us as a community? What new information is provided and what should we have learned?

My only takeaway is that this individual doesn't like taxes, and that in retaliation to those of us who voted for them she might recruit one other person to shop for groceries in Craig. I'm sorry, but that doesn't warrant a Facebook status update, much less space in the newspaper.