Grey Schuhmacher

Grey Schuhmacher 4 years, 3 months ago on Our View: With lodging tax revenue, don't bite the hand that feeds

Great article. Way to keep the committee on task by pointing out that golf does NOT bring tourism to town & should be able to support itself. I'm a golfer, by the way, and love Haymaker, but the facilities are amazing there already, and do not need any more public support. It's time the funds go to better tourism drivers. Nice work Pilot.

I'm the owner of a lodging company here in Steamboat. So, I benefit from the tourism that comes to town while also helping to generate the accommodations tax itself.

I support the Steamboat Springs Trails Alliance proposal. Trails will bring people to town throughout the spring, summer and fall and all days of the week. Ball fields, rodeo grounds, skate rinks, etc will only bring people for events that are almost always on weekends and during already busy times of summer. Other projects like Chief and Hot Springs benefit a few at great cost and do little to attract tourism.

Trails offer the greatest bang for the buck, draw the largest number of visitors, and has the lowest ongoing maintenance costs - especially when built in a sustainable way like the new Rotary trail.

The Steamboat Springs Trails Alliance proposal is the only one that has true community involvement throughout the process. Many public meetings and input helped shape the proposal. Locals have already & will continue to help design and build and therefore will have a vested interest in keeping the trails in top condition. Instead of hiring outside contractors, local trail workers can be trained in a day. This could be a community project like no other, and will truly enhance our attractiveness as a year round destination more than any other proposal.


Grey Schuhmacher 5 years, 8 months ago on Steamboat Springs School Board weighs easement

Where exactly is the land that would be the easement? Where exactly would the track be? I know the Whistler Park area well & I'm trying to wrap my head around this...