gravity 6 years, 10 months ago on Rick Akin: Where do the liberals go wrong?

Mr. Akin, what does Rand say about greed? What does she think of the great capitalists who are unwilling to pay a living wage to their employee's, sell toxic products; consumable, and fiscal, or cut corners on infrastructure at the expense of peoples livelihoods and our environment? Do they receive some grand comeuppance, and and have to repay for all of lives they have destroyed?
Since 1979 80% of the average workers have only seen a 1% raise accounting for inflation, in the same time CEOs went from making 32 times the average employee to making 369 times the average employee.
Mr. Akin tell me whose wealth has been "seized, begged, inherited, shared, looted or obtained as a favor.", and by whom? Explain how are we going to stop this greed by letting the fox loose in the henhouse?


gravity 7 years, 7 months ago on Our View: Right move is to sign lease with New West Inns

Governments should never, ever get into commercial enterprises which compete with those from whom their tax revenues flow.

You mean like the military?


gravity 7 years, 7 months ago on Local grocery workers could strike

Only companies that deserve unions have them. Unions are another proof that power corrupts,but they are also proof that business will only treat its workers with as little respect/ compensation as it can. Most comments above are union; pro/con, and ignore the reason for the potential strike. How is it that the workers in the front range earn a dollar more an hour for the same job. This is the same front range where you can pay almost 10-15% less for the groceries then we do here. It must be that the quality of life here so much better, or the cost of living lower here that the grocery business can pay a lower wage. Hmm. As individuals the grocery workers would have no way to negotiate a wage; so their only option is to group together. There is plenty of evidence of unions behaving poorly, and abusing the power that the group gave them, but this is equalled if not over shadowed by the behavior the companies that employ them. Only companies that deserve unions have them.