grandctydame 9 years, 4 months ago on Sheriff Wall loses license

To id04sp: The corruption is way beyond Routt County. There was a gal in Denver who was physically abused by her husband and tried to get help at a shelter. They asked her why she didn't call the cops. she told them her husband is a cop. He found her through his buddies and ended up murdering her. And how about Grand County? There seems to be 2 cops per citizen. If you're not pulled over by a "Statie" then you have to contend with Fraser/Winter Park cops, Granby cops or your local Grand County sheriff. And unlike several other states in which I have lived, there seems to be no jurisdictional boundaries. A person is fair game anywhere especially with the trumped up excuses they use to pull you over (so they can fill the county's coffers?) Yes, we have some professionals on the forces who treat their stops as human beings instead of line # such and such in the code enforcement books, but sadly, there are not enough of them left. So we have to deal with the cowboys and hope our windshields don't crack or we lose a headlight while we are in the process of driving, because they sure as shootin' will pull you over and use them as excuses to "smell" you and then use "probable cause" to search your car.