Nora Matteo

Nora Matteo 3 years, 3 months ago on Community members buzzing about future of vacant TIC campus in Steamboat Springs

It's too large of a parcel for any of those ideas. The city needs to look toward the future - and stop looking at itty bitty parcels (Ironhorse & Rita Valentine) to build what we need for the next fifty years. The TIC property would let us consolidate several city owned services and sell off the land in the heart of downtown. Think about police department, fire department, water department, ambulance barn, city offices, etc. etc.


Nora Matteo 3 years, 6 months ago on 4 candidates running for Steamboat Springs School Board

Strange you would leave out the fact that Joseph Andrew is a Colorado certified substitute teacher, starting his 5th year subbing for ALL grades, has a sibling who teaches in Routt County and has several nieces/nephews in the Steamboat School District.

Joseph has a passion for education that far exceeds my own and he's the only candidate in any of the districts who actually attended Steamboat schools. He wants to keep the school district a quality district for his future children

Scott - Please take the power of the press seriously and report responsibly! Let's make this a fair fight.


Nora Matteo 4 years, 6 months ago on TIC Holdings to complete transition out of Steamboat by end of 2013

Sad to see the jobs go. Hope the people can find a way to stay. But what a prime opportunity for the police and fire to appropriate adequate space, right in the middle of things.