goldendog 8 years, 8 months ago on Wall found guilty of DWAI

Gary Wall has been observed drinking and obviously intoxicated and in possession of his firearm on other occasions. So has his under sheriff.

My feeling is that law enforcement and emergency services personal should just not drink in public - period.

But in Gary's defense, he hires good people, gives them the best equipment he can and lets the smart people who work for him do their jobs without micro managing them. He's basically a good guy. Too bad he exercises such poor judgment when it comes to alcohol.

To me the worst outcome here is the loss of Lance Eldridge. Lance didn't compromise his principles, told the truth and sacrificed his career in the process. This is shameful. Gary should resign and Lance should get a promotion.

In the event of a major crisis, there are decisions that only the sheriff can make. Let's hope that if we need him, Gary Wall will be stone sober.

I have no doubt that Gary has lost a great deal confidence from his own deputies as well as all the other agencies that need to depend on him.

Were I Gary, I would wait about two months and then announce my retirement. And I would take my overpaid under sheriff with me.

Finally, my solution? Simple...

Lance Eldridge for Sheriff