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david niedermeier 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Highway 9 construction project nears completion

Animal strikes are down 90%. Anybody know 90% of what? How does that compare to other stretches of highway such as on 40 to Craig?


david niedermeier 6 months, 1 week ago on Coloradans ponder Amendment 69's ColoradoCare

Just a couple observations from a primary care physician:

A single payer system may be the answer and having it paid for by taxes may be the answer but it will be a disaster if it is only in one state. If one relatively small geographic area decides to give "free" and good quality care where do you think patients will go? If that same area pays providers less than their overhead where will the providers go? This is a set-up for an exodus of providers and massive immigration of extraordinarily expensive patients from the rest of the country.

Medicare comments above are interesting. Medicare appears to be good insurance now because access is still reasonable. The care of medicare patients is subsidized by insured patients. Medical clinics and hospitals can't keep doors open at medicare rates.

Higher prices here locally are partly just scale but are also what allow our hospital to maintain a broad scope of quality services. For a small town it is remarkable to have the facility and specialty care we have here. There is a tipping point where it is no longer worth it, but that's a complicated discussion, especially considering that a flight to Denver is 30 grand that we'd prefer to avoid for premature infants and severe nosebleeds etc. I want the ER physician to be in the hospital when I show up with chest pain at 2 am.

Lots of problems, few good solutions


david niedermeier 7 months ago on Northwest Colorado Health: Prevention key to men’s health

I agree with the jist of the article, that regular wellness exams are important and that men are less likely to participate in regular wellness. It is however more than a little disappointing to see the extensive plug for the VNA and no mention of the other primary care clinics in town providing excellent primary care and preventative care. The quality physicians at Yampa Valley Medical Associates, Steamboat Family Medicine and my clinic, Steamboat Medical, all provide comprehensive wellness care and we encourage both men and women to be seen regularly.


david niedermeier 1 year, 9 months ago on Two art pieces donated to Saturday's Challenge Fund auction

Really incredible support from lots of local businesses for the upcoming auction. Thank you. And thank you to the many volunteers (including my wife) spending countless hours working to raise money for the Challenge Fund that supports all kinds of great programs at the two elementary schools. Impressive. Tickets for the dinner/auction this Saturday are still available on the Challenge Fund website. http://www.sschallengefund.com/index.html


david niedermeier 2 years, 11 months ago on Jim Boyne: A world-class event

David, My understanding is that the 10 dollars is expected to be paid by everyone even though there are no button police. I don't think you were getting scammed. There was a volunteer doing what he was told- 10 bucks a head. Could you sneak in without paying? Absolutely. Should you? The fireworks show alone is a steal for $10.

Great show. Thanks to all involved putting it together.


david niedermeier 3 years, 1 month ago on A legacy of success: Spotlight on Sunshine Owens

Understood that this is an article about SSWC. However, Sunny's success and work in our community as a dentist, small business owner and employer have and will continue to have far greater impact than what can be accomplished ski racing. Greatly appreciate the way she is able to skillfully work on our son, somehow giving injections and pulling teeth while keeping him calm and comfortable. Thanks Sunny.


david niedermeier 3 years, 2 months ago on Steamboat Springs School District reports successful 1st year for health clinic

This article is somewhat misleading. The school district has been saving and will hopefully continue to save a substantial amount of money by having gone to a mainly self-insured model. The district now has a much less expensive policy than in the past and then pays up to a $75,000 deductible before insurance covers further expenses. This is a similar model to what YVMC has and potential savings are enormous. It is that self-insured model that has curbed the cost of its health care. The clinic has little if anything to do with that. The clinic saw just under 1000 visits for $248,000 last year. (And that 1000 may be somewhat inflated as some of those visits were apparently encouraged by “ipad giveaways.”) They said they saw about 14 patients per month with high risk problems such as diabetes, hypertension or depression. To me it seems that the clinic disrupts the continuity of care that my primary care colleagues and I consider important and at an optimistic $248 per visit it's not much of a bargain. Moreover, much of that $248,000 leaves the valley to pay the company staffing the clinic. Basically, it seems odd that the clinic is earning credit for the health care savings when in fact the majority of the savings has come from a very logical wholesale change in the approach to buying health insurance and going self-insured.