George Fargo

George Fargo 2 months, 1 week ago on Melanie Sturm: Solution for Trump election freak-out

Hey, Aspen Melanie, guess what is the only thing in DC that didn't get hacked. That's right, Hillary's "unsecured email server".


George Fargo 3 months, 1 week ago on Brodie Farquhar: What really makes America great again?

America is Great already. MAGA is just a slogan Trumpy used to rile up the gullible. The world is moving forward. Technology is moving so fast that workers can't keep up with the jobs needed. In the words of the Prophet: "Them steady jobs are goin' forth and they ain't comin' back". Back to the 50s? Are you kidding?


George Fargo 3 months, 1 week ago on Brian Kotowski: Color me thunderstruck

"begin with known criminals" Huh? Obama has been doing that for a long time.

And the wall, forget it. That wall will never be built. It is impractical, ineffective and unnecessary. Illegal immigration across that border is a net zero. Have you ever been down there? It's a real eye-opener.

The only effective wall is an economic one. If there are no jobs and no homes they will not come. But Americans will not allow that. They don't want their lawns to die, or their houses to be filthy, or to eat in restaurants off of dirty dishes. And landlords will take money from anyone to fill up their housing. So the illegal immigrants will stay.


George Fargo 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Jennifer Schubert-Akin: In uncertain times, look to America’s principles

For Steamboat Today? Why does this paper give any such standing to this partisan drivel by printing it like it was something more than a biased opinion that is at most an individual's letter to the editor.

For those of you commenting on peace and tolerance, all these arguments are false equivalency. You argue that you didn't do whatever when Obama got elected. The backlash and protests are not about a republican or conservative winning the election. If McCain or Romney had won I would be disappointed but I would not have been revulsed. They were basically decent men who believe differently than me.

But Trump is a whole different breed of cat. He is a pathological liar, a racist, a sexist, basically a pig. No other candidate for President or any other significant office in this country has told people to "go f**k themselves", bragged about grabbing women by the pussy, made fun of the handicapped, threatened to jail his opponent and totally conned 60 million people with lies and empty promises. The man is a pig. That is why I and millions of other people are incredulous that so many people could vote for such a poor excuse for a human being.


George Fargo 6 months, 2 weeks ago on John F. Russell: Missing your shot at Olympic glory

Mara is a great bike racer and a really cool person. She would light up any room she steps into. My heart goes out to her. She deserved that Gold Medal. I was so disappointed to see her lose it so close to the line. Keep goin' girl!