freerider 4 years ago on Our View: Open-minded city adapts planning process

let's see now a deep slump

more like on the ocean floor right next to the Titanic

guess what folks ain't coming up either , just like the Titanic

How many realtors does it take to change a light-bulb ??

I don't know since they have all moved to Las Vegas or Phoenix or Florida where the housing market is healthy compared to here


freerider 4 years ago on Dervla Lacy: Our drug problem

Dervia Lacy , please another self - empowered expert on pot , spewing forth wisdom and wit ,

Thank God the kids are high on pot instead of meth , nicotine , alcohol , pharma , crack , ecstasy ,

Remember kids God created Marijuana man creates all that other crap

Pilot please distribute this article to the schools with comments left in

thank you and live free


freerider 4 years ago on Yampa residents to vote on medical marijuana businesses

It's time to legalize marijuana !!!

we are paying U.S. marines to grow and protect opium in Afghanistan

That's right folks your tax dollars are going to irrigation fields to grow poppies

The U.S. Army corp. of engineers and the Marine Corps have been ordered to build and protect these fields... The money then goes to the Taliban so they can buy guns to shoot the marines protecting the Heroin

Now at home we are in a pissing contest over pot !! Anybody else see a problem here the our Government drug policies


freerider 4 years ago on Debate in Colorado over driving while high proposal


I'll take a driving skill test anytime while I'm high , and pass with flying colors

I've been scuba diving stoned Heli skiing stoned Extreme skiing stoned windsurfed 20-30 foot waves stoned raced motorcycles stoned Just about any activity you can think of stoned Better sex while high

It's my right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness

wait is it 5mgs or 6 mgs is safe , damn my memory is slipping I better get high and have sex now

gotta go, have fun with your numbers

Our Government regulations regarding marijuana are pathetic

I'm for complete legalization without restrictions

40 year toker and going strong bra , my friends that went with alcohol are all dead


freerider 4 years ago on Letter to the editor: Right thing to do


you must be wary of the FDA

AZT is genocide in a bottle , it was given to the gay community as a cure for AIDS , the religious right paid off the FDA to approve it .. the thing is it was made in the sixties as a cure for cancer . And yes it killed the cancer along with everything else in your body , if you take it you die , every high profile AIDS death has resulted from AZT ..well make up your own mind on that one ...look it up

Should you trust the FDA ....NO !!!!


freerider 4 years, 1 month ago on Letter to the editor: Right thing to do


I'm with ya on organized religion , funny post ,

FYI my kids are not vaccinated , they are now healthy teenagers and will more than likely get sports scholarships


freerider 4 years, 1 month ago on Letter to the editor: Right thing to do


The Mercola website , yes he is in business , he has the right to make a living , it's called feeding your family , seems you are jealous of his success

He interviews a lot of people in the business of making vaccines , he is not the one making the accusations , he is merely the messenger and if people don't like the message the first line of defense is to shoot the messenger

I found his site to be very credible along with people like Gary Null , they promote healthy living , vitamin d3 , probiotics , exercise tips , stay away from sugar and fructose .. etc . etc . most of his advice is free , free , free and he offers products for sale , well so what the advice is still good

I don't buy anything from him , but what he has to say is worth listening to and it's free


freerider 4 years, 1 month ago on Debate in Colorado over driving while high proposal


this is about the drug war and what a farce it is

looks like you got sucked into the numbers BS

lets see now 5 mgs or lets make it 6 mgs wait wait let's make it 5.5 mgs

no wait lets have another Government agency do a report wait how about 2 agency reports wait the HWY patrol should have a report wait , send it to the supreme court wait , Garrett Wiggins should do a report , wait Lisa watts should do a report , hey I should do a report

Ron PAUL 2012



freerider 4 years, 1 month ago on Letter to the editor: Right thing to do


look at the vaccine or any drug for that matter and research the side effects

I was given Cipro flaxen for an infection many years ago and it ruptured a tendon in my leg

I was lucky and I got off the stuff and now I always research alternatives first .. what your doctor gives you can kill you , they justify it all by saying , but look at how many people benefit from it

here's a link for you