freerider 5 years ago on Kevin Fisher: Get facts on medical marijuana

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freerider 5 years ago on Our View: Medical marijuana centers should be banned

Americans have become a nation of pussies and sheep - fear of marijuana is laughable

fear is a real disease of the mind and is the mantra of politicians and clergymen

Time to legalize and stop the cartels - follow the money


So Scott and Brent what's the pilot's position on legalization ?? it is pretty funny you take the dispensary's money for ads then stab them in the back with this makes the pilot look like two faced politicians blowing smoke ...


freerider 5 years ago on Howelsen Hill bench dedicated to sports lover 'Coach' Sterne

wow ...!!! I never knew his name until now

Coach was all I ever heard anybody call him

nice article and nice to see somebody cared enough to honor him with a plaque

I'm going to stop by and say hello next time I'm at Howelson


freerider 5 years ago on Our View: Fall election is crucial

Raising taxes on the middle class in a bad economy is just wrong ,, stop the pork and entitlements and 2 stupid moronic wars and we will have plenty of money


freerider 5 years, 1 month ago on Monday Medical: Vaccines help protect the community

Scott go ahead take the kool-aid

It's amazing to me someone that thinks he's an expert at everything buys into mainstream brainwashing

you obviously have no mind of your own


freerider 5 years, 1 month ago on Monday Medical: Vaccines help protect the community

It's interesting that medical schools teach nothing about preventive medicine or how to stay healthy , nothing zero it's drugs , drugs , drugs and more drugs from day one

Legal drugs now kill more people than die on the hi- ways each year there is no passion to fix that problem but what a rant and roll over marijuana that helps thousands of cancer patients among others ....

Getting off topic here , so here's another link that really takes down the vaccines


freerider 5 years, 1 month ago on Monday Medical: Vaccines help protect the community


here's s fun little article blowing the lid off vaccines , so now they put aluminum in them

which is more toxic than mercury according to this ...hey make up your own mind on this one

Remember these are the same people that kill tens of thousands of innocent victims each year with pharmaceuticals drugs telling you there voodoo is safe

I have personally had a tendon rupture from ciproflaxin they gave me for an infection one time , now I always turn to alternative

By the way the FDA now wants to make holistic supplements illegal That's right they want to take away your vitamins

This is being paid for by lobbyists from the AMA


freerider 5 years, 1 month ago on New technology helps Routt County schools strive for success


Hayden used to be the best at Cattle insemination now they have an IT dept. because they hired somebody with an IQ. over 50 ...

These kids might have a chance at an IT gig if they choose at least they have that choice now

You know nothing about learning since your cup is very very full of itself