Fred Duckels

Fred Duckels 57 minutes ago on Routt County commissioners hesitate to invest public monies in community solar garden

John, When the sun goes behind a cloud we still need power and the conventional plant has to be running, creating a situation where the solar system has little real value.


Fred Duckels 2 hours, 45 minutes ago on Routt County commissioners hesitate to invest public monies in community solar garden

Solar is intermittent feel good power. When the sun isn't out the rest of us have to pick up the tab. With incentives etc. it can be presented as a plus to the consumer and they may save money but it is on the backs of others and conventional plants. This is definitely the PC way to go but can we afford to have two power sources when only one is usable?


Fred Duckels 1 day, 3 hours ago on Gary Hofmeister: History redux

The military has a way of dealing with outcasts. When a problem arises the whole unit is penalized and the culprits are soon forced to fall in line. During the Khadaffi times mischief concerning airlines was rampant. Soon the tourists stopped going overseas and the terrorists seem to get the message. That was my take on it.


Fred Duckels 1 day, 16 hours ago on Gary Hofmeister: History redux

As election time nears we see the TV saturated with war on women ads all to steer away from talking about meat and potatoes where the left has been a train wreck. I think that the left has a war on common sense as every day we see a new idea trotted out that leaves most of us shaking our heads including kissing up to the Muslim world. We need to be tough on all Muslims and let them sort out their intramural differences..


Fred Duckels 3 days, 1 hour ago on Moffat County grills EPA about Clean Power Plan on Wednesday

Scott, The tensile strength of (iron) , did you mean steel? There is little disagreement here because it is very simple to prove. Now consider climate and all the possibilities for mischief and use as a political tool. Surround this with the greatest collection of truth stretchers and profiteers in memory. Regardless of where the truth lies science has been hijacked. This is not new since religion has served the same crowd for thousands of years. Nowadays the secular crowd has to move on to greener pastures and climate is the new religion.