Fred Duckels

Fred Duckels 1 week ago on Chuck McConnell: Trump will make America great again

John, Trump has experience over Obama and Hillary by a million fold. You must be very qualified to pull this out. Any Republican faces a rigged system when running for office. Let's look at affirmative action and it's effect on almost every facet of our institutions. It nearly mandates left leaning factions participation in positons of influence.
The media, academia, unions, and participants of every nearly government program are at the trough and guaranteed loyalists. Many of the social programs are nothing more than an arm of the Democrats. Trump is basically an independent and I have mused often that one running for and actually occupying the white house would be a disaster. Both parties would make sure that it wan not a successful venture.


Fred Duckels 3 weeks, 4 days ago on One of three owners at Hayden power plant appeals state's valuation for local property taxes

I agree that the plant has been devalued by politicians and the war on coal. If this war had any calculable affects on saving the earth, maybe. Given the world situation on climate change, this exercise in futility is but a drop in the bucket. The knee jerk left is alive and well, maybe we can up the tax on wind and solar. As always you and I are the sugar daddy's of last resort. The mandating of renewables has been a feather in the hat of do gooders including your DMB. That alone is enough to devalue this plant.


Fred Duckels 3 months, 2 weeks ago on DA will not prosecute former SSPD detective

Given the Hillary fiasco I think that we should open up the jails and prisons. Fair is fair! Why bother anyone?


Fred Duckels 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Georgie Hand sentenced to 82 years in prison

Where were these guys when the Hell's Angels came to town? How will this woman feel when Hillary walks? Justice has been served? There is still hope, if she qualifies under Obama's get out of prison campaign to curry votes.


Fred Duckels 4 months, 4 weeks ago on Harnessing the sun

Scott, I have heard your diatribe to the choir more times than I care to remember. I guess the lord has inspired you but I'm not buying. Suppose we all knuckle under and follow Al Gore's lead, the decrease in temperature is so minute that it is insane to accept the cost to our society for ?????