Shannon Dillard

Shannon Dillard 3 years, 1 month ago on Potential lies in targeting the 85 percent of air travelers who leave the Yampa Valley to catch a flight

I guess the biggest problem I have with the flight costs from Denver to Hayden is the fact that they are so much more expensive than similar flights in other areas. We are flying our son from Kenai to Anchorage in August (30 minute flight) for $85 one way while the flight from Denver to Hayden is $482 one way. There are 13 flights/day for the Kenai flight and 2 for the Denver/Hayden flight. Why do the airlines charge such extravagant rates in Hayden when it can be done for less than 20% of the Denver/Hayden cost in Alaska. I'm flying to Little Rock next month and my round trip flight from Hayden to Little Rock is $718 but my round trip flight from Denver to Little Rock is $188. Even driving a gas hog 1-ton I get there and back on 1 tank of gas or about $110. 4 days of parking adds another $24. I will gladly save over $400 for 7 hours of driving. If this was a family trip then the savings would be over $1200. I would love to fly in and out of Hayden for the convenience but the added cost is ridiculous. Scott, the big difference is cost with me.


Shannon Dillard 3 years, 5 months ago on Steamboat businesses look to revive campaign to stress local spending

I have had to go to Denver a couple of times in the last month and have purchased gas in Silverthorne at $.55 and $.56 less than what it was available for in Steamboat. At an average of 9000 gallons hauled/tanker truck that is nearly $5000 more customers in Steamboat pay to have one truck load of gas delivered. I don't believe it costs that much more in fuel and time to get it 90 miles from Silverthorne. This is just one example of overpricing in Steamboat. I try to buy locally but when I feel I am getting gouged I look for other alternatives.


Shannon Dillard 10 years, 3 months ago on State Patrol in collision

There have just been several accidents (2 within 5 minutes of each other) in Oklahoma involving the same type of situations. In each case the troopers did u-turns beside another vehicle moving in the same direction. Unfortunately the results have been far worse in Oklahoma with injuries and deaths occuring. Luckily in this case no one was seriously injured but it sounds like it has brought out the worst in someone. Ihatestupidpeople, if you are in the law enforcement field I am surprised you still have a job. It sounds as if you have some severe anger problems and are unable to read very well or have a very good understanding of the law. Nowhere does it state that you cannot pass a policeman under ordinary driving conditions. The slowing of the trooper's vehicle and the u-turn were made in the same motion according to the article. I think more emphasis should be placed on the fact no one was seriously injured than on placing blame at this point and calling people names. This should be a learning experience for the trooper and others in that field and hopefully it won't escalate into numerous accidents.