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John St Pierre 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Daniel Tyler: Polish up post office


Thanks for a great letter... I have been shocked of late of the condition of the post office... Wed nite when I went to get my mail I was jaw dropped when I walked in and saw how filthy the floor was and the volume of trash everywhere....


John St Pierre 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Kevin Copeland: Read up on climate

Confused..... if the earth is only 6250 yrs old per the very religious right.... how is any of this possible???? LOL !!!!!


John St Pierre 2 months, 3 weeks ago on City Council to consider downtown blight designation on Tuesday

One should be very very careful with areas declared "blighted" as a developer can come along and with the city's help take your property for a "higher" use.... once an area is "blighted" the law easily allows the next step: eminent domain

In law, a single word can go a long way—and in many states, that word is “blight.” It is no longer used to describe properties that are dilapidated, rundown or rat-infested. Instead, state and local “blight” statutes throughout the United States are increasingly being used to condemn perfectly nice homes and small businesses for outrageous reasons.

Decades ago, lawmakers enacted urban renewal statutes as a way to restore residential and commercial slums. The basic idea behind these programs—which have long been recognized as failures even to urban planners—was to improve communities and eliminate dangers that particular properties posed to the health and safety of the public. Generally, urban renewal programs gave local officials the power to seize buildings that tangibly endangered citizens in these communities (though the police power already provided that ability).

Unfortunately, City officials across the nation have employed these same statutes to take or threaten beautiful homes and businesses, and the very idea behind urban renewal programs has been perverted to allow the seizure of properties that just happen to be in locations that are desirable to developers.
Local governments engage in so-called blight removal in accordance with local codes and state statutes, all of which trigger the power of eminent domain. The problem, however, is that these laws are written with such broad, sweeping language that leaves perfectly good property vulnerable to condemnation for private development. For example, some of the most common legal criteria under which property is taken by eminent domain are obsolescence, faulty arrangement or design, excessive land coverage, deleterious land use, and obsolete layout.

These criteria are so vague and so ubiquitous that they could be used to take literally every home, business and place of worship across the country. Increasingly, City officials are using “faulty arrangement” and “obsolete layout” to justify their use of eminent domain for private profit—and these terms are often used to describe businesses with parking in the front as opposed to the back, or homes with small side yards.

Standards may change, but the fundamental right to hold on to what’s yours does not


John St Pierre 4 months ago on I-70 winter tire bill to return

There was a time when the "chain Law" meant CHAINS or Studded tires and 70 did not turn into the parking lot mess it has become..... it was changed under the illusion of front wheel drive cars.... which is absolutely worthless on icy/snow covered roads.... the Mtn. Ski areas pressed to get people up from the Denver swayed the change. Time to get back to the reality of Mountain Driving.


John St Pierre 4 months, 1 week ago on Rotary's eighth annual Community Barn Dance and Barbecue will take place Saturday

Was an incredible event as always!!!!!! Great band... lots of families , excellent food.. lots of people dancing, socializing .......already looking forward to next years !!!!!!!! Wish it would be a semi annual thing!!


John St Pierre 4 months, 1 week ago on Steamboat Springs 2015 marijuana sales top $5 million

Curious....... where is all the money going??? SInce not a penny can be deposited "legally" in a bank without that bank reporting a "SAR" (suspicious Activity report) with the feds or risk losing its FDIC charter ( this also applies to anyone doing business with these type of business... I've wondered how the town & county collects its taxes from this... cash?


John St Pierre 4 months, 2 weeks ago on CDOT hosting telephone town hall to discuss I-70 express lane pricing

Very confused.... in other words you pay either way ??? On a Federal Interstate Highway?? so to use I-70 u have to pay period???

approval of a toll range of $3 to $30 for ExpressToll customers and $5 to $30 for drivers who don't use ExpressToll.


John St Pierre 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Stewards of air service program planning public outreach campaign

How about making sure that the flights you pay for show up or remotely leave on time!!!!

8/11 flight takeoff delayed for 45 minutes reason? Not a cloud in the sky but they had to bring a weather spotter from Steamboat to tell them it was OK to take off...

8/16 Flight cancelled from Denver to Here... reason??? NO FLIGHT CREW !!!!

would love if the Pilot would start posting or reporting all the flight issues monthly so one could see the real costs to the county in terms of manpower etc..... that we all pay for to subsidize a business that really has no interest in customer care....


John St Pierre 5 months, 3 weeks ago on Man suspected of indecent exposure on Gondola

we always have pictures... where is his name...... his booking pic???? seems the Pilot gets awfully selective of whom.....