John St Pierre


John St Pierre 2 months, 1 week ago on Steve Lewis: Yampa trust broken

this was, is, a public bailout of property owners on Yampa who cannot sell their properties....

A public bailout of improving their street so their properties values increase,,,,

which is why 2A was a double edged sword.. vote no you vote against the trails improvements, vote yes you get some $ for the trails but Yampa street owners got bailed out.

If the city had properly separated the issues on the ballot Yampa would have failed on its own... this was a setup from its inception.


John St Pierre 2 months, 1 week ago on Ken Collins: A truly American ad

Hats off Ken... what other symbol reminds one of America than Coke.... from Normandy to the Pacific, Jungles of Vietnam to the desert of Iraq.... before the fall of the soviet Union and even Mao's china... Coke was there..... I would even suspect in the caves of the Taliban.... coke is there........ Diversity??? well I guess those who complain forget its made and bottled in almost every corner of the world and the name is COKE!!!!! by the way I wish more places served it here and that our local distributor steeped up more to provide better service....


John St Pierre 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Walton Village condos see increases in sales, prices


All the articles are to create an illusion real or not that the real Estate market is back and you should rush in and buy property before the prices rise.... The Pilot generates a lot of $ from Real estate ad's. Unfortunately most of the "local" community newspapers these days are just advertising vehicles sprinkled with news to keep you interested.

Guess would be too much to have some investigative reporting from time to time... but that would step on the toes of those who advertise in the paper


John St Pierre 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Molly Waters: Expand summer bus service

Molly someone has to pay for it and as long as the defacto agreement between a certain Taxi/shuttle bus company and the city is honored (the city cannot charge for bus service)..... so again who pays????