John St Pierre


John St Pierre 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Gary Reynolds: Rules need to be made

not sure you may have noticed but on any given morning there are ballons dropping down all over town.... last week... the parking lot of the horseshoe within feet of the highway,,, or the other one at the intersection of Tamarrac & Highpoint.... have often wondered how they allowed to drop anywhere.... guess we have to wat till a tragedy before something is done....

The wildife is featured almost every day in the paper... we push it as one of the attractions of Steamboat... but then thats as long as it is convienent to the humans... then get rid of them....


John St Pierre 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Gary Hofmeister: 'Live not by lies'

the simple truth is that Bush & Cheney created the legacy that has / still kills thousands,cost's us billions and is creating complete chaos in the middel east.////

please do not try to justify it with Hussain's behavior.... there were alot worse leaders doing alot worse things in the world at that time...and we looked the other way.......

I am no fan of the present leader.. but seriously was there anyone who could have cleaned up the mess that the former Halliburton administration left behind...... Obama was elected because alot of people were looking for a magic wand to wipe eveythihg away.. do you really think that McCain/Pailn would have done any better...

The Cheney mess has turned this country into isolationist's. ..destroyed our economy and led to complete distrust in our elected leaders...... our country was founded on the concept of discussion & compromise...neither of which essentially exist today in government.... its our way or your socialist.. its our way or your a right winger..... the question now is can democracy survive.....


John St Pierre 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Gary Hofmeister: 'Live not by lies'

Gary your just amazing as you continue to blah blah blah about anything to do with the "black" president that you and your soul mates to continue to have fits about..... if you want to talk about lies then talk about your buddy, the king of liars, Cheney.... this worthless excuse for being a human who purposely lied and continued to lie his president and the people he was suppose to represent that led to the "murder" of 4500+ american sons and daughters..... That same lie has led to more death & destruction thruout the middle east as his vision of his great christian crusade blew up in his & Bush's face.

why don't you look at yourself in the mirror and ask the question on this bright sunny Sunday morning: "who am I to cast the first stone".......


John St Pierre 7 months ago on Our View: If they grow it, why not sell it?

I have been curious how Cities and the state, who collect the taxes on pot in cash (as these pot business's cannot bank accounts) have been allowed to deposit those funds at their banks.... as this is "drug money" and could be considered "money laundering" ??????

Just wondering how we are "selectively" enforcing the drug laws????


John St Pierre 7 months ago on Our View: It’s time to revive housing conversation

There was once another major newspaper in Colorado.... the Rocky Mtn News... on its front page was the motto... "tis a privilidge to live in Colorado"..... I think it say sit all....

Its not a right... its a decision made to reside..with that decision comes the responsibilty of how to..... ASpen and Vail were featured in the article about how they work on the affordable housing.... what they did not diclose was how they do it by shifting down valley.... here that would be Hayden.. or Oakcreek/Phippsburg and Yampa.....


John St Pierre 7 months, 1 week ago on Rob Douglas: A separate government from the city

Am I imagining things??? I thought the city manager was an EMPLOYEE of the city run by the ELECTED council memebers serving at their whim.... over the last several months one has to wonder who is running who???