John St Pierre


John St Pierre 4 months, 3 weeks ago on Brita Horn: Taxpayers must be treated equally

WHO IS PAYING for Brita's private Lawyer?????? I would think this would be a very serious issue with county already having an Attorney... that a Department could just go out and hire whoever they fell like...... not to mention the question of financial impropriety if she did not go out to bid for legal services......


John St Pierre 4 months, 3 weeks ago on Steamboat briefs: DUI saturation planned to be conducted in Steamboat

Who paid for the public relations firm???? Hopefully it was not us the taxpayers... Hopefully the Pilot will find out for the public. And As I have asked before why is a Taxpayer dept hiring an an outside attorney when the county already has one......


John St Pierre 5 months ago on Brita Horn: Taxpayers must be treated equally

And how much will this cost "us" the taxpayers in Brita's Lawyers fee's as she is using her own which I find confusing as to why she does not use the County's which we are already paying for>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


John St Pierre 7 months ago on Middle East expert talks 'ISIS crisis' and Orlando massacre

The greatest threat/ killer of mankind thru the ages has been religion..... which I am sure is what the Almighty did not remotely have in mind.....


John St Pierre 9 months, 3 weeks ago on Forest pot growers sentenced to federal prison

ALL this discussion is of interest.... but the question remains... growing pot on Buffalo pass in the middle of nowhere was not an accident by 2 illegal immigrants.... someone Local had to know the area and be involved to set this all up... wonder if more arrest are to follow????