John St Pierre


John St Pierre 1 week, 2 days ago on Stewards of air service program planning public outreach campaign

How about making sure that the flights you pay for show up or remotely leave on time!!!!

8/11 flight takeoff delayed for 45 minutes reason? Not a cloud in the sky but they had to bring a weather spotter from Steamboat to tell them it was OK to take off...

8/16 Flight cancelled from Denver to Here... reason??? NO FLIGHT CREW !!!!

would love if the Pilot would start posting or reporting all the flight issues monthly so one could see the real costs to the county in terms of manpower etc..... that we all pay for to subsidize a business that really has no interest in customer care....


John St Pierre 3 weeks ago on Man suspected of indecent exposure on Gondola

we always have pictures... where is his name...... his booking pic???? seems the Pilot gets awfully selective of whom.....


John St Pierre 3 weeks ago on Spoke Talk: Here come the pros

U.S. Highway 40 to Parshall, then jumping on County Road 3 and over one more pass by the name of Ute,

UMMM that's odd... last week when I drove that there is a 1-2 mile section that is not paved.. never was, never has been.... between Williams fork reservoir and Henderson mine....


John St Pierre 1 month ago on Affordable housing project in west Steamboat clears another big hurdle

KUDO"S to Jason for mentoring thru to success!!!!!!!

This project is going to help relieve some of the employee level housing crisis....

Once again GREAT JOB Jason !!!!!!!!!!


John St Pierre 1 month, 2 weeks ago on How should local developers respond to the widening gap between the availability of affordable housing in Steamboat Springs and the growing demand for it?

The real question is what is "affordable".... The pressure is on from builders to create buildable lots as there are none left... history shows its always under the guise of "affordable". A 400K+ home will not fix the underlying issues with the local workforce.


John St Pierre 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Floating fair

Actually you have an excellent point.... wonder if I can charge for using my water rights...... you can stop people from floating thru your property on the river as its private property,,,, ummmmm very very interesting concept.... upstream water is already owned in a way..... OK legal scholars out there... lets hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


John St Pierre 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Our View: How will we grow?

AH !!! but the real real question.......... What is affordable???? Are we talking rental or buying??? The pressure is on as local builders have no land to build on for the most part... so of course its all about "affordable"... in the areas this story talks about the lowest cost home at the moment is 350-400K...
Yes the city and county needs to open up the faucet... but once it does for whom will it benefit... does the local government implement rent or price controls to insure "affordability"??


John St Pierre 2 months ago on Post office lockouts in Steamboat follow national USPS protocol

By the way what's up with, for the most part, no mail on Monday in the boxes...... I have stuff that goes out in Thurs mail from Denver every week and it never fails that it gets to me on Tuesday even Wednesday here in the boat.