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John St Pierre 2 weeks, 6 days ago on Gregory H. Hermann: Treasurer deserves apology

The issue about coal is the conversion to natural gas thru all these pipelines being run everywhere... as in the one they just enlarged over the summer thru the back side of Hayden. I am waiting to hear the what & why for that little project they just completed... Natural gas is cheaper than coal.


John St Pierre 3 weeks, 5 days ago on Gregory H. Hermann: Treasurer deserves apology

With all respect Mr. Hermann..... Routt County has one government not Two, The fact that Brita was asked repeatedly by her superiors (commissioners) to report to them what the status was and what she was doing and her refusal to do so and not to forget the fact that she went outside of the County Government and hired an outside legal firm to work for her.. would in a normal business environment result in her termination.

The issue is not the fact that she did her job and got the $ due to the county but the totally unjustified manner (and possible illegal way ) in which she did it.


John St Pierre 1 month ago on County Treasurer Brita Horn: overdue Peabody taxes in the mail Nov. 11

AGAIN I ask.... WHO IS PAYING for her private attorneys... and was any of this her in HER DEPT. BUDGET??????? I would hope before the 2017 budget is adopted that this is looked at very carefully....... The County commissioners run the county... Horn's Dept. is part of the county.... why is she not answering to her superiors????

I guess another question at some point is how is it we have a Treasurer with the only accounting experience is balancing check books and paying bills for resort hotels..


John St Pierre 1 month ago on Routt County treasurer, Peabody reach agreement

" along with a public relations firm working on behalf of Routt County Treasurer Brita Horn"

Who is paying for this public relations Firm???? Taxpayer funds and if so HOW is that allowed???


John St Pierre 2 months ago on Treasurer Brita Horn meets coal company officials in Denver

I am confused: " she and her legal counsel" how is it she not using the County's attorney's?? Who is paying for her "private" counsel??


John St Pierre 3 months, 1 week ago on Patti Mosbey: Sand Wash survivors lift our hearts

Wife and I went to the Basin 2 weeks ago for the 1st time and were shocked ... it is without a doubt one of the most spectacular spots there is and we have been to few over the years.. to see the horses and especially their colts was awesome.... not to mention the wild remoteness and views!!!


John St Pierre 3 months, 1 week ago on Brita Horn: Taxpayers must be treated equally

WHO IS PAYING for Brita's private Lawyer?????? I would think this would be a very serious issue with county already having an Attorney... that a Department could just go out and hire whoever they fell like...... not to mention the question of financial impropriety if she did not go out to bid for legal services......