John St Pierre


John St Pierre 2 hours, 20 minutes ago on Joe Meglen: Lincoln’s birthday

George... kudos for your profile pic.... Gen. Olds was a quite the man of action and fortitude !!!!! It would be hysterical to hear what his reaction to this article would have been... :)


John St Pierre 3 weeks, 4 days ago on MusicFest in town for its 30th year

I noticed alot of Texas lic plates at one of our now legal local "green" shops today while having a taco.... should be interesting to see our police blotter this week...


John St Pierre 1 month, 1 week ago on Our View: There is no free bus

too bad the Pilot did not do all its homework...... Perhaps the Pilot should check into why the Transit system cannot charge for the bus rides.....
They might find out that there is an understanding... in fact it might even be in writing between the city and a certain monopply here in town, back when it all started, that it could not charge......

Also please be aware that the Summit Stage is in serious financial trouble so much so that it is exploring privatization.


John St Pierre 2 months ago on Steamboat Springs man suspected of possessing child pornography

NAME ?? MUGSHOT??? what is the threshold???

the Pilot showed a mug shot of the now deceased gentlemen last week,which in a defacto manner, cast dispersions in a not so subtle way.... and yet here we have someone actually arrested and charged and nothing.... WHY????


John St Pierre 2 months, 1 week ago on Monday Medical: Enrollment underway

Maybe the ski areas should be required to have patrons show proof of insurance before they ski..... that way we all do not have to pay for all the injuries..... I would bet that its probably pushing 75% or more of the under 30 somethings have no health insurance......


John St Pierre 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Our View: Course correction

When will there be repercussions for the excuse of an airline during the offseasons..... 3 x in 4 weeks... cancelled flights due to "mechanical issues".... Would be great if the Pilot could print weekly or monthly... the on time, no time and cancelled flights.....


John St Pierre 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Gary Hofmeister: History redux

Its too bad that those who are always calling for combat are never the ones who have to do the fighting.....

Maybe they should form an Amreican Christian foreign legion and go fight..... World war 2 was in all reality a continuation of WW 1.... which is you really do your homework.. is what created actully created the mess in the Middle East.. when A bunch of white guys in Europe sat down and drew some lines on a map.... and if you realy do your home work.... the US under then President Wilson was against it... the whole mess, in his wisdom he predicted we be back at.. and we were several years later.

Those who forget the past are bound to repeat it.....


John St Pierre 5 months ago on Blight designation in downtown Steamboat Springs may pave way for urban renewal projects

BLIGHT>>>??? tell me again what the price per sq ft is for a lot on Yampa... How much did the city just pay for that pc of land.... how much are the condo's going for???? What a total abuse. Enough to make this staunch Dem to vote libertarian!!!!! rich getting richer off the backs of city gov