ffv 8 years, 8 months ago on Wall trial to begin Monday


If you have no dog in this fight then why are you on this blog? Did you accidentally type in the Steamboatpilot website while eating a Chili-cheese dog and drinking an FO from the "V"?

The Constitution is just words on a piece of paper. For those words to work the people must believe in it but more importantly believe and trust those sworn to protect it and serve it. How can we believe a sheriff who refuses a simple test which can be validated by other testing (e. g. blood tests).

By the way your computer analogy is ignorant. You are alluding to a specific operating system - Windows and I'll bet you "breathalyzers" don't run on the Windows O/S.


ffv 9 years ago on Hot Springs rates on rise

My kids hate the new slide (so do I) and we know that this new "wally world" was built for the tourists. Now THEY don't get an increase? Plain wrong.


ffv 9 years ago on Affordable housing roundtable finding its way

"lessworkmoreskiing" - your alias says it all. Maybe if you worked more and skied less you wouldn't need cheaper lift tickets and affordable housing. That said, I am for affordable housing for those who deserve it and continue to work at making SB a great place to live.


ffv 9 years, 1 month ago on Steamboat woman, son killed in jet crash

Reflecting on this tragedy in a town that celebrates the athlete, little did we know that someone who truly helped change the world lived amongst us. Jeanette's company, Ascend, which she co-founded, developed a product that helped the Internet revolution to take off and be available to the masses. That said, her quiet unassuming nature, love for her children and willingness to help out showed her true brilliance.


ffv 9 years, 5 months ago on Marc Fraioli: 'Yes' for rec

I contacted the consultants to get their answer on how they came up with the costs. The way I read it there is a 30% multiplier to the "Steamboat Costs". Then on top of that there is another 10% contingency. Or another words 43% padding to Steamboat based costs (1.3x * 1.1 = 1.43x or 43%). I think the math is right but I'm sure someone will check it :). Here is their answer verbatim:

The probable estimate of cost for the recreation center is based upon Means Construction Data (a national construction cost database / tracking service) for Steamboat Springs and historic data of similar facilities that was increased by a factor of 1.3 (30%) to compensate for the current building boom in the local construction market and it's upward impact upon fees, labor, material costs. The 1.3 factor was derived by interviewing contractors and utility service providers in the Steamboat Springs construction market to gauge local construction market trends.

A review of the estimated probable cost:

Construction Cost (the cost to build the building) = $22,002,398

Site Cost (the cost to prepare the site, utilities, parking, landscape, etc.) = $3,104,465

Soft Costs (the cost of what it takes to equip the building) = $5,492,637

Contingency (approximately 10% - typical) = $3,400,000

Total = $34,000,000


ffv 9 years, 5 months ago on Van Fletcher: A strange matter

Great post Beagle! Couldn't agree more. Keep the discussion on topic as opposed to stooping to personal attacks.

There are a lot of people who are behind this effort. In fact, I recieved a mailer today which lists over 500 names of people who are in support of the rec center.


ffv 9 years, 5 months ago on Michael Turner: Concerning 2B, 2C

retiredinss- One of the reasons why these consultant were selected is because their projects have an excellent track record of coming in under their proposed estimates. In their 40 or so facilities only a couple were over budget. Of those they were within 5% of the budget estimates. So your 50% is way, way off. Also, the ballot issue is for $34M, so if the building cost is over then either it doesn't get built or other funds will need to be raised to cover the overrun. If we get to that point you and the town should have some input as to whether to move forward with the project.

As for the operational cost, the $500,000 is to cover projected operational budget shortfall it isn't the entire operational budget.


ffv 9 years, 6 months ago on Rec center committee begins campaign

The OTHS/Howelsen option ($37M with fewer features) was considered by the consultants and City Council. To me a combined facility (which Ski Town Rec is) and moving it away from Main Street helps with traffic.


ffv 9 years, 6 months ago on Rec center up to voters

$200 per year/$16 per month/$0.50 per day for full time basketball courts, gym, teen center, a clean pool, a place for little kids to play, etc. That doesn't seem so bad. Also, it looks like more than just a few want this...


ffv 9 years, 7 months ago on Council to debate ballot language

Great summary Just_10 -

A couple of other points, the consultants were asked to place a "steamboat factor" into costs by increasing bottom line by about 33%. This seems right; when the issue was placed before council last year (and they decided not to put it on ballot) the amount was for $18M that cost didn't include the "steamboat factor".

Also, consider that this facility is to be completed in 2010. Think of the growth of Steamboat in the next 3 -5 yrs. This facility is need now let alone then.