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babette dickson 1 month ago on Former Steamboat detective criticizes police department leadership

Congrats Dave for reflecting and opening up the can.... Long overdue. I suggest the city starts a clean up and listen and protect whistle blowers... They will follow Dave's steps. Eventually, The investigation and the PD record will speak for itself. Bring the Feds over too... Our town is the power trip playground for many cops and other officers.


babette dickson 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Robin Stone: Solving the bear problem

In 2011, I had a good Bear story of my own,

The actions to "solve" the issue, and save the bears, are customized to ones location. I lived near Hahn's Peak village for 5 years: Never had a problem with the bears because I had a big dog, and the trash was outside on the porch 12 month / year (no garage)!

Now, in town for 10 years - No dog, just a kitty surviving the foxes' appetite - the temptations are huge for the bears. Public education can help: Wash trash cans, rinse with bleach, and use David High strategy if you have to.

For a few days after my 2011 experience, I put outside some tack strips along the doors, windows... And I secure the doors every nights!

We need to outsmart the bears and / or use their weaknesses: noise, lights....

David High, you are so right.


babette dickson 4 months, 1 week ago on Ciao from Cortina: Living in a snow globe

Home sweet Home... Thank you for reviving some good memories..... un vin brulĂ©, un vin chaud in French Alps... You captured very well the vibes of Christmas in Europe...Skiing with a fur coat! Yes indeed...Lol. Make sure Karen gets a good look and taste at all of this! Joyeuses FĂȘtes!