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Pour Tabasco in a bowl or 2, place under table, long chair or close to you... Mosquitoes will leave you alone...not 100% guarantee but it really helps.


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G. K, it is worse than you think: Stupidity is at the root of all current problems. Stupid elected, nominated people are, were, could be at the helm. THAT is scary, not the idea of exonerating Rae's poor mental judgment capacities. We can't "understand" him, because there is nothing to understand. My grandmother was a leader in the French résistance... These guys are nothing compared to her courage and sacrifices, and living what camaraderie really is... Kristin Bantle is made of my grandmother's fabrics.


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I could share pages of stories, testimonies praising Kristin Bantle. If all the men and women preserving our peace and safety in the streets and the schools were like Mrs. Bantle, America would be a different country for the better.


babette dickson 1 week ago on Police chief tenders resignation

About the tatoo: Bottom line, these young soldiers are a bunch of ignorant, uneducated, stupid men.... Wooo I hope the next PD leader will have more than some jello in her / her brain!

"We believe that these young men likely did not understand the significance of this symbol, and we call on the Marine Corps to increase education on American history," said Falk, who served in Vietnam as a Marine captain. "This issue goes beyond one of racism or anti-Semitism. Our fellow Americans fought and died to stop the Nazis, and it is shameful for any member of the military to display the symbols of Nazi Germany."

The Corps has addressed the use of the SS logo before, however. A PowerPoint presentation posted on a Marine Corps website said it should not be used in any tattoos. The logo was used by German special police during World War II and is still used by neo-Nazis and graffiti to characterize anti-Semitism, white supremacy and fascism, according to the presentation. It also has been included in previous scout sniper training at Quantico, Catagnus said.