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babette dickson 4 months, 1 week ago on Prepare your palette for Steamboat's 11th annual downtown Chili Challenge heats up

English -Palet: A perpendicular band upon an escutcheon, one half the breadth of the pale.

-Palette: A thin board or tablet of wood, plastic, etc., often with a hole for the thumb at one end, on which an artist arranges and mixes paints the colors used by a particular artist or for a particular painting the range of colors available, as in a computer graphics application Read more at

French Palais= Partie supérieure de l'intérieur de la bouche. (Upper part inside a mouth / Anatomy) Traduction anglais : palate


babette dickson 9 months, 2 weeks ago on Bob Burks: Reconsider rates

Bob, same issue with us, teachers in the Boat. We never got any break on a pass...900 to 1000$ ... In reality, we "can't" ski from Monday to Friday because we are in a classroom with all the Steamboat Kids, including the precious cargos of resort employees.... But never mind, they must say to themselves! We educate them, prepare them for their dreams... but this is not important... So we ski week-ends / breaks only at a very high price. Ashame and not very ethical from a business point of view. Maybe the executives at Ski Corp need to read/learn my Business Ethics unit I teach in class... Anytime, by the way...


babette dickson 10 months, 3 weeks ago on Steamboat Mountain School students: Greece, Mongolia and Tanzania

I wish I could lead all my students skiing in Alaska, scuba diving in Tahiti, attending a culinary class in France.... Who will pay for (me and) my students? We don't have the financial means SMS wealthy families have in Steamboat. Look at the socio-economic fabric of that school vs public schools. Therefore, I do not appreciate the sarcastic portray.... stigma... "Let’s see...26 days exploring Greece, or sitting at a school desk?"

Thank you, Eugene, in advance for respecting the work accomplished in public schools... where the 99% of Steamboat kids strive.


babette dickson 1 year ago on Melanie Sturm: The Trump tower that Obama built

  1. Why do you want to own a gun?

  2. Author writes: "Think Again – Since elections are designed to punish failures and reward success..."

You THINK Again: Since elections are designed to LEARN from our mistakes and BUILT UP our strengths.

You vote what you want, and we are philosophically so different.