babette dickson

babette dickson 5 months, 4 weeks ago on David R. Moss: Military pay cap

All I know is that my VA benefits have increased every 01 January of the year ever since... And I am grateful.


babette dickson 5 months, 4 weeks ago on Penny Fletcher: On their way

Welcome to Neverland! Go Steamboat Ski Town USA! All our best to you Penny and the "boyz". ps: Geez I can't believe they were flying off the roof...


babette dickson 9 months ago on Steamboat Springs School Board members: Amendment facts

Did anyone ever estimate how much money some community members / organizations send to Africa, South America? I know many of them and, they graciously donate more than $150 per year.

Steamboat loves Uganda, Kenya, Haiti, Costa Rica... Thousands and thousands of dollars are wired overseas to build schools, churches, administrative salaries....

BUT, how about our own backyard full of children in need of an appropriate education: ell, sped, at-risk... at the cost of $150 per year!

Your vote for A66 is about our backyard. Let's take care of it first.


babette dickson 9 months ago on Steamboat Springs School Board members: Amendment facts

"Why 2/3 of our tax contribution should be sent to Denver schools" and others rural schools?

"--because that's the way a civilized society works. Sometimes you give more than you get; sometimes you get more than you give. Why should students in poorer counties get a worse education than ours just because of where they live?"

Aren't we a civilized district with civilized BOE members?

Teachers will know how to effectively use 1.5 million in their classes, no worries.

Vote Yes A66


babette dickson 9 months ago on Roger Good: Ready to accept new challenges

We have a serious problem with some candidates running for our BOE. During the last BOE meeting, we have heard supporters of M. Good, and others opposing A66, that if our district will have to cut a few millions, we, the teachers, should raise money to save programs. We find amazing that in the USA, the richest country in the world, some Americans expect teachers to sell cookies and cup cakes to save school programs. As it is said all over the world: "Only in America". Americans refuse to fund public education because the premise is "you deal with your own problems. If you need help: organize a spaghetti or cookie fund raiser". Whether it is access to education or health care, the American culture is summarized as follows: Deal with your problems and issues and, once you reach the bottom of the pit, we might help. So much for a country, or a state, or a county, or a city who supposedly cares about its youngest, most vulnerable population: Our students, and particularly sped, ell, gt and at risk.

A66 opponents should be ashamed of themselves. If A66 does not pass, I expect them to offer in 2 or 3 years the best financial tricks to save 30 teacher positions when the State of Colorado will not adequately be able to fund public education. Finally, to A66 opponents, please do not storm any future Monday night's BOE meetings to vent your frustration when SSSD will have to eliminate x positions and x programs your children love.

What about the children indeed? Nowadays the impact on one's wallet is more important than public ed. Good luck to all who currently have children in P-12. "Chacun sa merde" indeed! Vote for A66, it is the right decision for the kids.


babette dickson 1 year, 1 month ago on Grief counseling is part of hospice services in Routt and Moffat counties

Hospice is the most venerable organization I have known. I am relieved to read physicians support and rely more and more Hospice. In 1995, Hospice Hawaii saved my life and sanity after losing the love of my life to cancer. I would not be alive without Hospice and its staff. This week our community relied on the amazing compassionate Hospice staff and counselors to help many individuals coping with the loss of their friend, student, and the healing process can continue. Please support Hospice in any way you can. I can't say enough about the positive impact one may experience receiving Hospice care and support. Thank you Kathy, Vicky, the volunteers and the staff for "being there".