Jamie Morgan

Jamie Morgan 6 years, 5 months ago on Steamboat lays off 7 city employees

Brent: Is the last paragraph of the article accurate---does the City of Steamboat Springs really employ 270 FTE's? I assume an FTE computes to an employee working 2000 annual hours. 270 FTE's seems like a lot for my own myopic sense of the City of Steamboat Springs as an employer.


Jamie Morgan 6 years, 10 months ago on Base area opinions abound in Steamboat

I am really late to discussions of the base area improvements but I do have a couple questions. Who owns the land for the Burgess Creek improvements? Who previously buried Burgess Creek in the first place? The land appears to be Ski Corps from the county GIS mapping.

I guess the purpose of the improvement district is to develop tax income to allow improvements on private land for the benefit of all through increased summer tourism activity and sales tax generation?

Sorry....just didn't really pay attention to the plan during the original passage. I live in the county and didn't spend much time watching this one.


Jamie Morgan 6 years, 10 months ago on Brent Boyer: Addressing online civility

I feel hiding behind anonymity is a little cowardly. I read a lot of posts citing freedom of speech to justify anonymous posts to prevent retailiation, loss of employment, etc.

It is a little awkward to use such protections in justifying anonymity when the right of free speach originally came from the American Revolution and the subsequent Bill of Rights / Constitution. Our founding fathers were bold enough to pen their names to the Declaration of Independence that began the process of our country's establishment. The only retaliation they faced was death for an act of treason against Britain---seems a little more harsh than the concerns about community retalliation or loss of employment.

My opinion is that if you feel strongly about something, take the position to the public and be willing to stand up and be counted. Anonymity does not reflect well upon a public discussion---it is just too cowardly to hide behind the veil of a screen name. If you lose your job or your neighbors appear angry---so be it. Get on with your life and continue to pursue your opinions in a public discussion.

The beauty of our protections is that you will not face any firing squad for stating your opinions publicly--no matter how unpopular they may be within the community. Our country provides everyone the right to be wrong and unpopular yet to continue to live their lives as they see necessary.


Jamie Morgan 7 years, 7 months ago on Fortress reports $171M net loss

Did I read this incorrectly or did they actually make a 2Q profit of $66,000,000 without principals compensation? That is over $200,000,000 in principals compensation for the 2Q--what did I miss here?


Jamie Morgan 7 years, 7 months ago on Fortress reports $171 million net loss

2Q net income of $66MM w/o pricipals compensation and 2Q net loss of $171MM--looks like they are really earning their principals compensation of $237,000,000 during the 2Q. Did I read these numbers wrong--this seems way off.