George Danellis

Steamboat Springs, CO

George Danellis 1 year ago on State Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush pushing to keep Safe Routes to School grants alive

I appreciate the upsides to the Safe Routes to School Program.

Collaboration between School Districts, parents, and municipalities lead to opporutnites to keep cars off the roads, kids getting more activity, and the now proven cognitive benefits of this kind of pre school day activity.

It is this very type of collaboration which is at the heard of building greater well being in any community.


George Danellis 1 year, 2 months ago on Ryan Spaustat: A global crisis

Thanks Ryan.

All the peer-reviewed science points to what you are highlighting. We may not know what exactly the changes will be, or when they will happen, but it is almost wholly indisputable that the changes will be significant, even in a best case scenario.

It seems like common sense for our city and region to look closely and strategically at how these changes will impact life in this part of the world, and indeed beyond.


George Danellis 1 year, 4 months ago on Steamboat Springs City Council will not back Routt County Riders loan

Despite the qualities of those who have kindly volunteered to be on the trails committee, It is concerning that there are no women in the running. Orgs, boards etc are all proven to be more effective with women involved, if not acting in a leadership role.


George Danellis 1 year, 5 months ago on Our View: Back to the drawing board for education reform

Thanks for this take.

I am reminded of the mid 1990's when local voters overwhelming denied a $40M-ish school bond effort that would have built a new high school, and more. After the 'defeat' a group came together to more directly address the intentions behind the original initiative, and a lower cost and seemingly effective one was drawn up in its stead. This one passed.