George Danellis

Steamboat Springs, CO

George Danellis 1 year, 2 months ago on Rodger Steen: Climate change for real

Thanks for the helpful analysis Rodger.

As has been shown via actual data, most who hold strongly onto views that are not informed by facts are very unlikely to change their perspective as their world view would be undermined by doing so.

So while your explanation is not contestable, it is quite easy for it to be disparaged.

Now, the 'how' of addressing climate change as well as other existential threats is the challenge. Especially in a country where monied interests have outsized influence.


George Danellis 1 year, 4 months ago on Talking Green speakers weigh financial benefits of solar panels

Solutions that can turn waste into value will be the hot business opportunities in the coming years and can, as you intimate John, be an improvement over the negatives associated with especially PV panel manufacturing. An advantage solar thermal and solar electric have is the relative consistency of energy input.


George Danellis 1 year, 7 months ago on Mark Hartless: Co2 not dangerous

While CO2 is a very beneficial gas for plants, it is understood by an overwhelming percentage of scientists and rational people worldwide to be a major contributor to the greenhouse effect on this planet we call home.

This "opinion" by the author is totally ridiculous.


George Danellis 1 year, 10 months ago on Our view: New attractions, new revenue

Thank you for writing about this topic.

I agree that Howelsen HIll should be utilized in the best ways possible.

In addition to what you suggest, I would add that a more complete cost and benefit analysis be done. And within that an assessment of the natural carrying capacity of the area be actioned.

Over the past several years we have witnessed clear indications that the land has limits in how it is used.

When we look more carefully at how we value certain uses, and give greater consideration to what the area can 'handle', better decisions can be made about the future of this gem in the heart of our community.


George Danellis 2 years, 11 months ago on State Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush pushing to keep Safe Routes to School grants alive

I appreciate the upsides to the Safe Routes to School Program.

Collaboration between School Districts, parents, and municipalities lead to opporutnites to keep cars off the roads, kids getting more activity, and the now proven cognitive benefits of this kind of pre school day activity.

It is this very type of collaboration which is at the heard of building greater well being in any community.