factsfirst 8 years, 9 months ago on Lanning decision approaching

A mayor, instead of trying to satisfy 7 "bosses" would be trying to satisfy 10,000 "bosses" who all have different opinions. Rather than being focused on running the city, he/she would be focused on keeping his job, i.e. re-election. IMO, the council-manager system is still right for Steamboat.


factsfirst 8 years, 9 months ago on Lanning's future up in the air

"Cari, the lawyer, mother and long time local, doesn't seem to be maintaining the interests of her constiuents." - flotilla

I voted for most of the council that is in office today, including Councilwoman Hermacinski. As a constituent of this council, I believe they are doing EXACTLY what I voted them in office to do.

You choose to focus on one issue that the press chose to report on. This is a very narrow-minded thread if you ask me.

If you were reviewed by your employer and the review was not favorable for many reasons, and the outcome was a parting of ways, would your employer be entitled to share the contents of your review with all the other employees? I trust that there was a parting of ways for reasons beyond what the Council (employer) can disclose. I don't for one minute believe that enforcement or non-enforcement of a sign ordinance is the real issue here.


factsfirst 8 years, 9 months ago on Steamboat Planning Commission votes to expand urban boundary

The "vote" was/is called the West of Steamboat Springs Area Plan - a community wide effort involving all citizens of Routt County who CHOSE to participate. Citizens VOTED with their participation in the public process of creating and then revising the plan.


factsfirst 8 years, 9 months ago on Growth borders remain

The land "being conserved" in the proposal is already in a conservation easement. A Nordic Center can be built and operated under a special use permit within the county, much like the Haymaker Golf Club. The land being proposed for housing development is mostly in areas that have been deemed by the community as highly visible. The areas NOT visually sensitive are adjacent to the high-voltage electrical sub-station. Let's see - across the tracks, past the industrial zones and scrap yards, up near the power station - just where the poor folk oughtta go, right?


factsfirst 8 years, 9 months ago on Rob Douglas: Something's got to give

Might we also find ourselves, the Citizens of Steamboat, in the same category as those Citizen Groups that are "long addicted to public funds?" Are we long addicted to tourist's funds, hobbling along on sales tax revenue when we should be moving "toward self-reliance and private funding"? A property tax is inevitable and is the mature thing to do. The community cries out against Sales Tax generating groups such as Triple Crown and cries out against developments at the base area seeking to provide a foundation for a strong economic engine. We continue to slap the hand that feeds us yet expect it to keep feeding us. It's time we learn, just as Rob suggests the Community Groups should do, to be self-reliant.


factsfirst 8 years, 10 months ago on Fire death questions linger

Many residences in Steamboat, illegal OR LEGAL, likely do not have safety systems in place. Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Monitors are inexpensive and if you don't have them, this should be the wake-up call to install them. If you have them, be sure to check the batteries regularly. Old furnaces should be inspected for cracks & leaks at regular intervals. It is likely that many old windows have been painted shut. A child in a bedroom may not think that breaking the glass is an option if they need to escape quickly. Families should take this opportunity to discuss egress plans & escape methods with their children. It should not require active code enforcement from regulatory agencies for an owner or renter to take simple life safety measures that could ultimately save a life.


factsfirst 9 years ago on Rob Douglas: A Dear Jon letter

Dear Jon,

I hope you're not swayed by stupidity. Stand by your convictions - the ones the majority counted on when we voted you into office.