bill schurman

bill schurman 1 month, 1 week ago on 3 men arrested after armed robbery at Steamboat Springs gas station

Never commit more than one crime at a time. Speeding and no headlights down main street at midnight after a stupid robbery ain't too smart, but then nobody will give the accused three any awards for being scholars.


bill schurman 2 months ago on Brita Horn: Taxpayers must be treated equally

Britta, just got your email asking that I vote "NO" regarding the PILOT'S question of the week. Sorry to inform you that I have already voted "YES". Did your paid lawyers (at my expense?) suggest that you email people requesting support for your position ? My you are a political animal. I cannot wait for the next election.


bill schurman 2 months ago on Old Staples building likely to become urgent care facility

Watch your step in these places they tend to be very expensive. A trip to your local doc maybe a much better and less expensive choice.