bill schurman

bill schurman 1 week, 1 day ago on Attorneys wait for toxicology tests in 3-year-old's death

Let the records be open to the light of day and see just what is the p.c. to arrest and charge her with the two crimes that are presently charged.


bill schurman 2 weeks ago on Routt County Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner slated for Saturday

My guess is that all of you support Citizens United and the recent ruling by the Republican five. The five recognized that the Republicans need endless amounts of money and their ruling gives it to them.


bill schurman 2 weeks, 4 days ago on Steamboat Springs School Board denies expulsion appeal

Would the penalty be the same if a student possessed six small bottles of alcohol or more than one beer? I think not. Reefer Madness is alive and well.


bill schurman 3 weeks, 5 days ago on Our View: New river park tops the list

"True, Yampa Street is in desperate need of more sidewalks, but we can build those any time." My question is where does the money come from to "build those (sidewalks) at any time" ? Are you (the Editorial Board) cognizant of the City Manager's recent report to the city council ? It is obvious that she is concerned about funding for future infrastructure projects (including sidewalk construction) and impliedly is tossing the idea of property taxation as suggestion to help pay for the needed infrastructure construction. As this (property taxation) is surely related to the Yampa Street improvement , what is your (the Editorial Board) position on the larger issue of property taxation ? I await your response on this related issue.