bill schurman

bill schurman 5 days, 15 hours ago on Whistleblower under investigation for perjury by DA's Office

Well, well, well... the plot sure thickens. I'll put my faith in Matt Karzen. Could all of this have a bearing on why Kleiber left the police department and why he chooses not to discuss it ??


bill schurman 1 week, 5 days ago on Assistant district attorney leaves office

Very curious that Mr. Hg up and leaves with two first degree murder cases pending (and Thomas Johnson awaiting the remand for a new trial on Murder One) not to mention the pending charges against Mr. Doolin. Who is left to prosecute these cases while Mr. Barkey is up flying around with the CAP ? Mr. Barkley owes his constituency an explanation. Disorder in the house?


bill schurman 1 week, 5 days ago on Officer Kristin Bantle 'recommended for termination'

Hinsvark did not elaborate on who recommended Bantle be terminated. Why the hell not?? This seems to have the Commander's meddling all over it. Wiggins need to go.


bill schurman 2 weeks ago on Pamela Lane and Trafalgar Drive residents: Park dispute continues

I must disagree. This is ALL about Triple Crown and what it does to the sense of community that we try to maintain and the selling out of the community to the ever encroaching Triple Crown, and the community be damned.