David Walton

David Walton 4 years, 1 month ago on Omar M. Campbell: Letter to the governor

Funny how we have a right to bear arms as American citizens (for use in lawful ways) yet you have to get a background check to get one? What part of "right" is being confused? I don't see anything in the second amendment that says, right to bear arms for everyone....except those with DUIs or other criminal backgrounds. In 1934 they had their first crack at gun control and a tax of $200 for each gun sale was imposed. 1938 any gun dealers who sold a gun had to keep the name and address of the buyer. After president Kennedy's assassination, the government then decided in 1968 to include convicted felons, drug users, and mentally incompetent to the list of people not allowed to own guns.......stripping them of their rights, understandably but where is the line drawn? What crimes should make you ineligible? Violent crimes or mental illness only? Or failure to pay a traffic ticket? How far can they go? It's cliche but people kill people not guns.........I would fight to keep my rights, it's been done before.....the government is too large and controlling and frankly i am getting tired of regulations, restrictions, and taxes.......I thought we were still the Wild West........apparently the horses and cowboy hats are a facade and don't actually mean anything anymore and are merely a symbol or slogan, 100 years of steamboat and 100 years of conforming to government.


David Walton 4 years, 11 months ago on Steamboat Springs High School sports in funding crisis

I pray there is someone in the community that would step up and make a contribution, no matter the size, to help out the players of high school sports in the community. As a community we are all about skiing/snowboarding, biking, river sports etc......but the kids in our community will be missing out if we can't afford to put them on a bus to drive to play a game. It's TAX DEDUCTIBLE, make a donation!!!!!!!!!