Eric Morris

Eric Morris 2 weeks, 4 days ago on Steamboat Springs School Board denies expulsion appeal

Who would have guessed that government schools mixing with other government rules (regarding what supposedly free individuals put in their bodies) would lead to ... private attorneys getting all the benefits! I really like how the former government official that used to wear a silly robe gets the contract.


Eric Morris 2 weeks, 4 days ago on Routt County law enforcement trains for the worst

More evidence of the militarization of the police. Conditioning the people to believe only government goons in silly costumes with guns can be trusted.


Eric Morris 2 months, 2 weeks ago on David R. Moss: Military pay cap

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Eric Morris 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Joe Meglen: Protect citizen's rights

Sorry, Mr. Bird, but the constitution (whatever the parchment upon it was written is now worth), does not state that only the Supreme Court can determine constitutionality. That power was first used by the court itself in the case of Marbury v. Madidon.


Eric Morris 2 months, 2 weeks ago on 2nd annual STARS & Stripes Heroes Camp a chance for veterans to bond, recreate

I do not accept thanks for my "service." Whom did I serve? What did I serve? I should thank the taxpayers for helping to "service" my debts and avoid other ones through a generous and partially tax free paycheck and free schooling. Don't delude yourselves into thinking people join the military for patriotism and service. It is a job, and a destructive one at that. Never mind calling them all heroes.

Did you thank Nidal Hasan, Robert Bales, and Timothy McVeigh for their service? All those in the military who have committed sexual assault for their heroic service? The drone operator who murdered a 16 year old 'murican in Yemen for his service? The expertly-trained Ranger who killed someone who did make a financial sacrifice to "serve", Pat Tillman, for his service? What about Chelsea Manning? We thank her for selfless truth-telling service by torturing her at Quantico and locking her up in Leavenworth. I'm sure she is being thanked.

Read Iliana Mercer about the "terrorists" in Bhenghazi. Eric Margolis about the myths of the expansive Al Qaeda. Two alleged murderers in Boston as terrorists?

Read about the put down of the uprising in Korea in the 1980s that was allowed by the US military. "Force projection" into Africa doesn't sound like empire? Sure, I'd be speaking Japanese if not for marines still on Okinawa.


Eric Morris 2 months, 3 weeks ago on 2nd annual STARS & Stripes Heroes Camp a chance for veterans to bond, recreate

What does invading Afghanistan and Iraq do "for the rest of us"? What does droning American citizens in Yemen "do for the rest of us"? How do we ever "repay" someone for repelling in Japan 60 years after that war? I agree helping injured people, no matter how they were injured, is wonderful work. The US military is nothing more than an imperial force. It does nothing to defend our freedoms. It, and its collaborators the CIA, NSA, DHS, and TSA, do more to kill people and broach freedoms around the world than any other entity (ies). The terrorist threat is a sham. Before you get too bent out of shape, I was part of the imperial occupying forces recently in Kuwait, with a few days for good measure in Iraq.

The best thing we can do for the Troops (and future vets) is end these military adventures around the world, including occupying Japan, Germany, and Korea more than half a century on.


Eric Morris 3 months ago on Under the radar: A day at the National Weather Service office

I am fairly confident Thomas Paine was hoping the new government would establish a national weather service when he talked about "sunshine patriots" and overthrowing the existing government.


Eric Morris 1 year, 1 month ago on Colorado's US senators want Yampa Valley Regional Airport scanning machine replaced

Silly uniforms (Blue versus Brown)-Check Humiliating the disabled, young, or frail-Check Having a close working relationship with corporations (L-3 as the modern-day Krupp/Bayer)-Check Major Focus on a Semitic People (Ishmael rather Isaac this time)-Check Using the patina of law or democracy to usurp rights-Check Just following orders-Check People allowing it to happen (I only fly occasionally versus I am not a Jew/Gypsy/Homosexual) -Check It is better for the Volk-Check

Wake up. Now your supposed "representatives" in the Reichstag, er Capitol, are begging on your behalf for you to be humiliated.