Eric Morris

Eric Morris 8 hours, 26 minutes ago on Paul Bonnifield: Iran deal criticized

Dan, why fire it matter what Iran does? Why may military action be required if they don't follow the terms? Shouldn't US also bomb Israel because they have nukes? What about Pakistan? What about bombing the only country that has used them?


Eric Morris 8 hours, 34 minutes ago on Joe Meglen: Militia purpose of law

Dan, where in the constitution does it state you must be a scholar to understand it or interpret it? Does being a lawyer and having done well in Con law in law school qualify me as a scholar? Or having read numerous books and scholarly articles on founding and Constitution qualify me as one?

Where in the constitution does it state Congress has the ENUMERTED power to regulate weapons? The second amendment merely further clarifies that that power does not exist and that Feds furthermore cannot infringe on militia power (except when properly called into federal service or add to militia by providing more stuff to it, not taking away) which is a power of the people and the sovereign states.


Eric Morris 9 hours, 29 minutes ago on Safe at home: Wounded Marines step in as umpires at Triple Crown

How come my questions of the militaristic state of mind don't show up in the most recent comment tracker or number of comments made counter? If someone suggests unsettling questions and another hits "suggest removal" does the comment go into a semi-limbo status?


Eric Morris 10 hours, 46 minutes ago on Joe Meglen: Militia purpose of law

Two minor quibbles, Joe. The gun debate should end even before getting to the 2nd Amendment since it is not an enumerated power of the original Constitution. As you probably know, much of the Bill of Rights acts as the suspenders to original belt of the Constitution and was unnecessary. Second quibble: I'd far prefer that the Constitution never usurped the much better, more decentralized, and libertarian Articles of Confederation. What happened in Philly in 1787 was a bloodless coup.


Eric Morris 11 hours, 38 minutes ago on Unknown whether other police investigation reports will be released

Matt Stensland, you haven't been able to cultivate one source that is willing to leak a copy to you? So you print their press releases verbatim thinking that will help you get a real scoop at some point, yet they don't deliver? That'd make me mad as a professional reporter and make me get the info real quick.


Eric Morris 12 hours, 16 minutes ago on Paul Bonnifield: Iran deal criticized

The U.S. government has any prestige? It is just the world's bully, and thank goodness it is starting to get some comeuppance. The U.S. government and media care about Iran only because the real masters at AIPAC and in Tel Aviv tell the puppets that they should. You are much more likely to be killed by a cop (high speed chases or shooting, take your pick) here than ever having any Mad Persians bomb you for your freedom.

I agree with your analysis Paul, but you gave me a chance to get on my own soapbox!


Eric Morris 12 hours, 23 minutes ago on Man's bond set at $50,000 after high-speed chase

Boy, that war on drugs is really limiting the amount of drugs. Without the billions spent on it, this nut would have been consuming 12 or 13 grams daily rather than the measely 11.


Eric Morris 12 hours, 28 minutes ago on Safe at home: Wounded Marines step in as umpires at Triple Crown

Colette, he says he would jump on the next plane and go to war yet again if he could. Doesn't sound very peaceful to me. It sounds like this "service" really hurt this guy. Who was he serving? Did it help bring peace, freedom, and security to anyone, especially stateside so far from where he was "serving"? Definitely didn't improve Iraq.

The knee-jerk "thank you for your service" and indications killing other people and getting killed is God's work or peaceful really shows this country is modern-day Sparta. Very sad.