Eric Morris

Eric Morris 1 day, 22 hours ago on Marijuana legalization debated at Freedom Conference

Drug prohibition, or any rules regarding what people can individually choose what they willingly put into their own bodies, are anathema to freedom. An actual Freedom Conference would espouse that. From a practical perspective, if heroin were legalized, how many new people would actually try it?


Eric Morris 1 day, 22 hours ago on Rising Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson gets warm welcome in Steamboat Springs

His poll numbers will drop once the typical neocon Republican, exemplified by the Steamboat Institute, realizes he was against the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan invasions.


Eric Morris 2 days, 11 hours ago on Eric S. Morris: Let's not pass debt on

Peter, your pass the hat idea is great. I am much more willing to voluntarily contribute more to that than whatever I will be forced to pay through whatever tax-and-debt scheme ends up passing, as long as the Federales make it tax deductible!


Eric Morris 2 days, 17 hours ago on Eric S. Morris: Let's not pass debt on

Russell, speaking of powder and things grandfathers can teach outside a classroom. My engineer grandfather taught me to ski under the liftline because usually most consistent fall line (engineers want the best way up) and least used up snow since people don't like to be seen. I plan to show my kids I can still ski under Storm Peak Express and Sundown with a blindfold on a marginal day better than most can on an epic one.

I'm just against debt, both public and private. I'd love state and federal constitutions to add no government debt whatsoever amendments. Best way to limit spending to what people need and are willing to pay for. Closest we would come to Anarcho-Capitalism that I could expect in my lifetime.


Eric Morris 2 days, 18 hours ago on Eric S. Morris: Let's not pass debt on

Russell, I went to class in trailers in NC, which battled Mississippi for last in education and turned out well enough to be rich enough to own two mansions. Most studies I have seen show parents/guardians are most important factor in educational attainment (hence why biggest challenge for teachers is post summer break since students with engaged parents retain most they learned while on break while others struggle) and something tells me your grandchildren are blessed by an intelligent and engaged grandfather so will turn out great, trailers or not. Either way, at least they get to grow up in Steamboat.

And my homes are not mansions. We live in a far less desirable place (though decent enough, no complaints except lack of powder) in order to be able to hang onto our non luxurious (though paid for) condo in the place we intend to return.


Eric Morris 2 days, 19 hours ago on Seminars at Steamboat speaker: Despite problems, Iran nuke deal is still the best choice

Ken, one, since you are concerned about the Mad Persians taking out an American city, you made the right move from ATL to my hoped for Neutral Swiss mountain Canton of Routt. I think I am safe here in the northern burbs of Indy since any missles will just fly over (since this is flyover country) to more important places, unless they miss Chicago.

Two, how do you square believing the chants of Death to America and the religious edict that Iran is forbidden from developing nuclear weapons. Is one true and the other the lie?


Eric Morris 2 days, 20 hours ago on Jeff Peters: Republicans call shots

Pat, I agree with you and am surprised Tom is so optimistic. Maybe his enthusiasm will rub off, though.


Eric Morris 2 days, 20 hours ago on Eric S. Morris: Let's not pass debt on

Pat, my views are universal. One, I care more about Steamboat. Two, my county is so large I get much better responsiveness from the elected reps in Routt than Hamilton County, where resistance to the Republican-controlled debt-funded cronyism is futile--though I have made the calls.

My philosophical inclination is to send my own kids to Catholic school, but since our parish is one of the few without a school I will probably be lazy and cheap and send them to the neighborhood government school. Maybe my kids will help the teachers and students at least become aware of Austrian Economics and Anarcho-Capitalism, though I am not going to harangue my kids (knowing they would rebel and become Keynesian Statists) the way I do this forum!


Eric Morris 2 days, 22 hours ago on Jeff Peters: Republicans call shots

It's one party, the Republicrats. These races and supposed disagreements are meant to make people think they have a choice and some control. Rhys is right, the real string pullers sit in London controlling the puppets at the Eccles Building.