Eric Morris

Eric Morris 7 hours, 52 minutes ago on Paula Salky: A day to remember

While I pray for your brother, I also pray for my fellow Catholics in Iraq who can no longer pray safely as they wished before the unwarranted US invasion.


Eric Morris 7 hours, 59 minutes ago on U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner: Remembering sacrifice

And I know Jerry is thinking that if not for US involvement in Europe in WWII I'd be typing in German now: Yet the Germans couldn't even invade England itself across a 20-mile channel. How were they going to take over the Father, er, Homeland?


Eric Morris 11 hours, 23 minutes ago on Janet Sheridan: Reflections on Memorial Day

I'm glad the warrior ethos of the modern Roman Empire reigns supreme: bombing and invading countries thousand of miles from our shores, much less the mountain redoubt of Steamboat, is considered "serving our country". Besides no actual "wars" being constitutionally declared in recent memory. Peaceful intercourse works much better; I prefer getting rubber Nike shoes back from Vietnam, not rubber body bags.


Eric Morris 16 hours, 31 minutes ago on School employees upset over school board's vote on raises

Babette: The war, it's for the children, right? Maybe your war should be against spending on administrators, the ones actually getting most new school salary spending.


Eric Morris 2 days, 5 hours ago on Doug Monger: Trade deal crucial to economy

Better headline:

Doug Monger: Partisan Hack (Party being the DemoRepubs)

Free Trade would consist of one line: The citizens of X country can trade with the citizens of Y country without the interference of either citizens' government. Absent that, all these "free" trade agreements are just crony trade agreements benefiting those who lobby (i.e. buy the pols of the DemoRepub Party) the best. Doug, you'll be a great under secretary of rural affairs in dept of ag to Hillmonster.


Eric Morris 2 days, 10 hours ago on Steamboat Springs School Board struggling to work as a team

Thank you Ken. I would never ask a cop those questions: I'd either go to the DA, the school attorney, or some other school expert at state level. Inviting cops, who as you point out enforce laws (and hopefully only when called--though they spend lots of time seeking out "monsters"), is asking for them to be interpreter, and to make an issue where there may be none. I come back to my original point: Roger Good apparently reflexively looks at cops as his friend rather than the professional enforcer of laws. The professional aspect taking out any personal non-cop time friendship that should occur between humans.


Eric Morris 2 days, 12 hours ago on Steamboat Springs School Board struggling to work as a team

Well, Ken, please let us know if they said anything different than what David and I assumed. They have no business messing with a valid prescription, and they are not going to enforce an (immoral and unconstitutional) federal law on behalf of the Feds. If the Board called in the local DEA agents, I'd be more interested.


Eric Morris 2 days, 13 hours ago on Steamboat Springs School Board struggling to work as a team

We are promoting skepticism. My first reaction to this article was David's: great, get the cops involved. Was it a federal cop? No. So unless someone in the school system stupidly called the local cops because another school employee was administering the drug, the cops should not be involved before or after.

If the local cops are enforcing a federal law in conflict with a valid state law, that is another problem.