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Eric Morris 22 hours, 3 minutes ago on Meg Bentley: Letter was ‘un-American’

Scott, meant to be provocative but also based on fact. I'd argue tar and feathering was more "American" than the weird criticizing by Meg of the very American act of these "former" letter writers.


Eric Morris 23 hours, 58 minutes ago on Meg Bentley: Letter was ‘un-American’

I wonder if Meg considers tar-and-feathering to be something upon which America was founded or if that is un-American, or can something be both?


Eric Morris 1 day ago on The Record for Friday, March 27, 2015

12:01am-11:59pm: Officers were called to a report that their two bosses were defrauding the taxpayers by still collecting a paycheck.

5:00pm: Officers were called to a report of a man wearing military style clothes and holding military style weapons was scaring tourists by saying Steamboat was being invaded by Craig. The officers told the man he could no longer play Army since his magical badge allowing him to play Army had been taken away.


Eric Morris 1 day, 9 hours ago on Steamboat police chief, deputy chief put on paid administrative leave

I just hope when all is said and done Joel has a bigger office in a new building, Bob has more military playthings so vital and necessary to protect Steamboat from an invasion by Craig or Baggs, Heather gets a fat check for whitewashing and blaming the former employee who was perfectly gruntled while employed but once stepping away from the thin blue line developed a conscience and became disgruntled, and Deb gets her URA.


Eric Morris 1 day, 11 hours ago on Investigator's career was not free of controversy

The more I think about this person (lady seems a stretch) Coogan the more I am seeing the wisdom of Hayek saying that only the worst rise to the top in government. Funny how she was willing to talk to the press until Matt started asking real questions.


Eric Morris 2 days, 1 hour ago on Investigator's career was not free of controversy

Deb, I glady accept your kind offer to pay from your own pocket whatever it takes. "I'll pay whatever it takes." Only fair that the highest paid person who let it come to this would do so, but thanks anyway.


Eric Morris 2 days, 10 hours ago on Sam Jones: Facts about URA elusive

Scott W., you bring up an important point questioning Sam's assumptions about the reasons for the increase in property values. This is my chance to say it also probably has something to do with being induced by the Federal Reserve's money printing manipulation as well. Seque to second point: Scott B., that new boom has not brought values back to the last FED induced boom in some places, especially downtown Steamboat. Hence, why some developers want more government intervention to save them from the last one, including some developments mentioned in your post above. Next seque: hence, I still see many ads for Ski Town Lifestyle Properties on this website (which is also probably why paper is so much a proponent of this scheme). End the FED and much of this nonsense would be curtailed.


Eric Morris 2 days, 11 hours ago on Meg Bentley: Letter was ‘un-American’

Meg, sorry to burst your bubble, but the presumption of innocence and burdens of proof had nothing to do with the founding of the USA as those were long established in the English common law. That term does not arise in either the US or Colorado constitutions. The revolution was partly against excessively powerful and burdensome Redcoats acting as law enforcement. Police departments like we know them now really didn't get founded until 1830s, and sadly many are becoming excessively militarized like those same Redcoats. This is more an employment law case, civil not criminal, and most of these types of protections are in my opinion anathema to the constitutions, though complicated by fact the "accused" are government employees. Finally, which constitution are you invoking? Colorado or US? My reading of history and law is that both Articles of Confederation and bloodless coup leading to new constitution still would have deferred to Colorado constitution in this case.

In sum, police departments, militarized police, excessive protections of both state and private employees, having so many government workers (especially in this case having badges and guns) that this employment law dispute might effect the greater public, and more deference to US rather than Colorado constitution are all potentially more un-American or unconstitutional than the letter the other "formers" penned calling for a reasonable investigation. Since the public schools don't teach real federalism and my law school didn't really focus on the original Constitutions (state and federal), I figured I'd provide this public service, gratis.