Eric Morris

Eric Morris 11 hours, 44 minutes ago on City hires search firm to help recruit next police chief

Brian, you are spot on. I'd have much less reason to hate government if the real intent was to serve the public rather than masquerade as a money laundering service to the retinue of crony connected former "public servant" consultants.


Eric Morris 11 hours, 54 minutes ago on Councilwoman Macys won't run again in November

Walt, I see it. "The purpose of government is for those who run it to plunder those who do not." Thomas DiLorenzo

Sadly, Sonja was one of the rare exceptions to this general rule--though who are we kidding, Deb runs the joint, and despite repeated screwups, keeps collecting her $150,000.


Eric Morris 1 day ago on Steamboat's mountain urban renewal authority seeking redesign for difficult intersection

Peter, no one asks Deb. All quotes from her are when she deigns to tell her PR minions to produce a press release, which The Pilot dutifully prints.

It is funny that the second beach is when these jokers finally get religion. The cynic in me thinks some staffer wants to make sure those funds go to a different crony consultant, where that staffer hopes to revolve once the ink dries. As the late (commenter, his actual life is probably much more fulfilling!) George Krawzoff would say: get their "taste".


Eric Morris 2 days ago on Joe Meglen: Militia purpose of law

I guess Congress could lay a 3,000,000% tax on weapons to essentially outlaw them, but that is the taxing and spending clause and does not grant a general power as you contend. If it did, that could be the whole document. U.S. Government can do whatever it wants whenever it wants, which now that I write it, is the truth.


Eric Morris 2 days, 6 hours ago on Joe Meglen: Militia purpose of law

Dan, read the text here and tell me where it is "clear the legislative branch has clear authority to make law" regarding guns or weapons.

Chris, my real fallback position is that I did not sign any of these documents or laws so do not consent to be governed. My secondary fallback is that the Colorado constitution should control on guns/weapons anyway, and it only says that concealed carry is not a guaranteed right (but it also is not banned) but self-defense is.


Eric Morris 3 days, 10 hours ago on Paul Bonnifield: Iran deal criticized

Dan, why fire it matter what Iran does? Why may military action be required if they don't follow the terms? Shouldn't US also bomb Israel because they have nukes? What about Pakistan? What about bombing the only country that has used them?


Eric Morris 3 days, 10 hours ago on Joe Meglen: Militia purpose of law

Dan, where in the constitution does it state you must be a scholar to understand it or interpret it? Does being a lawyer and having done well in Con law in law school qualify me as a scholar? Or having read numerous books and scholarly articles on founding and Constitution qualify me as one?

Where in the constitution does it state Congress has the ENUMERTED power to regulate weapons? The second amendment merely further clarifies that that power does not exist and that Feds furthermore cannot infringe on militia power (except when properly called into federal service or add to militia by providing more stuff to it, not taking away) which is a power of the people and the sovereign states.


Eric Morris 3 days, 11 hours ago on Safe at home: Wounded Marines step in as umpires at Triple Crown

How come my questions of the militaristic state of mind don't show up in the most recent comment tracker or number of comments made counter? If someone suggests unsettling questions and another hits "suggest removal" does the comment go into a semi-limbo status?