Eric Morris

Eric Morris 6 hours, 7 minutes ago on Operation Round Up transitioning to "opt out" program

I just left a message with Ms Strickland letting her know I am opposed to this change, especially as a landlord when I don't know I am getting a bill until it arrives sometimes if my tenant has flaked out on me. Of course, in non Janet Yellen bubble boom times like this, that has happened.

Regarding Safeway and this kind of program: the corporation gets the charitable tax write-off and not the customer--though with a non profit like YVEA no one gets the write off! Good for the state and Feds, I guess.


Eric Morris 1 week, 6 days ago on City of Steamboat, Routt County explore funding law enforcement building with sales tax

Mark S. and other trolls, I'd suggest answering David's excellent questions before taking one additional step. Sun Tzu said know your enemies: Who is the enemy lurking in Steamboat? David's questions and Sun Tzu may show there is not much "need" for police at all in an affluent and relatively remote place. What is the difference in actual crime in Oak Creek when they had part-time police and now when they have a lot more? Not made-up for-profit crimes, but actual injury to others and their property.


Eric Morris 2 weeks, 2 days ago on City Council to consider downtown blight designation on Tuesday

Hopefully this new bunch doesn't sell their souls to the Devil for 30 pieces of "free" silver. But I guess money does grow on tress; Ben Bernanke told me himself in his very humbly titled book "Courage to Act (by conjuring digital dollars out of thin air)".


Eric Morris 2 weeks, 2 days ago on Jim Webster: Resistance to change

And France has very progressive climate control, immigration and gun control laws. A veritable paradise.