erich ferguson

erich ferguson 1 day, 20 hours ago on Jail Report for July 19 to 25, 2014

But i don't have a bike.. i could be the timekeeper for the rishi invitational slalom..anyone..?...anyone..?


erich ferguson 1 day, 23 hours ago on Jail Report for July 19 to 25, 2014

i know its none of my buisness but.. it might be time for some of "bike town usa" to circle the wagons round Rishi... everyone needs a little love.


erich ferguson 1 week, 2 days ago on Xanadu tenants told to move out of aging Steamboat condos

I'm sure the people living in xanadu won't have any red tape to trip over ..seems pretty transparent ...PLEASE !! having to wait ten days for their deposit is an insult...just sleep in your car ( outside of town) and sweat it out (literally )...then maybe you'll have enough $ to move into a place.. I always keep an " extra" couple grand on hand in case of an unforseen move.. (Insert sarcastic sneer)


erich ferguson 1 week, 2 days ago on Tom Ross: Remember when it was legal to drive 60 mph up Eagleridge Drive?

Definitely a good time unless you were trying to get to work in ski time square..but cool to watch some cars and bikes flying around mt werner circle


erich ferguson 2 weeks, 1 day ago on A mélange of forms take over the 40th annual Art in the Park

Personally I think its time to move art in the park to another location ... Isnt there somewhere they can do this without blocking traffic on a busy friday afternoon on a fairly major highway.. 45 minutes from 129 to walton creek road can sure feel like a long time.


erich ferguson 2 weeks, 3 days ago on Routt County home has New Egland feel, look

The house must feel haunted with all those " wood plank floors with hand drawn nails". squeaky, squeaky ......and all the moans from the ghosts he probably stole the$ from. I think I'm gonna puke... hope this scumbag who had it all makes some good new friends in prison.. but will he buy himself a way out??