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Don Thayer 2 days, 11 hours ago on Patrick Curran: Call for more balance

Seriously? WW 1 - Wilson. WW 2 - FDR. Korea - Truman. Vietnam - Johnson. 50000 + American dead in each. Korea and Vietnam (fairly modern wars), we weren't even allowed to go in and win. We sat there as targets, watching our own casualties mount. Reagan - Grenada(Really?). Bush 1 - Iraq (in and out quickly - VERY low casualties, 100 +). Bush 2 - Iraq (again, low casualties, 4000 - 5000)


Don Thayer 10 months, 2 weeks ago on Robert Stevenson: Creating better future

More CO2 means more plant life - that's science. Today, CO2 levels are near the lowest levels in Earth's history. CO2 levels today are basically where they should be compared to the last 400000 years. There's a good Wikipedia article showing charts, and lots of links:

To quote the science:

"Carbon dioxide concentrations dropped from 7,000 parts per million during the Cambrian period about 500 million years ago to as low as 180 parts per million during the Quaternary glaciation of the last two million years". - "7000 ppm" - long before mankind showed up.

"At current atmospheric pressures photosynthesis shuts down when atmospheric CO2 concentrations fall below 150 ppm and 200 ppm"

"Carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere is essential to life and to the present planetary biosphere."

Other good scientific articles:

The science is out there, and, NO, not all climate scientists believe either all CO2 or all climate change is man-caused.


Don Thayer 1 year, 6 months ago on Mark Hartless: Co2 not dangerous

"CO2 increases plant life" is ridiculous? Check your science. The U S IS greener today than in the past, check the science.


Don Thayer 1 year, 6 months ago on Kevin Copeland: Response to earlier letter

So... is it true that the Earth is tilting more towards the Sun every year, has been for about 11000 years(since the end of the last Ice Age), and will continue to do so for another 1000 or so years? What happens to the Earth when it receives more direct sunlight this year than last year - and does so for about 12000 years before beginning to tilt away from the Sun again? Does it reliably become a little warmer every year for that 12000 year period? Can we reliably predict that, overall, the Earth will continue to become warmer every year - on average - for the next 1000 years, all else being equal?


Don Thayer 1 year, 6 months ago on Steamboat Springs city manager to leave Sept. 1

Regarding the severance package, NO, the city manager doesn't deserve 6 months severance pay when earning - apparently - $167000/year. Especially to "help her make it to retirement". Are you kidding? To quote: "Reisman suggested Hinsvark would be able to quickly find another job". Yet she still needs an additional $84000 to help her get by?

$10/hr employees "deserve" a severance package, since at that wage, especially in Steamboat Springs, there's no money left over to even open a savings account, much less to apply towards a retirement account.

This is criminal.


Don Thayer 1 year, 6 months ago on City attorney disagrees with claims council violated open meetings law

I'm going to assume that the statement of the "particular matter to be discussed in as much detail as possible without undermining the purpose for which the executive session is authorized" is accurate and verbatim. If so, Tony Lettunich is lying, should be arrested and charged criminally, and should be disbarred. Naming the person involved does not undermine the purpose of the meeting - it doesn't prevent the city council from either firing or retaining that person. The same applies to stating the purpose of the meeting - it doesn't prevent city council from either hiring or retaining the person.

This is not a complex issue. No one has mentioned a legal provision for secret "personnel issues". If it exists under Colorado law, say so. Otherwise, obey the law and hold open meetings. City council is not discussing the private medical records of these employees, or their private lives after working hours, they are discussing their actions during their 8 hours of public duty to the people. This is NOT a "personnel issue" that can be discussed in secret. When these people choose to accept public employment, there is no private life for 8 hours of the work day.

And, NO, the city manager doesn't deserve 6 months severance pay when earning - apparently - $166000/year.