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Dan Shores 6 days, 15 hours ago on Jennifer Schubert-Akin: In uncertain times, look to America’s principles

You're right Scott, like saving coal when natural gas is the real threat to the industry. And wait till the rust belt states realize those thousands of middle class manufacturing jobs won't be coming back either and if that wasn't enough, no more health insurance. And cities like Chicago and Baltimore that don't see any promised improvement in their lives. Should be interesting.


Dan Shores 6 days, 18 hours ago on Jennifer Schubert-Akin: In uncertain times, look to America’s principles

Yeah Dan K., brilliant. You like John's definition if bigot don't you. Funny how none of you will answer this question. Do you think the KKK has a valid argument? Do Ya? How about ISIS, they have a valid point of view that you should consider? Well if you don't, then by John's deffiniton you are a bigot. Just brilliant, what an intellect.

And I wouldn't exactly call it cognitive dissonance that is on full display here by the idiocracy. I'd called it manifest bias and the compete inability to see or accept reality.

You've been conned (persuaded by the use of deception), you've been had, punk'd by the master, but you're so enamored of your savior that you willingly to overlook his obvious racism, misogyny, xenophobia and nativism. Crony capitalism that you all whined incessantly about is now on full display. Great job.

We'll just have to wait and see how all this plays out. When things go horribly wrong I'm sure you'll deny it and make up stories about how it was someone else's fault. No doubt.


Dan Shores 6 days, 21 hours ago on Jennifer Schubert-Akin: In uncertain times, look to America’s principles

"I would love it if more women would participate in this forum." Hahahaha. What a myopic statement.

It would be great if a lot more people, not just women, participated in this forum. But why should they? You really think a lot of people want to be subjected to the kind of disrespectful treatment shown to Mary by the same handful of right wing extremist who freely roam the comment section, traveling from topic to topic, to spew the same nonsensical dribble, make the same false arguments and equivalencies, over and over. Please.

Thank you Mary for your courage to speak up and share a woman's perspective. Thank you.

The false equivalency to JFK or Bill Clinton, the assertion that democrats are the racists, all of the same nonsense spewed by the idiocracy over and over like a bad remake of Groundhog Day. JFK and Bill Clinton certainly had extra marital affairs, but they didn't brag about sexually assaulting women and grabbing them by the pussy and bragging that if you're a star you can do anything. Extra marital affairs and sexual assault are in no way equal. False equivalency boyz.

Or that democrats are the racists when Trump voters share the same preference for president as the KKK. When Trump received the lowest minority vote total in decades. When republicans have repeatedly tried to suppress the minority vote by limiting polling hours, options and ID requirements with the fake claim of voter fraud when there is absolutely zero evidence of any voter fraud that could in any way influence the outcome of an election. And guess what, the courts have agreed that these attempts by republicans to suppress the vote are racially motivated.

So you wonder why more people don't participate? The treatment Mary received for expressing her thoughtful views from a woman's perspective should be pain enough to see.


Dan Shores 1 week, 1 day ago on Jim and Nancy Spillane: We will not close our eyes

Dan K., hate and lies? What lies have I told? What hate? What you are attempting is called "gas lighting", it's obvious and it doesn't work.

Ken, so are you saying that the democratic party is the same as it was before the civil rights act and do you deny that the southern dixiecrats fled to the republican party in the sixties. What was Nixon's southern strategy about? Why did LBJ say we just lost the south after the passage of the civil rights act? Why do groups like the KKK and Neo-Nazis support Trump and not Clinton.? What's your explanation? What about John's bigot argument? You folks have tried this nonsense before. Do think the KKK and Neo-Nazis have a valid argument? If not, why doesn't that make you a bigot?


Dan Shores 1 week, 1 day ago on Jim and Nancy Spillane: We will not close our eyes

Ken, why do you continue with this ridiculous argument? I can't figure it out. It's at the same level as John's inane "bigot" argument. I've said this before and I'll say it again, either you are ignorant of political history, or you are deliberately lying and attempting to deceive. It's one or the other. You know perfectly well that these democrats that you speak of were democrats before the civil right act that caused them to flee to the open arms of republican party where they reside today.

Why do you continue to deny this historical fact? What do you think Nixon's southern strategy was about? Why do you think LBJ said we just lost the south after the passage of the civil rights act? Why do you think Neo-Nazis and the KKK just held a celebration on Washington D.C. to commemorate Trumps victory and not to mourn Clinton's loss? Why do you think the KKK does not back the democratic party today, but instead backs the republican party? Do you think you can fool everyone? This is the problem and the reason we can't communicate. You simply ignore every fact that you don't want to hear and continue to lie to and try to pass your lies off as truth. Then you accuse me of drama, name-calling and misrepresentation? What? What name calling? Do you deny that many of Trump's supporters and republicans are racists and bigots in the face of the afore mentioned rallies in D.C. and the waving of the stars and bars at Trump rallies? Makes no sense.


Dan Shores 1 week, 1 day ago on Ken Collins: Opportunity lost

Ken I already told you how Trump won. Most Americans didn't vote for Trump. The gap is now approaching two million! The citizens of the State of Colorado, my home, didn't vote for Trump. I'm proud of that and I'm proud to live in Colorado!


Dan Shores 1 week, 1 day ago on Jim and Nancy Spillane: We will not close our eyes

Agree completely with Ms. Gabbard. I didn't like Clinton's suggestion of a no-fly zone either and thought it would be a disaster. Still waiting for the implementation of Trumps secret plan to defeat ISIS. I say give Trump chance, see what he can accomplish, show him the same respect he showed president Obama.

Well John, I didn't disappear. I guess it hasn't occurred to you that people might have other things to do besides respond to your ridiculously inane posts. It's a complete waste of time attempting to communicate, but here goes anyway. See if you can answer this question. Do you believe that the ALT-Right movement has a valid argument to make? Do you believe that Nazi's have a valid argument? Do you believe that the KKK hatred for blacks and jews could be justified and they could have a valid argument? If you don't, then by your own deffiniton you would be a bigot. How silly. Sorry, but the term does not apply to fierce opposition to political ideology. You missed the part about strongly and "unfairly" dislikes other people. It's fair and the right thing to do to strongly dislike the KKK. I've heard what racists have to say, I've listened to the chants and seen the signs and the stars and bars waved by supporters at Trump rallies. What would you call someone who thinks the KKK has a valid point? How about a racist. You also missed the part about, especially hatred for racial, ethnic or religious groups, and I would add a protected class such as the LBGT community. Dan K. is offend by the suggestion that the GOP and Trump supporters contain members who are racists and bigots. So how does he explain the KKK and Neo-Nazi celebrations in Washington D.C. in honor of the Trump victory? What is your theory as to why these groups support Trump? Curious.

So you asked if I would condemn paid protestors who incite violence at Trump rallies. Of course I do. The question is, do you condemn Trump for inciting violence at his rallies, for asking supporters to punch 'em in the face and offering to pay their legal bills. Well do ya? If you strongly disagree with those inciting violence and refuse to consider their point of view that resorting to violence is the right thing to do, wouldn't that make you a bigot?