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Dan Shores 9 hours, 8 minutes ago on Stand for America

Have to agree Peter. I can't imagine what the thought process was when deciding to print such nonsense. Terrorists are crossing our southern border and setting up training camps? Can't get over the irony of the title, this kind of misinformation and hateful rhetoric is anything but standing for America. Should be "Lying to Divide America".


Dan Shores 2 days, 3 hours ago on Donald Trump Jr. revs crowd in Grand Junction Thursday night

I especially like the woman's comment that said a man as successful as Trump must possess a great amount of compassion. Still haven't stopped laughing! Trump's going to bring back coal jobs? How's that gonna happen? Is he going to convince power plants not to convert to cheaper cleaner natural gas. And why would someone be excited to meet Trump Jr.? What's he got to do with anything?


Dan Shores 2 days, 3 hours ago on Debate on Amendment 69 healthcare proposal continues

Jim, since you mentioned accountant, consider this example. You stated that you are paying $24K in insurance premiums with a $10K deductible. Suppose you had medical bills one year that added up to your deductible of $10K. That would mean that you spent $34k on medical bills and insurance premiums. Let's say you have a taxable income of $100K. Under amendment 69 you would pay $10K, no co-pays no deductibles. So you would have saved $24K, tidy sum if you ask me! Don't see how that would cause you to fold up your business.

Scott, I understand what you are saying, but in my opinion all your technical questions have been answered, at least to my satisfaction, by Dr. Iversen, Mr.Hebert, (AKA the PhD's) and Ms. Spillane. It seems that the main thrust of your argument is a lack of confidence that this quasi government program can be trusted to perform as promised. You site government programs such as the VA as a reason why ColoradoCare cannot be successful. I don't think it is valid to assume that because some programs haven't worked to everyones satisfaction, that no program can work as promised. We are going to move to a single payer system at some point and I believe that ColoradoCare would be a great way to start.

Lastly Ken M.......Oh please....spare me....that's the best you can do. The Clinton Foundation, (a charitable organization) takes donations from the Saudi's (among others) and uses the money to buy aids medicine and help poor people worldwide and that's somehow a bad thing and disqualifies her from being our president. Need I remind you that the Trump Foundation is under investigation for using foundation money to pay Trumps personal legal bills and buy a painting of himself, for his personal use, all of which happens to be illegal and this is just the tip of the iceberg! To say nothing of being ordered to stand trial on fraud charges relating to Trump University and being investigated for bribing the Florida AG. Sanctimonious liberal hypocrites, really! You cannot be serious.


Dan Shores 3 days, 8 hours ago on Debate on Amendment 69 healthcare proposal continues

Scott, Jim's comment reinforces my opinion about fear of the word "tax". He states that he pays $2k a month in premiums or, $24K per year. So unless he is making $240K per year in taxable income, or more, he would realize a savings and have no deductibles or co-pays, but he is focused on the word "tax" that he says would put him out of business. His other points are valid concerns and a general mistrust of government is common.

I predict that amendment 69 will not pass, partly because of the word "tax", so you all needn't worry. But I am proud that Colorado has taken the first step and is leading the way toward a single payer system. The ACA was a start and did away with the notion that people could be excluded due to a pre-existing condition, but it can never reach it's full potential because it merely entrenched the for profit model. Colorado led the way with pot and is now leading the way in health care and I'm proud to call Colorado my home.

By the way.....Trump is going to lose Routt County and the state of Colorado and the general election by a substantial margin. Sorry Ken and Dan K., you're not gonna get your wish.


Dan Shores 4 days, 1 hour ago on Debate on Amendment 69 healthcare proposal continues

Scott I am not ignoring all the experts. I am also not suggesting that all experts agree that 69 will work as promised. What I am saying is that after hearing the evidence from both sides, get that, both sides, I personally choose to support the side that favors amendment 69.

What is sad Dan K. is your continued attempt to mislead and misrepresent my position. Of course all Trump supporters are not racists and bigots. That's nonsense and that's not what I or Mrs. Clinton ever said or implied, so once again your assumption is demeaning and insulting. I also did not say that only PhD's opinions have merit. Just another of your ridiculous and insulting mischaracterizations. The only reason I even mentioned PhD's is because I agree with Mr. Hebert, a PhD in Public Health and Dr. Iversen, a PhD, as well as Ms. Spillane and others who have commented who are not PhD's and this has absolutely nothing to do with disparaging those who disagree. Where do you even come up with this nonsense? And what in the world gives you the authority to tell me what is or is not OK to say..... Geez.

So here is what I do say, just so you can be clear. Mrs. Clinton said, and I agree with her completely, that many Trump supporters are racists, bigots, homophobes, misogynists, you name it. That is a fact. If you don't believe it just listen to the comments from supporters at any Trump rally. She said half, which was a mistake, I actually think the percentage is higher. Obviously not all Trump supporters are in the basket, but many, if not most, clearly are and that is deplorable. So if you self identify as a member of one of these groups, then I guess you would be offended by Mrs. Clinton's comments. If you do not identify as a member of one of these groups, then her comments were not directed at you, so why would you be offended? What ALL Trump supporters are though, are people who are willing to accept a racist, bigoted, narcissist, misogynist homophobe con man, a complete fraud and who is wholly incompetent, as president of the United States of America. Every single one! That's what I'm sayin Dan K.


Dan Shores 4 days, 9 hours ago on Debate on Amendment 69 healthcare proposal continues

You're right Dan K., listening to the advice of experts is a very liberal trait. No one said "deplorable" had anything to do with one's level of intelligence but rather one's level of racism and bigotry. Another attempt to insult, mischaracterize and mislead. How Trumpy of you.


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I agree Scott, but what do you think the chances are of fixing the ACA with the current mix in congress. We'll just have to see what happens in November and if at least one house of congress changes hands.

I think both sides made valid points, but after hearing all the evidence I'm inclined to go with the phd's and support 69, even though the chance of it's passing is very, very slim in my view. It's the word "tax" that freaks people out. But a strong vote will send a message to the legislature that there is awareness and great concern about our health care problem and something must be done.


Dan Shores 1 week ago on Paul Hebert: Financial boon possible with Amendment 69

Hey George...... Scott W. answered your question so I suppose I could copy and paste his answer, but I'm not going to, so before you call me a petulant child, you're going to have to settle for his answer. Scott also responded to Carl's allegation that the ACA has failed. It has not failed. The number of uninsured Americans is at an all time low and the rate of cost increase is lower than it was before the ACA. Is it perfect? No, but it is completely unrealistic to expect a complex, groundbreaking piece of legislation to run flawlessly without any tweaking or adjustment. If GOP legislators would cooperate and work to make the ACA better instead of spending all of their efforts trying to kill it, we would all benefit. Again, I would be more than happy to travel to Denver for medical care if I could pay Denver insurance premiums. I go to Denver for most medical care anyway. If I paid Denver premiums I would consider the ACA a huge success especially since before the ACA I was effectively excluded from the insurance market and went without medical insurance for close to twenty years.

One thing that we do know for absolute positive sure, the one thing that has consistently failed is the "for profit" health care model. That we know for sure! It's so easy to simply forget the reason that the ACA was even considered in the first place is because medical costs and medical insurance costs were rising at an unsustainable rate and creating a drain on our economy due to the increasing share of income going to pay medical bills and insurance premiums. To say nothing of the fact that more and more people were being excluded from the market place due to a pre-existing condition and more and more people were facing personal bankruptcy just because they got sick!

Something has to be done about our health care system. Amendment 69 may or may not be the answer, but some form of single payer universal medicare for all type system is the only possible solution.


Dan Shores 1 week, 1 day ago on Paul Hebert: Financial boon possible with Amendment 69

Ken....the ACA has not failed. More Americans are now covered than ever before. We here in Northwest Colorado have ridiculously high premiums, but that is due to a flaw the can be corrected if legislators would work to make the ACA better instead of trying to destroy it. If we were in Denver for instance, premiums are much lower, by as much as half in my case. Yes there are problems with the ACA and it needs to be adjusted, but to say it has failed is simply untrue, or Trumpy. The ACA is also an example of just how difficult it is to control costs when a "for profit" medical care system is in place. It's the "for profit" component that is the problem and that's why the only real long term solution is a universal single payer health care system. It is long overdue!