jeannie berger

jeannie berger 5 years, 10 months ago on The Record for June 24

4:21 p m ....another hit and run for her. What is it going to take to get this woman off of the road? She hit a woman last week in the same parking lot, someone is not paying attention.


jeannie berger 6 years, 2 months ago on Walgreens project approved by city council

I have never been in a Walgreens store so I don't know what I am missing. Can someone tell me what they have that is not available elsewhere in town. If you tell me it is 24 hour shopping I would like to remind you that when the City Market opened at the mountain they too were a 24 hour store. I feel like it is making a strip mall out of the US 40 corridor and making us into anytown USA.
Ladies at Lyons Drug, I will continue to shop your store and hope that you don't go the way of Boggs Hardware.


jeannie berger 6 years, 2 months ago on William S. Schurman: GOP shows no compassion in breakfast fund for poor children

It is my understanding that the money is already in the state budget and is allocated to the reduced price meals for the kids that qualify. The issue was in releasing the money so that the program would not run out of funding before the end of the school year. The republicans decided to hold up the release of the money until they had a better understanding of what it paid for. Good idea? Bad idea? Until all of the facts are known it is hard to make that judgment.