doubleottseven 5 years, 4 months ago on Ride through Steamboat a nostalgic 1 for some

First of all the police only had to go to Mike's house to arrest or ticket him after he got his horse safely home. God knows there were plenty of witnessess. In the old days the police would have escorted the drunk merrymaker home. There was no reason for tasering anyone. Second of all, Mike and his crew should not have "gone off the deep end" of inserting their horses into businesses like the grocery store. Back in the old days there was plenty of shenanigans but mostly revolving around bars. Unfortunately its not the old days and its not the old Steamboat or Steamboat residents, police, patrons, managers, onlookers, etc. for that matter. One good thing about this is that it brought a good laugh, Mike never looked better and it lightened up the mood of all the other rhetoric.


doubleottseven 5 years, 7 months ago on Lyman Orton: Brutal chip-and-seal

Lyman, Your letter is beyond ridiculous. I agree with most of the comments here...take your elitist person and all your elitist ideas and move to Boulder or maybe back to Vermont (if that is where you are from).

"one can just hear the visitors exclaiming, "Whoa no one told us about this....". Incredible statement! Oh, maybe Steamboat Springs should call everyone that is getting ready to move to the area and let them know which areas are the most desirable and have the best streets, best landscaping, etc, etc. That statement of yours just proves that you too expect people to let you know what you yourself should be researching and checking out.

And don't even get me started on the Road & Bridge Department, "Road & Bridge formulated a quiet plan". Give me a break. Chip seal has been a part of Road & Bridge maintenance program for over 16 years and now you say they are quietly adding chip seal. Oh, that is right you are living on your smooth, dirt free, pot hole free street and don't get out there where the chip seal is actually saving the county money.

Lastly, I think your ideals and ideas about Steamboat are part of the problem...and have adequately ruined the character of Steamboat and are "quietly" turning it into another Aspen or Vail. Thanks alot.


doubleottseven 5 years, 11 months ago on 2 Steamboat suspects jailed on suspicion of drug possession are right...drug use in Steamboat is not new, and you are right, coke parties were rampant during and after bar hours. What is different though is that many of the drugs came from Columbia and the ones that came from Mexico did not have cartels coming with it. For you to suggest that cartel influence may not involved in current drug trafficking to Steamboat is unwise. Somewhere (Jefferson County perhaps), somehow, somebody from a dangerous cartel is involved.


doubleottseven 5 years, 11 months ago on 2 Steamboat suspects jailed on suspicion of drug possession

I wonder if these people are here illegally. I wonder who was the intended end user for the drugs...Steamboat residents or a sale to a Steamboat resident to sell to his fellow townfolk. It makes you wonder if the drug cartels are involved,although I wouldn't be surprised. Drug cartel influence/violence/crime is coming to town and the people that use the drugs are the ones who are inviting it.


doubleottseven 6 years, 2 months ago on County commissioner injured in crash

I hope Nancy mends quickly, she is probably in alot of pain as her husband is profoundly sorry this happen.

So, for all you bloggers that use their accident as another soapbox for your "anti-law" and "I am right you are wrong" platfrom is just disgusting. Why don't you just write a column for God's sake.

Heal quickly Nancy.


doubleottseven 6 years, 9 months ago on Rebecca Wendt: Bikers should police their own

I am sorry Rebecca but I don't think that other bicyclists are going to "police" each other. It just doesn't work that way. There are too many different personalities, pre-concieved notions and histories to have everyone come to the table.

I myself am highly embarrassed and pissed all at the same time about the way some cyclists act the way they do. They don't realize that their actions are setting up the drivers reaction that affects me, even though when I bike I am obeying all of the rules of the road. This then sets me up to have a bad attitude toward the driver. Its a vicious cycle.

I have been cut off, flipped off and placed in danger by an aggressive driver in their 2400+ pound maiming machine. I don't take it personally but if given the opportunity I do speak my mind to that driver. On the other hand I have driven behind bicyclists that are riding two abreast carrying on a conversation that don't seem to feel that the rules of the road apply to them. Wait until Steamboat Springs becomes "Bike Town USA" with the tourists cutting across lanes, riding across business driveways on the sidewalk and riding down the wrong way become part of the already volatile situation.

So what is the solution? I think bike groups should insist their riders obey the rules of the road and if they don't then they get kicked out of the riding group. I think bicyclists should take down license numbers of aggressive drivers and report them. Little by little these actions will do two things...ostricize a rude bicyclist and place agressive drivers on the record.


doubleottseven 7 years, 9 months ago on Local musician Greg Scott dies at age 61

Greg Scott, gracious, kind, talented, warm, loving human being that we could not afford to lose. He stood for everything that is good and always exhibited his love for his friends and his love of bringing his music to us. What will we do without him?

He stood there, tall at the mic Although barely reaching five foot nine His voice poured dreams upon us Singing of tall pines and deep streams With a gleam in his eye and soft smile he gently pushed the song into our hearts

I am going to miss you.


doubleottseven 7 years, 9 months ago on Rob Douglas: Goodbye, 'quaint little ski town'

This latest "development" will definitely change the character of the base area but then so did the Grand when it was built. The whole town has changed, as the valley beyond it. But, it has merely changed for those that knew it when. To their children or grandchildren their memories are built on something different altogether and that is what the Steamboat Springs city council and everyone that has a say should be focused on. How to make it better for the future inhabitants.

One can only hope that when the buildings are built and ranches are subdivided that you who are doing the building and the subdividing do so with a nod to the future generations.

The reality though is Steamboat Springs of old is gone, long gone. Somebody sold it out. And the people who did it are those previous inhabitants of the big ranches with open spaces that when on forever and those property owners at the base and in town. How can you blame them, they had Steamboat Springs when it was a small town.


doubleottseven 7 years, 9 months ago on Rob Douglas: What would the founders think?

This article oversimplifies the convoluted state of affairs within the federal and state governments and the desire for a self governing nation. I realize that the article is just one person's opinion but I feel compelled to respond to it.

Mr. Douglas writes "I believe they'd be appalled at how the government has usurped our freedom - and our responsibility to be self-sufficient - to a point where the government has grown to a size the Declaration and Constitution were designed to escape and prevent."

One issue is that there are just too many people in the United States. It would take a total revamping of the system before a self governing nation could monitor or manage the thousands of different area that the govenment now manages, some correctly, some extremely incorrectly. I am talking about farm subsidies, land leasing, parks and wilderness areas, health insurance, infrastructure, schools, welfare, assisted living, etc. The list goes on and on.

The founding fathers were a bit short sighted in my opinion or else they may have changed the Constitution with the times. Now, all we current occupants have is the ability to elect who we think will represent our interests and even that is not a guarantee, because Lord knows they can be bought.

Just some thoughts and thanks for the format in which to voice them.