dimwitiguess 8 years, 9 months ago on Brent Boyer: Cleaning up our online comments

Is it true that Donna Howl will be put in charge of the confidential list? Pat Gleason, Paula Stevenson, Scott Standford and her will safe guard the list of names?

I haven't posted in a long time but your list will be as confidential as School employee records. I'm pretty certain those you and your "friends of Steamboat" will be on the "confidential-until-they-or-anyone-else-we-support-over-the-poster-we-don't-like" list of contributors.

And will you give out the names of the offenders to those who are slandered because the offender's post "just-slipped-by"your-reader/editors of the postings?

Confidential list, my @$$ - reporters DON"T HAVE TO REVEAL THEIR SOURCES, REMEMBER? the PLOT still holds the reins to allow the stampede any time it dam well pleases and you know it. Will the PLOT take LEGAL responsibility for those offensive coments that slip past? Until you do, I among others do not believe your BS. Reporters have NO ethics. It's just a scoop to them.

Long live the PLOT and it's never ending schemes to out anyone it chooses.

Nice try boyuer, we see right through you and your unsavory colleagues, but I'm just THE dimwitiguess


dimwitiguess 9 years, 4 months ago on Year of the crane

Howell got what she deserved and so did Simms. They're both gone and the Pilot has no reputation worth reporting.

Mike Forney didn't answer the questions about his Rotarians. Yeh the Pilot will protect him and PrincipallySent and Howell and Sims.

Standford and Schlict and now Boyer are obviously not able to be pinned up for their contribution to Gleason's and Howell's actions. Everyone knows Standford was behind a lot of it along with Cooper-Black, Sharp, Loomis, Gleason, Miller-Fruetel, Havener, Stephenson and all the rest.

Yeh, Boyer, delete this one too. THere are no swear words or anything like that, but if you're going to sum up the year then you should write the names of those who took place in the district's attempted coup.

You lost Pilot and the district is better off without Howell and the excess baggage she had with her.

This is no worse than your out-of-context reporting. But you can take it off if you want. It's your rag.

What do you all have planned for 2008? What other lynching is in your new year's wishes. D again?

Yours truly, Pilolt staff,



dimwitiguess 9 years, 4 months ago on Year of the crane

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dimwitiguess 9 years, 4 months ago on Charlie Bates: Production of 'Messiah' a triumph, hits all right notes

Who in their right mind would ever criticize a performance of the Messiah - sung by anyone or choir? This piece of tripe is expected in a second-rate paper, I guess. Only one suggestion, copy and file this wonderful and unique article and ask Marie to point out Rusty Poulter's contribution next year as this year, and paste it in one of next year's holiday season papers. But better yet, save the space for something original. The Pilot seems to stagnate over the holidays most likely from unimaginative people who lack the ability to create interest for its readership. Trite, vague, BORING, and a waste of space.

But who am I to criticize the Pilot and its holiday spirit. Someone who likes some unpredictability, imagination, and creative writing. Maybe you could send someone to a creative writing class at CMC. It's fairly obvious that the writing courses these people have taken aren't doing the job. After reading this article, I'm even a dimmerwitiguess.


dimwitiguess 9 years, 4 months ago on Judge denies Nerney's injunction request

id said it well. The newly harolded heroes - police and firefighters - have the known reputations of womanizing and drinking and playing hard and cheating on their spouses. This little bit of foreplay just makes one wonder about the privileged status we've given the police and firefighters. Almost all have to clean up their acts.

Before you put these people on a pedastel, you should remind them to uphold their moral values and begin to lead an off-duty life that warrants their hero status.

I would support Kevin getting his license returned IF he cleaned up his act. His acts created a hardship for his wife and family. And they share in his shame although they need not nor should they. They are the real losers in this. Kevin, make your business a successful family-oriented business where liquor is just an after thought. Sadly Steamboat seems to make liquor a necessity for (pardon the pun) liquidity. Clean it up, Kevin. I still support you, but not the big city life antics and behavior of stereotypic cops and firefighters.



dimwitiguess 9 years, 4 months ago on Margaret Hair: See you in 2008


Next year please don't write about new year's resolutions. That is just not interesting anymore. I haven't paid attention to your illustrious career as a reporter or a writer, but this topic is well worn, so worn that even the sock inside the worn shoe has a hole in it. This is no incrimination of you this is an incrimination of the Pilot and it's penchant for the "trite and true." I can see Tom Ross or Scott Stanford writing this because, well you'd just expect that kind of article from them. But please you have a whole career in front of you.

Help yourseld and avoid the resolution article no matter how tempting it may be in any future year. Yeh, sure, I know the arguments for it, but pick something like Christmas returns after the new year, or new year's cookie treats, or new year's activities like diving into the freezing waters of some murky lake.

Better yet, pretend there is no new years and write about the football playoffs or the Chicago Bulls failure to thrive, or the continuing problems of the Broncos's playoff dreams. Pretend that new years is a few weeks away on the Gregarian calendar. Anything, but please don't write about new year's resolutions.

Hell, my resolution is to count how many articles the Pilot can write that actually count for anything in our lives. Fortunately, it's not the new year yet, so maybe the Pilot will make a resolution to improve their reporting and writing skills and improving their skill about "what to leave in and what to leave out" as Bob Seger would say.

Thanks for trying. I rate your article a C-, and would write "trite" or "vague" or "over done" or as one of my teachers wrote on my paper once "BORING. Your paper put me to sleep!"

I'm not complaining, and if I am, MAYBE I'll make a new year's resolution to stop complaining. Either way, that's MY point of view, but then everyone thinks I'm a dimwitiguess.


dimwitiguess 9 years, 4 months ago on Conservative commentary: What ever happened to Christmas?

Read my comment under naughty and nice. You'll see what I think about Christmas and what it REALLY means to people who own stores (high priced one at that Mr. H) and most people too.

Happy holidays and a happy first day of January.



dimwitiguess 9 years, 4 months ago on Bill and Cathie Voorhees: Recall Sheriff Wall

id, I admire you! You are right on here. Who is the better candidate and watch what you wish for. SOme of the candidates over the years have had to be descendents of the Gestapo. Look at the city cops, no forget I said that. Look at the state police...damn I keep sticking my foot in my mouth.

Brown boots and a goose step would straighten this town out. (That sentence is NOT intended to bring fear to any ethnic groups living here. I use it to point out the some other sheriff choices we've had over the years) And an added bonus is they could haul off the school board and the city council. There are train tracks that run by here. That's what you want? Feel duped into voting for Wall, maybe you should review who else was running. Don't like the choices - then you run next time!



dimwitiguess 9 years, 4 months ago on Santa - naughty or nice?

Take Santa away from the brats? They don't even know what Christmas is all about except getting presents. Parents tell kids there is Santa to keep them in line. Are you naughty or nice? Gifts or sticks and coal?

Santa was made up by the free marketers! Why do we have Christmas songs and decorations in Sept. and Oct. now, kiddies? To put shoppers in the mood to buy. BUY! BUY!

Imagine our economy if Christmas wasn't celebrated? Santa brings the presents. Who brought Christmas. Even the "wise" men brought gifts! Were they the first Santas? They probably had beards at least they do when you see them standing around on someone's lawn. Hey, someone BOUGHT those yard things too! Even the nativity scene is commercialized! What a concept!

And what kind of values does Santa have if he can even lure Mommy into an embrace under the tree? Does Santa get the cookies for free? Who buys the flour choc chips? Have we bought stuff for that and a slug of milk too?

And I love the lights on the houses at Christmas time! Wait a minute someone bought those lights too and who's paying for the extra electricity? Hey high school kids, bet you don't remember when the energy crisis of the 70s ended most electrical displays. Wonder what your carbon index is now.

Now HS kiddies what is Christmas about? It to create trauma and mental anguish so you can grow up like the rest of us and need to get counseling because of some unknown fear of loss. Hey, who pays for that?

I hope I answered your questions about Santa high schoolers and if I answered any questions about Christmas for you that was probably accidental because I'm just a dimwitiguess.


dimwitiguess 9 years, 4 months ago on Bill and Cathie Voorhees: Recall Sheriff Wall

nxoby is right on. Get the tar and I'll bring the feathers. There are enough chickens in town to pluck. This blog is filled with them when they criticize and are afraid to sign their names.

Mtn. Warlock is ready to sign but don't count on him to carry one I guess. Yeh, get out there and do the work and stand on the street corners and sit in parking lots for drive-by signers, and sit outside city market and the liquor store. Too bad there are no free winter concerts to get people under the influence to sign. Ironic, huh?

Put up or shut up. Get it started Vorhees or put down the pen and go back to whatever it was you were doing before you blew off steam in this rag. What excuse will any of you have now if you don't? Oh I know, too much work and it's winter and noone wants to sit outside with their petitions or slog over the heaps of snow on main street. You couldn't recall D in sunny summer weather (okay that's a set up for your excuses why it didn't work) but you'll recall Wall in the winter.

Just like the Germans in Russia you'll be defeated by Generals Mud and Winter! But what do I know, I'm the dimwitiguess.