dd 6 years ago on Huge support for all-day kindergarten

424now ..Listen up...Yes,I indeed do expect all forms of government to uphold the law..Yes sir,I expect nothing less.

If a child is here with parents that are illegal then the complete family must leave the USA.

The borders should be sealed,the illegals arrested and deported.Can this be done?Absolutely and it can be done in record time.

424now ..Watch and read the news..The illegals are committing most of the crimes and YOU want us to educate their children?You are out of your mind.


dd 6 years, 1 month ago on Huge support for all-day kindergarten

Years ago immigration was earned.Immigrants had to work hard to stay here and become citizens and they did.I think it's time to seal our borders and allow no more immigrants in.America has become to liberal,especially out here..I have had the horror of dealing with the illegals for several years in Missouri and they are up to no good..They are costing the USA citizens cazillions of dollars.

Kindergarten should be only for USA citizens and couples has put all of this into the correct order.