dave rubio

dave rubio 8 years, 3 months ago on Bill and Patrick Rooney died Sunday in plane crash near YVRA

Currently, I live in Texas, but still maintain a home in Yorba Linda. I had the privilege of knowing the entire Rooney family, with my interaction with them through youth baseball. The loss of Bill and Patrick truly impacted me, as I knew them both, fairly well. Bill was a gentleman and a great father, as evidenced by his family's respect and admiration throughout the Yorba Linda community. He was a great coach who helped developed many fine players in the area. He was an excellent contributor to the Esperanza high school baseball program, one of the finest in the United States. I knew Patrick, who was an excellent baseball player who excelled in high school and also at Pepperdine University. A good kid who was always polite and well mannered. My condolences to Debbie, Sean, Colin, and Patrick's wife and child.

Rest in peace Bill and Patrick. You will be sorely missed.

Dave Rubio