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dave fisher 5 years, 8 months ago on Meeting about Pro Cycling Challenge impact Monday

maybe someone ought let Oak Creek know that the race will be passing through there on its way to BikeTown USA, that there is an intermediate sprint in OC as well, and exactly what that means.. i'm cautiously optimistic that main street will get swept, all the free-range dogs will get cinched down for at least one day, and that the local peddlers (not pedalers) will clear the clutter from the sidewalks in front of their stores. this is free advertising for the OC that will be seen on teevee by millions of people worldwide, our 15 seconds in the sun, so to speak. let's make the most of it, even if you aren't the biggest fan of professional cycling.


dave fisher 5 years, 8 months ago on About 150 ride with Andy Schleck in Steamboat

Andy really was a good sport to go out on that ride, taking time from his regular training schedule to lead the event and sign autographs for all of the local enthusiasts and racers. he demonstrates the qualities and class of a great champion- dignified and respectful of his competitors whether he wins or not, and also by giving back to the cycling community by being approachable and patient before and during events such as this one. it is no wonder that so many turned out to ride with him. our resident curmudgeons would do well to watch a bit of Matt Sensland's video at the top of this article- check out all of the local groms riding with Andy at the front of the bunch and the smiles on all of their faces (Andy's included). i see nothing but good stuff there and a lot of young people enjoying a ride that they will never forget. locals who have never ridden in a group on road bikes can learn the skills and etiquette needed by participating in the tuesday night ride from Orange Peel Bicycle Service on Yampa ave. there are generally groups for riders of all abilities- lots of fun and you won't get dropped (hint: ride in a group suited to your skill/fitness level). see you there tonight!


dave fisher 6 years, 1 month ago on Ericksen Cycles wins award at homemade bike show

congratulations to Kent Eriksen Cycles and Moots Cycles for representing Biketown USA in such fine fashion at the homemade bake show again this year.

i mean the HANDMADE bike show, rather.



dave fisher 6 years, 4 months ago on Routt unemployment at 9.8 percent in November

Fred is reknowned for making a lot of stupid statements...

how's that government grant money working for ya, Fred? are you warming up to Big Brother's generosity and kindness yet? the taxpaying People of OC would like to know.


dave fisher 6 years, 4 months ago on Cariveau shines in Oregon at cyclocross championship

this is a "bike town USA" story that deserves a lot more coverage- a local rider goes to the National Championships and takes on the best masters in the U.S.- and lands a podium spot after an epic battle in the mud. it might not seem like much on the surface, in a town full of professional "rock star" athletes. but keep in mind that Jon works a full 40 per week and is a full time parent as well. he's on the line every wednesday all summer long at the Steamboat Town Challenge series, Steamboat Stage Race (and many other local race events), and the kids & wife are there in support and watching dad throw down with the best local and regional riders. in fact, there's a lot more folks just like Jon and his family at those wednesday Town Challenge races... two parents working hard all day and then hustling everyone to the races so that the kids get to the start on time- and then the parents finally get their turn to race as well. that, to me, is what it's all about.

congratulations, Jon. the result is a fantastic addition to your palmares. i knew you were going super fast when i saw your result in the one lap TT. and i sure hope that your sponsors are going to step up with a fat, new contract offer for your 2011 season... you have certainly earned it. chapeau.


dave fisher 6 years, 4 months ago on John R. Sharp: Why I don't prescribe marijuana

kudos to Dr.Sharp for taking a stand on this issue and backing it up with relevant facts and data (and not allowing himself to be badgered by all of the shouters in this forum).

find a way to make it legal- which is what should have happened 10 years ago when the "MMJ" initiative first made it onto the ballot... and leave the health care professionals out of it. save for the ones who choose to make the big $$$ with their "recommendations", that is. and there's plenty of 'em already. of course, it probably wouldn't have passed straight-up as an anti-prohibition initiative, would it? hence, the side-door "mmj" approach to gain voter approval.

an observation: "Democracy" and "freedom of choice" are still two-way streets, last time i checked.

by the way- i took the time to read Dr. Sharp's letter completely. but then i skipped over the vast majority of comments here, posted by all of the usual shills. why? Boring with a capital B, to the point of making me nauseous. as soon as i see the CAPS LOCK SHOUTERS weighing in on anything, i'm already scrolling past.

the proponents of mmj posting here are your own worst enemies. try shutting up and listening for a change... your cause would have a lot more credibility if you did. the way you guys have to shout down anyone with a position divergent from yours makes it seem as if you folks are actually in the services of the prohibitionists. way to go mmjpatient22, drgreengenes, blue spruce, muck - DIRTY CARL, etc., etc., etc.

all of you "burn victims" should see a doctor all right... of psychology.


dave fisher 6 years, 5 months ago on Oak Creek residents look into grants for capital project

Fred's company is profitting from a government contract (paid for via GOVERNMENT GRANTS and matching funds from the town). low bidders are generally awarded government contracts, so what?. if Fred wasn't there to be awarded that government contract, another contractor would surely be there to take his place. so to answer your question, 'Sled, no.

and Mr. Duckels is still a hypocrite.


dave fisher 6 years, 5 months ago on Oak Creek residents look into grants for capital project

i'll make it real simple then: Fred is a hypocrite. it doesn't take a long-winded dissertation from the Prof. to see that.


dave fisher 6 years, 5 months ago on Oak Creek residents look into grants for capital project

how very ironic, Fred, that you take this opportunity to climb aboard the soap box and prosyletize more of your tea party drivel.

it just so happens that the USDA grants that the town of Oak creek will be paying for (for the next FORTY YEARS, i might add) will barely cover the costs the NEW WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT... that your company won the low-bid contract to build.... right, Fred?

you remind me of a pig that is fattening at the trough while at the very same time telling the farmer that the slop is not to its liking.


dave fisher 6 years, 5 months ago on Woman who says she was Kellogg's mistress lived in his Oak Creek home

degenerating quickly from a "news story" to tabloid style gossip here. of course, who could resist the juicy slant to the article now? i must admit, certainly not me. i had to look. you got me... this time.

Brent B to Mike L.: "hey Mike here's your hot news lead for today: "thug's mistress kept in OC love shack". now head down to the Ditch, hit the bars and dig up the rest of the "story".

well done SP&T