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Last I heard over 150 dead. Who cares whether they were Syrian refugees or not. But let's not forget "climate change is the most serious security threat to the world!"


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Scott, The "Global Warming" crowd has been quite adamant in insisting that CO2 increase is causing the destruction of coral reefs. Just google "is global warming destroying coral reefs" if you don't believe me.There is a peer reviewed study that suggests that the increase in CO2 apparently does not destroy the coral. It raises the question - If the global warming crowd is wrong about this matter, is it possible they are wrong about other matters as well. I think it's always good to keep an open mind.


Did you see the recent survey that asked this question.

Should the government investigate and prosecute scientists and others including major corporations who question global warming?

27% of democratic and 11% of republican responses were in the affirmative. Now there are some open minded folks.


Dan Kuechenmeister 1 week, 5 days ago on Sarah Jones: Disagree with editorial


This week’s New Scientist magazine covers a new study published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that calls into doubt the familiar thesis that ocean acidification from human CO2 emissions will kill coral reefs:

Acidic water may be a sign of healthy corals, says a new study, muddying the waters still further on our understanding of how coral reefs might react to climate change.

Andreas Andersson of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, California, and his colleagues carefully monitored a coral reef in Bermuda for five years, and found that spikes in acidity were linked to increased reef growth.

“At first we were really puzzled by this,” says Andersson. “It’s completely the opposite to what we would expect in an ocean-acidification scenario.”

The team found that coral growth itself made the water more acidic as the corals sucked alkaline carbonate out of the water to build their skeletons. The corals also ate more food during these high-activity periods and pumped more CO2 into the water, increasing acidity further.


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Of course there are efforts being made to find alternative sources of energy. It takes time. Hopefully the USA can learn from and avoid the mistakes made for example by Germany whose electricity costs are much higher due to the abundant use of solar energy or for example the UK where they now have to subsidize diesel power to the tune of 436 million British pounds because they scrapped coal plants apparently too soon. If there is a profit to be made on clean energy it will happen.

And Dan S. really - for saying this about John.

" So go ahead and pretend that there is no correlation between a high fat diet and heart disease, no correlation between drinking alcohol and liver disease, no correlation between smoking cigarettes lung cancer,"

There was absolutely no reason for that comment (unless you know that John indeed believes that). Thank you John for your reasoned and well thought out responses to Dan S.


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OOPS. From an article in the Financial Times

"UK Turns to Diesel to Meet Power Supply Crunch

Britain is set to grant hundreds of millions of pounds in subsidies to highly polluting diesel generators as a way to help solve the energy supply crunch facing the country over the next 15 years.

If all of those registered are successful in their bids — which analysts believe is likely — it could cost the taxpayer £436m, provide enough energy to power more than 1m homes and emit several million tonnes of carbon a year.

The subsidies on offer are so appealing that even solar-power developers, which have recently had their own subsidies cut, are building diesel generation on their sites as a way of maximising their returns. . .

The UK is facing serious energy-supply difficulties over the next few years as old coal plants are taken offline without new power plants being built to replace them."


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Wow - $16.00 burger at YVRA. That beats JFK prices. Just had a smoked cheddar cheeseburger with fries in terminal 2 at JFK on Tuesday this week. Menu price $15.00. At least this restaurant had ipads on all tables that were free to use.


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Ken, Give up. Resistance is futile. The wizard knows all, see all, tells all. you are just chaff in his field of wheat.


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Hey Tom, Bottle of Sangiovese at the little grocery store in Cortona Italy - 3 euro or about $3.45 US. Haven't paid more then 5 ($5.75 or so) euro a bottle since arriving in Italy. All good stuff. Bought some wine from a shop that has gas pumps that dispense wine. 1.3 to 1.7 euro per liter (33% more than a 750 ml standard bottle in USA. Restaurants serve their vino di casa - one liter 5 - 8 euros. Lucky to get a glass of wine at US restaurant for $5 - 8. Gas is a killer though. 1.40 - 1.50 euro for one liter (about $6.00 per gallon). Drink more wine and drive fewer kilometers is my motto. Don't drive at all when drinking vino actually - good to walk. Ciao