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Please give me the specific sentence that proves your point that "So you are fine with the SB team blaming a poor team performance due to 4 players taking an ACT that morning??? Here is what I see from the article. "Perhaps it had something to do with what four of the players had to do before the game. For four hours on their Saturday morning, they took the ACT test." Scott see the first word in the sentence. P-E-R-H-A-P-S. "Bohlmann said that up to this point, Steamboat had not struggled to play with passion on the field. He was not sure what caused the mental lapse." Check out the last sentence. "He was not sure what caused the mental lapse." He did not blame it on the ACT Do you know which four players took the ACT. I don't. Do you know if they are key players on the team. I don't. My guess is that there would be few high school teams, playing a team their equal or better, that could withstand poor performances from key players regardless of what the reason was. "Mentally, you're just drained," De Jong said. Scott are you saying that De Jong is wrong. If so pray tell, how do you know the mental state of the players who took the test. Are you the one and only that is always at your peak performane no matter the task? And pray tell, what happened to your grand theory that because Centauras had to spend hours on a bus they should be the ones tired. How do you get physically or mentally tired sitting on a bus. One might stiffen up a bit but the ride was the afternoon before the game. My goodness. Finally, for all you know Coach Bohlmann told the reporter that Centaurus played a great game and happened to be the better side that day. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. But no where in the article do i see the coach or any others specifically "blaming" the ACT for the loss. If you have proof please share it with us. If not, go play in another sand box.


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Scott, Had Centaurus team gotten up at 6:00 AM Saturday for a 4 hour bus ride to make a 1:00 PM start time for the match you might have a point. But the fact of the matter is they came up mid day Friday. Shared a nice dinner with the Sailors and presumably got a good nights sleep. It has been a long time since I took the ACT but I have 3 twenty somethings and as I recall it can be very mentally straining. Your choice of college can be quite dependent on how you happen to do on that exam. Whether that can be the the reason or one of several reasons for their performance, who knows and really who cares. Heck, even the big money pros have bad days and mental strain can be a factor. I find no fault with the Pilot for discussing it. Given that Centaurus defeated Steamboat 5 - 1 last year it appears Centaurus may just currently be the better side. Looks to me the Sailors took the concept of being good hosts out onto the pitch on Saturday. LOL. Go Sailors!

From an earlier article in the Pilot "For years, the host team has opened its doors — and its kitchen — holding a joint team dinner, which Steamboat coach Rob Bohlmann and company will put on at 6 p.m. Friday, welcoming coach Ken Ebersole’s Warriors to town.

“It’s just a long-standing tradition that both programs have,” Bohlmann said during Wednesday’s practice. “We’ve known Kenny for a long time, and we have a pretty mutual respect for each other’s programs.”

The non-league rivalry will renew at 1 p.m. Saturday at Gardner Field, "


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Dan S says "Our President is doing the right thing, gathering a coalition of forces from other affected nations to confront this threat and devising a strategy to attack and defeat ISIS with an exit strategy in place."

Looks like he is off to a slow start in gathering that coalition. Maybe the President will have more success gathering that coalition now that there has been another beheading.

Turkey will refuse to allow a US-led coalition to attack jihadists in neighbouring Iraq and Syria from its air bases, nor will it take part in combat operations against militants, a government official told AFP Thursday.

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told journalists on Friday that Germany will not take part in US-led air strikes against Islamic extremists Isis in Syria.

The United Kingdom's position is more, ah, nuanced. First, the Foreign Secretary: Asked about plans for an open-ended bombing campaign, Mr Hammond said: 'Let me be clear – Britain will not be taking part in any air strikes in Syria. We have already had that discussion in our parliament last year and we won't be revisiting that position.'

On the other hand, the Queen's first minister: Hours after Mr Hammond's appearance in Germany, the Prime Minister's official spokesman insisted Mr Cameron was 'not ruling anything out'.

There is a disinclination to believe his promises, said Mustafa Alani of the Gulf Research Center in Dubai.

"We have reached a low point of trust in this administration," he said. "We think in a time of crisis Mr. Obama will walk away from everyone if it means saving his own skin."

Different countries are suspicious of the United States for different reasons, but all feel betrayed in some way by recent U.S. policies, said Salman Shaikh of the Brookings Doha Institute in Qatar.

And then there is this from the NY Times "After meeting with Mr. Kerry in Cairo, Sameh Shoukry, Egypt’s foreign minister, declared at a joint news conference that “Egypt believes it is very important for the world to continue their efforts strongly to fight this extremism.”

But Egyptian officials declined to specify what help they would provide in the campaign against ISIS, and Mr. Shoukry made it clear that he also had in mind fighting Islamist militants at home and in neighboring Libya.

Mr. Kerry has already visited Baghdad; Amman, Jordan; and Ankara, Turkey; and he attended an emergency meeting of regional governments in Jidda, Saudi Arabia, in which Arab nations endorsed a coordinated military and political campaign against ISIS. Saudi Arabia has pledged to allow the training of Syrian rebel forces opposed to ISIS at bases in its territory, but no country in the region has publicly detailed what military support it might provide."


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Unfortunately Eric the Islamic terrorists seem to doing a fine job of slurring their religion on their own

from gulfnews.com

Baghdad: Militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) executed dozens of people from Iraq’s Yazidi minority who refused to embrace Islam, witnesses said

Allah Akbar often heard before an act of terrorism is committed

from dictionary.com (Islam) an exclamation used in the call to prayer and also used as a call to the defence of Muslims, an expression of approval, and a funeral litany

Allah Akbar - It has been reported so said Nidal Malik Hasan during his Fort Hood attack


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Patience, time and private enterprise and it will happen. Not today, not tomorrow, maybe not in my lifetime, but if a profit can be made it will happen. Not soon enough for the "true believers" but O well the world will not end in spite of their screaming. How about the 6 - 8 inches snow near Rapid City, the 12 inches plus in Wyoming and the frost up here in Stagecoach last night 9/11-9/12. Dang global warming er climate change er polar vortex.


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Wouldn't it be convenient if Solyndra was the only one. http://dailysignal.com/2012/11/05/green-graveyard-19-taxpayer-funded-failures/ Unfortunately Tim, too many think that government is the solution. Government has it function, although Washington is really screwed up right now (remember a group of baboons is called a congress and I would argue that is an insult to the baboons) but when there is a profit to be made from clean energy, private enterprise will be all over it and then we can here about how they are making too much money. LOL


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Scott, Thanks for using Iowa to make my point. 14% of electricity from renewables yet still depending on carbon based fuel to be 12th lowest electricity costs in US. The US can get to the point where renewables are competitive but it will take time, patience and involvement from private enterprise. If there is a profit to be made in the public arena some one will figure it out. If the profits come from government subsidies then more than likely more Solyndras and Germany type outcomes will be the result.


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you say tomato I say tamato. so if rates didn't go up but the surcharge increased that's not an increase. sounds like picking at nits to me. Also, you say Well, Germany's use of renewables would have decreased their greenhouse gases if they didn't shut down their nuclear power plants and replace that capacity with new coal power plants. Well duh. The question to ask is why Germany chose to do so what is your point. Sounds like woulda coulda shoulda to me.


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Scott, Can you please tell me the maximum "set amount" the US will budget to subsidy renewable energy. "The United States has not gone anywhere close to that. Our government programs have been to budget a set amount to subside renewable energy." Does the US have "cost effective" renewables? Sweden has a renewable program that has increased renewable electricity production while having a minor effect upon costs because it requires cost effective renewables.