Dan Kuechenmeister

Dan Kuechenmeister 1 week, 3 days ago on Broncos beat Bills, 24-17, behind Anderson's 3 TDs

Bret Favre, Minnesota Vikings. Age catches up with all of us. Even NFL quarterbacks. Maybe Peyton can make it this year but the window is closing.


Dan Kuechenmeister 1 week, 4 days ago on Era of the Super Pass: Vail's 'transformative' purchase of Park City issues a challenge for destination ski resorts like Steamboat

Hmmm. $769 for 22 resorts including 5 days at Verbier in Switzerland - have skied there and is a fantastic experience - and 5 days at the Three Valleys in France - both accessible from Geneva airport or $999 for Steamboat and we get $250 credit to spend at other Intrawest resorts. Skiing in Alps is an experience not to be missed. Skiing arguably not as good as the Rockies but the ambience far exceeds US resorts. Dining at mountain restaurants that are NOT owned by ski corporations but have been owned by families for generations. Apr├Ęs ski with people from all over the world, shoulder to shoulder at picnic tables drinking, singing talking. Originally from Minnesota, home of Afton "Alps". Ski patrolled there back in the day. I think it is an absolute hoot that Afton is part of the Epic Pass.