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Dan Kuechenmeister 23 minutes ago on U.S. 40 paving project reaches east side of Steamboat, remains on schedule

Pat, are you saying you want to turn US 40 through downtown into one lane each way plus a bike lane as did Kremmling did through their town?


Dan Kuechenmeister 4 days, 18 hours ago on Moffat County grills EPA about Clean Power Plan on Wednesday

It seems that some who would hold your view point regards Global warming er climate change er polar votex do indeed believe Germany is a "good" model. This is a quote from an interview with Naomi Klein in Maclean's.

Klein calls climate change an ‘existential crisis for the human species.’ Nancy Macdonald

September 13, 2014

MacLean’s: Can you give an example of the kinds of action you see as necessary?

Klein: In Germany, you see a very rapid rise of renewables. That gives me a lot of hope. Germany is a country Canadians can relate to: the economy is not that different from ours. They have managed a dramatic energy transition, starting from six per cent of their energy from renewables. Now they’re at 25 per cent with a goal of 60 per cent."

I guess the good news for Ms. Klein is presumably she does not live in Germany and so the higher electricity rates are no matter to her.


Dan Kuechenmeister 4 days, 18 hours ago on Gary Hofmeister: History redux

2 sides to every coin. no problem with that. Just thought it important to note that while Eric Margolis apparently suggested The Shiekh was a "friend" to Israel, I saw info that suggested maybe not so much. So from a non-aggression view point where do you draw the line and say enough is enough and stand up and defend ones self? And this is a serious question not a sarcastic comment.


Dan Kuechenmeister 4 days, 22 hours ago on Gary Hofmeister: History redux

Yep - Shiekh Yassin was a real friend of Israel - appears some may not agree with Eric Margolis take on the Shiekh "Involvement in the Israel-Palestinian conflict[edit]

Yassin subsequently became involved with a Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 1984 he and others were jailed for secretly stockpiling weapons, but in 1985 he was released as part of the Jibril Agreement.[21] In 1987, during the First Intifada, Yassin co-founded Hamas with Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi, originally calling it the "paramilitary wing" of the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood, and becoming its spiritual leader.[8]

Yassin opposed the peace process between the Palestinians and the Israelis. He supported armed resistance against Israel, and was very outspoken in his views. He asserted that Palestine is an Islamic land "consecrated for future Muslim generations until Judgment Day" and that no Arab leader had the right to give up any part of this territory.[22] Yassin's rhetoric did not distinguish between Israelis and Jews, at one point stating that "Reconciliation with the Jews is a crime."[23] But however a video of him was captured stating that he had no problem with the Jews as people, and his conflict with them is political, and not religious.[24] Yassin's inflammatory rhetoric was often scrutinized in the news media.[25] On one occasion, he opined that Israel "must disappear from the map".[25] Yassin's declaration that "We chose this road, and will end with martyrdom or victory" later became an oft repeated mantra among Palestinians.[26]

In 1989, Yassin was arrested by the Israelis and sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1997 Yassin was released from Israeli prison as part of an arrangement with Jordan following the failed assassination attempt of Khaled Mashal, which had been conducted by the Israeli Mossad in Jordan. Yassin was released by Israel in exchange for two Mossad agents who had been arrested by Jordanian authorities, on the condition that he refrain from continuing to call for suicide bombings against Israel.[8][27]

Following his release, Yassin resumed his leadership of Hamas. He immediately resumed his calls for attacks on Israel, using tactics including suicide bombings, thus violating the condition of his release.[27] He also sought to maintain relations with the Palestinian Authority, believing that a clash between the two groups would be harmful to the interests of the Palestinian people.[8] Yassin, however, was repeatedly placed under house arrest by the Authority. Each time he was eventually released, often after extended demonstrations by his supporters.[citation needed]

Yassin criticized the outcome of the 2003 Aqaba summit. His group initially declared a temporary truce with Israel. However, in July 2003, the truce unravelled after a Palestinian suicide bombing of a Jerusalem bus left 21 people dead. Israeli forces killed two Hamas members in retaliation.[8


Dan Kuechenmeister 5 days ago on Jeff Troeger: EPA confusion

Yep, heard they are opening a KFC franchise near the facility. Besides chicken they will have an extended menu of fried avian delicacies although my guess is most will taste like chicken.


Dan Kuechenmeister 5 days ago on Sailors shut out by Warriors

Scott, You do offer valuable info from time to time on this blog but when you mess up you mess up. Regards this particular article, 2 words come to mind: arrogant and sanctimonius. Of course you are done arguing the semantics of this article because you have no standing. Do you know what the conversation was between the 2 coaches after the match was over? For all we know Coach Bohlman gave kudos to the Centaurus coach for the way the Centaurus team played. Do you know what the conversations were between the players of the 2 teams? For all we know the Sailor players congratulated cetaurus players and told them what a great game they played. Do you know the context or the question that caused DeJong to be quoted"mentally you are just drained". My guess is you would cry to the high heavens if some one took your comments out of context and yet there is a possibility you are doing exactly that. I am still waiting for your proof that any one besides you is blaming the ACT for why the Sailors went down to a 4 - 0 defeat to Centarus


Dan Kuechenmeister 5 days, 11 hours ago on Sailors shut out by Warriors

Scott, once again I ask you have you ever coached youth sports. If so, let me know your experience. I would suggest you are way off base here and should find another windmill to joust with.


Dan Kuechenmeister 5 days, 11 hours ago on Sailors shut out by Warriors

Scott quotes "the passion just wasn't there" yep that happens even in high school sports. No proof they are blaming ACT. Scott quotes De Jong " mentally you are just drained" yep could happen after 4 hours of ACT testing. No proof they are blaming ACT. Scott quotes "the quality of soccer combined with intensity to play" he said "that's what wins games. It's a pretty simple formula." No proof they are blaming ACT. Time to go play in a different sandbox Scott. Still waiting on your proof anybody related to Steamboat boys soccer team is blaming loss on ACT. My guess is if you tried to present a case this weak in a court of law the judge would throw it out for lack of evidence. Jejejejejeje hey John got an extra hula. This almost as much fun as the time we went fly fishing.