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Hey Mark, Gas prices $9.00 + per gallon! Euro unemployment rate 11.8%, I could go on. But thank goodness they have trains. Yep, we need to be more like Europe. Actually have rode on their trains (just try to drive in Italy and you will know why most take trains)and appreciate them, but just out of curiosity how do you propose that the USA would ever build much less pay for trains. Is that another "shovel ready" project, or is just more of your sarcasm?


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Ken C You asked questions and I tried to answer them. I asked questions and you ignore them. Nice job. No surprise from my perspective. That's the easy way out. Post your hit piece and exit stage left, running all the way, even.


Dan Kuechenmeister 2 days, 9 hours ago on Ken Collins: Fountain of knowledge

Robert says "there is plenty of blame to go around" seeming to indict both parties (which I agree with) and then mentions Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Bush and LBJ. 4 Republicans and one Democrat. "Plenty of blame to go around". Robert me thinks your bias is showing. No mention of Carter, Clinton, Kennedy. Weren't they presidents between Eisenhower and Obama. Just asking? I also agree that there may be no solution in the Middle East. The goal is to re-establish the Caliphate and they don't care how long it takes and who they murder to accomplish it.


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Diego, You poor misguided man. You had the audacity to criticize the wizard. Did you notice he did not answer your question about his "experience" with the beautiful game. You know Scott, you have valid ideas from time to time but my goodness you can come across as arrogant and all knowing. As you promote yourself as the expert on youth soccer maybe you should be out there running the "5v5 and 8v8 games for local players that want to improve their skills." FUN FACT: ON www.steamboattoday.com there are 9 articles showing commentary. Scott Wedel is a contributor on 7 of 9. He knows what is best for all, especially why youths should participate in sports. Every one of them should have one focus only. Becoming a pro. And exactly how many of those youths that Scott so desperately believes should be in training academies have any chance of being a pro? Heaven forbid some would want to enjoy playing games, travelling with friends and family and just enjoying the joys of competition. Learning how to win with humility and lose with dignity. Why yes, if a particular youth believes he or she would like to play soccer at the highest level, then by all means they should find the appropriate training which would entail more touches of the ball, more specific training and less full field games. So if a few Steamboat athletes have that potential should the community disband youth soccer the way it currently is to cater toward the few. What youth soccer player wouldn't want the opportunity to participate in the Gothia Cup in Sweden, Schwan's USA cup in Minnesota, playing in a tournament at Disneyworld. That's what the majority of the kids should be enjoying, not worrying if they will be one of the 23 to make the USMNT or USWNT. You are correct Scott to say that our national teams to get better need to identify our Messi's, our Robben's, our Klose's (not Suarez's LOL) and give them the proper training but you tell me how many of the players on the 147 teams that played in Steamboat are Messi, Xavi, Iniesta types. My guess is kids from participating teams communities that might be that good are already training at the higher developmental level if that is their desire. Hey Scott, are you aware that the MLS has training academies?

In 2007, MLS created the Youth Development Initiative, encouraging clubs to field youth teams. In 2012, Garber said the league’s budget for youth academies exceeded $20 million. MLS wants kids to dream of playing pro soccer in America, especially for teams in their own backyard. Any teen living within a 75-mile radius of Gillette Stadium is eligible for the Revolution’s youth team. There’s one caveat: Players must choose between this and competing for their high schools.


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So let me get this right. Kevin reaches out to this forum for help and advice on some thing he has no knowledge of. He gets lots of thoughtful and caring responses. The best advice may have been from Pat W. regards getting advice from a doctor and or RMR, but Pat's condescension regards other posters on this forum, whom apparently he disagrees with on other issues makes him appear petty. Great advice to Kevin, Pat, but your delivery is a bit off putting.


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Ken, Are you saying the info I posted from morningpill.org is: a) incorrect, b) you don't agree with it or c) it doesn't fit your ideology. On your statement about Hobby Lobby I have no idea on why they changed their position. I am assuming you are correct (or is that like the 97% climate change stuff you posted) as I have done no research on that point as I don't really care. Maybe they got angry because the government tried to shove it's crap down their throat. Maybe had the government never decided to force companies to make all birth control stuff free to all employees HL would have never changed their policy. Maybe HL decision falls under the "laws of unintended consequences". Maybe HL said, you know what we have had enough, you o great and powerful government have gone too far.But that's just speculation on my part. Do you have the "inside baseball" on that decision. If so please share that info with we less informed. I am curious if any female HL employees have left the company because of HL's apparent policy change. Hey, the good news is you didn't have a come back on my response to your 97% climate change myth so maybe you are off that band wagon. O and any comment on Jonathan Turley's testimony on Presidential use of "executive privilege" that I posted yesterday. And don't you love that I have come back and answered your questions.


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John, I think RWP is Right Wing Posse. Dan S has new group to mock. He thinks anybody that disagrees with him is out to shut him down thus the right wing posse


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Hey everybody, going off topic here. As some may know, hearings started today on whether the administration should be sued. I am not a big fan, but I agree with Jonathon Turley that something needs to be done. Who is Jonathon Turley you ask? Here is part of his bio. In numerous appearances on Countdown with Keith Olbermann and The Rachel Maddow Show, he has called for criminal prosecution of Bush administration officials for war crimes, including torture.. Here is part of his testimony today. "Reflecting these views, the Framers stated that the President “shall take care that the laws of the United States be duly and faithfully executed.” It was a direct mandatory statement that stood in contrast to the fluid notion of executive prerogative. I have previously testified on the history and meaning of that clause, which I will not repeat here. However, some of President Obama’s statements come strikingly close to assertions by King James I that he could apply “natural reason” to the alteration, and even the suspension, of federal laws. .

There is no license in the Madisonian system to “go it alone.” Our country is sharply divided politically and that division is manifested (as it should be) in Congress. During times of division, less may get done. Both sides must either compromise or seek to change the balance of power in the next election. The assertion of executive prerogative to implement changes without Congress is tantamount to a pledge to govern alone. Such a dominant executive certainly promises to “get things done” but at a prohibitive cost. Those who remain silent today should consider that, in less than three years, a different president will sit in the Oval Office. That person could use the very same claims to suspend environmental or anti-discrimination laws. The short-term benefits of achieving such changes will pale in comparison to the long-term damage to our system from fueling the rise of an American über-presidency. The safeguard for our system remains our federal judiciary, but as discussed below, the courts have increasingly detached constitutional rights from judicial remedies" Here is his testimony in total - might be worth and printing to read while enjoying the beverage - alcoholic or non - or toke of your choice. http://docs.house.gov/meetings/RU/RU00/20140716/102507/HMTG-113-RU00-Wstate-TurleyJ-20140716.pdf