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Dan Kuechenmeister 2 days, 17 hours ago on Snow tire legislation loses traction in Colorado Senate

Pat W. says regards Randy. "He does not represent my values and ideas." Let me break this to you gently Pat. It is not the responsibility of our representatives to represent your values, my values or any individual constituents values. I expect my representative to represent the values and ideas of the majority of his/her constituents (even if they don't happen to align with mine). I expect my representative to make decisions based on what is best for their constituents regardless of the "party". It doesn't matter to me which party a candidate is from. What matters to me is that they will listen to their constituents and then vote based on the majority desire (yes, there maybe exceptions to the rule) instead of voting the party platform. Why is it that the apparent to solution to any "problem" is more laws. A law unto everything and everything unto a law. We have too many bleeping laws already. Some are obviously good, but my goodness enough already. PS: Pat W. you could always run against him. Should you win that most likely would guarantee some one who supports your values and ideas.


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You can't make this stuff up. Dan S agreeing with Rhys that comments should be shortened. As I said before, Dan S. You are a beauty you are. Presumably that means every one but Dan S. Those extremist, insulting way lefty talking point rants seem to go on for ever. But they do give cause for a good chuckle.


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Mud season? Try driving around Stagecoach this time of the year if you want to know why it's called "mud season".


Dan Kuechenmeister 4 days, 15 hours ago on Snow tire legislation loses traction in Colorado Senate

Laws, pass more laws. How about personal responsibility. Now there's a novel idea. Here is an idea. If the legislature wants to pass a new law they have to cancel 10 ( I'd prefer more but have to start some where)pre existing laws.


Dan Kuechenmeister 4 days, 15 hours ago on Excessive force, excessive lawsuits

Dan S says McConnel won't put Loretta Lynch nomination up and that's his rationale for GOP gridlock. You're a beauty, you are. Not even once did I hear any moaning and groaning From you when Harry Reid refused to put things up for a vote time after time after time. No gridlock there. LOL! I would guess you thought that was great politics. Just one more examples of your extremist ideology. You've gone so far left I'm not sure California would take you back. Keep it coming. It's great entertainment. Regards "personal attacks" not my style. I'll leave that up to you as you seem really good at it. Recent examples of your open mindedness include "Clown show", "Christian Taliban", "conservative brain unable to accept change".Good news is I don't care. Keep the petty insults coming and you can know full well I won't pull a Dan S and go to the Pilot mommy and complain as you have been known to do.


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Dan S, it appears to me that you are a left wing extremist that use this blog to post your ideological rants. You are all about attempting to insult and belittle any and all that don't see things through your ideological view. You say the right is "angry and frustrated" but offer no proof. You say that with the GOP holding both houses "gridlock has gotten worse" but offer no proof. You call the current GOP presidential field a "clown show", you refer to the "Christian Taliban", you whine that "the midterm election Was hardly a reflection of the pulse of most Americans". My wild guess is had the Dems won you would have called it a mandate, you make a snide comment about the conservative brain. I love that you post this stuff as it is a continual reminder to all who read this post of exactly who you are. Hopefully you don't take this personally and go to the Pilot and send me to the principal's office. Tom W be careful. You may be close to having Dan S get you sent to the principal's office. LOL


Dan Kuechenmeister 5 days, 21 hours ago on Excessive force, excessive lawsuits

Ken, you will never get Dan S to concede a point that doesn't fit his ideology. When one politely tries to engage him if he doesn't like or agree with what you post he goes off on one of his rants. I actually enjoy his silly attempts to insult those who dare disagree with his ideology. I do wonder how he teaches his ski clients how to turn to their "right".


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Dan S. If it was possible to climb out of your ideological stupor in which your mantra is "any thing Dan K. says is wrong, any thing Dan K. says is wrong" you would probably admit that yes babies born to single moms and raised in single parent households is a problem. (And again to all you single parents out there, God love you for doing the best you can for your child/children and congrats on your successes.) here are stats as of 2013 Racial or ethnic group Percent of births considered "non-marital" Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders 17 percent Non-Hispanic whites 29 percent Hispanics 53 percent American Indian and Native Alaskans 66 percent Non-Hispanic blacks 73 percent

I am concerned about all, not just "black babies", who have to live in single parent households. Yes there are single parents who do a fantastic job raising a child or children on their own with their support network.

Income Challenges

“National Baby Facts,” a publication of ZeroToThree.org, states that 75 percent of single-parent households with infants and toddlers fall into the low-income category. This can put incredible pressure on the single parent in financial terms. The publication advises that research reveals that low-income households can create problems for children even later in life, in regards to affording college, lower self-esteem and decreased opportunities. While successfully raising children with one income is not impossible, it is difficult and there are more challenges. The single parent has to be ever diligent in budgeting to ensure that her child's every need is met."

Time Management

"Single Parent Journal" cites that a challenging aspect of single parenting is time management. For single parents, there seems to always be a shortage of time. Two-parent families often have a hard time juggling time management, but when half the parenting team is absent, completing tasks becomes even more difficult. The journal says that single parents can have a hard time juggling household duties, work duties and child rearing. In some cases, this can lead to a disconnect between parent and baby. Single parents need to plan bonding time with baby."

So go ahead Dan S. keep telling yourself it is a "perceived" problem


Dan Kuechenmeister 1 week ago on Excessive force, excessive lawsuits

Dan S. Are you saying 72% of babies being born to single moms in the black community is NOT a problem. Me thinks you don't think so as you keep referring to it as a "perceived" problem. You keep saying I don't have a solution. My solution was to wait until I was married to have children. I would recommend that solution to others as well. So I continue to kindly and respectfully answer your questions. I don't say things like, "Dan K., sounds like someone who has zero experience or interest in the root cause of the problems that you highlighted.", but you go ahead and keep calling out and trying to put down those you don't agree with. I just consider the source and refrain from like conduct toward you because odds are you would go to the teacher and I would be called into the principals office and put on double secret probation. As I respectfully answer you questions please answer mine. Is the 72% statistic I cited a real problem or a perceived problem?