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Dan Kuechenmeister 1 day, 8 hours ago on Kevin Copeland: Friedman's column is distorted propaganda

Scott, Post all you want. You usually do. It doesn't matter why Germany's electricity is about 3 times the cost here in the US, what matters at least regards Lock's statement is that it is about 3 times the cost here and certainly has not proved affordable to many Germans. My only intent was to let Lock know that his statement "Renewable energy is right now cost-effective world-wide" was false. Thanks for the reminder on Spain and again it doesn't matter what the reasons are. Lock, I have no problem with the possibility of finding alternative sources of energy. I believe that if you let private enterprise find a profitable way to develop alternative sources of energy they will do so. One might say your statement "Renewable energy is right now cost-effective world-wide" might be considered propaganda. LOL. Also Lock did you know France currently generates about 75% of their electricity from nuclear power plants. I believe that is considered "clean" energy. Good luck with that happening here.


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With all due respect Lock, Renewable energy is not "right now cost-effective world-wide."

The DPA German press agency reported on the rapidly spreading energy poverty now engulfing the country. The main driver is Germany’s skyrocketing electricity prices – primarily due to the legally mandatory feeding-in of wind and solar power. Currently regular household consumers are paying nearly 30 cents a kilowatt-hour – almost three times the rate paid in the USA.

Many households are no longer able to afford electricity and are seeing themselves catapulted back to the 19th century. According to t-online.de, “More than 330,000 households in Germany have seen their electricity cut off over the past year alone.” The German site writes that those hit the hardest are households on welfare, i.e. society’s poorest and most vulnerable.

Britain’s solar industry is facing devastation and consumers could see energy bills rise after the Chancellor Philip Hammond refused to listen to pleas to cancel a planned tax hike of up to 800 per cent on rooftop solar schemes. The Solar Trade Association described the Government’s refusal to bend over the increase – due to come into force in April – as “nonsensical” and “absurd”.Bizarrely, state schools with solar panels will be forced to pay, while private schools will remain exempt.


Dan Kuechenmeister 2 days, 10 hours ago on Rick Abell: Lower taxes, lower revenue

Lock, thanks for the reply. I may be missing something so I apologize, but it appears that you are saying the government has a blank check and we the taxpayer are responsible to pay the tab regardless of the cost. I guess I didn't ask my question correctly. Is there a point at which you would say enough, no more taxes, it's time to cut spending.


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Lock, I am curious why you appear to be against HSA's. Because 'the vast majority of Americans can never put enough money into an account to take care of their health care needs" we shouldn't have them. I am guessing you could say the same about 401k's or IRA's for retirement. Does that mean we should not have them either. Doesn't any thing we can do to help pay for health care help? Just think if a 26 or 27 year old opened an HSA and made contributions every year. Odds are the annual health care cost for a 26 or 27 year old may allow that person to build up over a period of time extra funds to help them when they are older and health care costs will arguably be higher. You rightfully suggested that Mr. Tipton keep an open mind. I respectfully suggest that you might do the same regards HSA's.


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Raising taxes seems to often be the "easy" answer. It may not be the right answer. Lock, do you have an optimal income tax percentage that should be imposed.