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Dan Kuechenmeister 6 days, 5 hours ago on Former Steamboat police detective has strong words for City Council

"For numerous reasons, the Steamboat Pilot & Today at this point is not publishing Dave Kleiber's letter. Please do not post the letter in its entirety or in part. Those comments will be removed, and the users will be banned from posting." "He who controls the media, controls the mind." Jim Morrison Jackboots are pounding on the door. If you disobey you will be banned and possibly sent to re-education camp.


Dan Kuechenmeister 1 week, 1 day ago on Green teams: Turn out the lights!

While I try to understand the symbolism, turning off "all" the lights for one hour out of the 8760 (8784 in leap year) hours in a year accomplishes nothing. How about what I was taught when I was a young urchin. My father insisted that we turn off lights when we left a room, no exceptions. It is something i practice to this day. (Like Rhys said "ain't rocket science") I did not have to be "taught" at school to not waste. I learned that at home. Seems to me the youth these days should be learning to not waste at home as well. School was (and should still be) for learning reading, writing and arithmetic in addition to learning to play nice with others. With all due respect, this "turn out the lights" campaign does come across as indoctrination.


Dan Kuechenmeister 1 week, 4 days ago on Charges filed against man accused of murdering Zimmerman

Scott, Glad to see the post was removed. I am all for free speech but some times it is abused. Seems like this was one of those cases.


Dan Kuechenmeister 1 week, 5 days ago on Charges filed against man accused of murdering Zimmerman

Liana, Neither growing (the legal amount) nor consuming Mj is illegal. Accusing some one of doing something that they are not doing is potentially defamation. I would think you either prove your accusations or apologize to Scott and wife and then ask the Pilot to remove your comment.


Dan Kuechenmeister 2 weeks, 1 day ago on Lisa Mason: Leash laws oppressive

Pat, Am I recalling correctly? Have you not complained in the past about posters going off topic. I am curious what your comment has to do with leash laws in Steamboat. If you want to call out the police in Ferguson write a letter to the editor


Dan Kuechenmeister 2 weeks, 3 days ago on Building a friendlier downtown: Steamboat Springs City Council weighs urban renewal plan

“There isn’t anything we can do faster to help this community,” Connell said. “We also have to recognize we have a skier mountain with skier days that are flat or declining.” Scott, I totally agree. What proof does Mr. Connell have that "fixing" downtown is going to increase skier days. Is it possible that a reason SkiCorp increased season pass price by 5% along with increases in the pricing of other passes is because it recognizes that skier days are flat/declining and it has become necessary to get more money from fewer people. I have a sneaking suspicion the project on highway 40 between Silverthorne and Kremmling may cut down on the number of folks from the front range coming to visit for the next two years.

"City officials and council members counter that the improvements lead to increased tax revenue and benefit all taxing entities." Yep, that is a possibility. However, being the harbinger of gloom and doom that I sometimes can be, we have an economic "recovery" pretty much financed by the FED. What happens if/when the FED policies of zero interest rates and buying securities to "save" the market when things get a bit wobbly stops working. Odds are tax revenues will decrease, not increase. Odds are real estate prices will drop, not rise. Odds are equity prices will fall not rise. Does this city council have a contingency plan as they will be spending money that isn't there (is it really there now?). Or will parts of downtown resemble the base area that was torn down and never rebuilt because of a down turn in the economy. Also, remember that this economic "recovery" has benefited very few. Median average income is stagnant and has not really grown over the past 6 years. Finally per Rob D comments. It would be great to get disclosure on possible conflicts of interest regarding the improvements. Maybe our paper could drop it's cheer leading for a minute and actually do some investigative reporting.


Dan Kuechenmeister 2 weeks, 4 days ago on Ski Corp. unveils prices for 2015-16

I am sure the Skicorp bean counters did their analysis and determined that a $50 hike in an early purchased season pass, among other increases, will not negatively impact the bottom line. You now get to vote with your check book/credit card. They chose to increase the cost by 5%. Best I can tell, well above the current rate of inflation. If enough folks decide not to buy passes, the bean counters will be proven wrong. Good thing it's only been a so-so snow season, if epic who knows what the bean counters would have come up with. George, hope you are OK, I miss your posts.


Dan Kuechenmeister 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Ciao from Cortina: Magnetic Italy

Sophie, Great description of Italy - especially magnetic. Driving definitely an adventure. LOL


Dan Kuechenmeister 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Our view: More bang for URA’s bucks

I like "religious fervor". When does "spending spree 5" (Scott, I love that moniker you have come up with) start to pass around the collection plate. o wait, they may not have to. Just tax and spend I guess.