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Cresean Sterne 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Dog group eyes third off-leash park in Steamboat Springs

Please no Cottonwoods.. Yes, they can be great for shade but if anyone has had to deal with these nightmare trees then you know what I am talking about. We have three and they are like sappy superglue to your dogs fur and especially paws.. Will then leave a permanent stain if tracked onto ones carpet or car seats.. In fact, I think it is illegal now for gaedening suppliers to sell them for planting. Any other tree then a cottonwood.. :(


Cresean Sterne 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Steamboat Springs will continue to lose its middle class if elected officials don't act on housing, committee warns

Same goes for OC. It baffles me that OC and Hayden don't seem to be prospering from this growth like many other small towns outside of resort communities. The amount of DUI and lack of personal transportation here may also have something to do with this. There are quite a few people here who do not drive or own a car..


Cresean Sterne 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Area law enforcement conducts drug search at high school

I also agree with Rob. The school requested it and probably for good reason.. Its kind of pathetic for some to think that this is taking away some form of right of freedom. I grew up in Durango as a kid, and the 3 years I spent at Durango Senior Highschool, the school along with police would do this at least twice a year and yes with drug dogs. This is nothing new and it is only to protect the safety of your kids. And yes there is probably some intimidation with this and for good reason.. Have we forgot that this little town has one of the highest suicide statistics in colorado and now that heroin is on the rise we are seeing and unprecedented spike in overdoses with teenagers not just adults anymore.. . I hope that nothing was found but highly doubt it.


Cresean Sterne 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Arnold Barn's fate remains in limbo after Steamboat Springs City Council passes on relocation proposal

S.W..., I said a huge waste of resources and I stand by that comment.. Its most likely only a matter of time before the growth and greed cause the meadows and knolls lot to become pd parking any way Actually surprised it hasn't happened yet. The barn could be another ticket window like steamboat had at the old Christy base patrol garage, alleviating the busy times at the gondola ticket office.
...IMO... The barn should be protected and if moved, should be visually located for all to enjoy, not moved to someones private property..


Cresean Sterne 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Arnold Barn's fate remains in limbo after Steamboat Springs City Council passes on relocation proposal

Even though it is not the historically photographed barn, it is one of Steamboats Historic Icons for many long time residents here. This barn is seen every time one heads to the mountain or parks at the meadows lot and is one of not many things left that show off our western heritage here. (or did we forget why we fell in love with this great town). I had always thought that when the wild horse gondola was being proposed that it should have been also used to shuttle people from the meadows lot instead of using shuttle vans. That barn could have been used as a covered base for it.. How cool would that have been.. Instead, now we have a 4 car gondola that runs at about 2 miles per hour (actually not sure but its damn slow) and there is never ever any one on it!! Seems like a huge waste of resources to me:(


Cresean Sterne 6 months, 1 week ago on Old Staples building likely to become urgent care facility

Bill is exactly right.. Urgent care facilities are usually quite a bit more expensive then going into your local hospitals ER and unfortunately many don't know this until that $3000 bill comes for a dislocated finger.


Cresean Sterne 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Dog meeting in Steamboat Springs goes off leash

Ken is spot on.. It is absurd to ask the officers to only patrol the high traffic areas until there is a complaint. That is not how enforcing a long time city rule should be. There are only a few of these kind folks patrolling steamboat, so the comment of a city wide dragnet enforcement is comical to me. Just like the river tubing that has got out of hand by not enforcing simple rules that benefit everyone and the eco system of the yampa, the city is now tying to enforce necessary rules that has always been here but not enforced due to financial restraints after the economy crash. They are now playing catch up with a town that has tripled in size and unfortunately those who have been used to a law that wasn't enforced for years are now the ones complaining about being targeted.. I suggest visiting any other town and one will see that Steamboat is pretty lax with its dog rule. IMO, this is just entitled selfishness toward the community and it shouldn't be accepted not matter where you live within the city of Steamboat.. I do agree that Stmbt DOES NOT need to confront those who's are letting there dog take a quick dip on a hot day in the river unless there is good reason. I got a ticket for that in 1992 at what was Rabbit Ears Park, so this is nothing new for Stmbt. They are just enforcing a law that has got out of hand with growth and arrogance.


Cresean Sterne 7 months, 1 week ago on Residents urge City Council to make Steamboat more dog friendly

I agree that the leash law needs to be enforced as it would in any town but the city could use a real fenced in dog park preferably by water. I always thought the Fetcher was the perfect place due to its location on the core trail, water access, a grassy park and restrooms.. I also think the city should promote RVP more due to the fact that most dog owners I run into have no idea that it is an open space dog park. A fenced in area for stubborn eared dogs and a small water pond could work in that area as well but I think one of the biggest problems is its not near the core trail and more difficult to get to without a vehicle.