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Cresean Sterne 6 days, 5 hours ago on Terri Williamson: The impact of words

Dan.. I agree with you. I dont have much of a problem with people getting over when letting them know that I am passing by. I do see a growing problem with those comeing from behind without notice. No bell, no on your left, just impolite people with diregard to the people in front of them.


Cresean Sterne 6 days, 6 hours ago on Terri Williamson: The impact of words

Well Steamboat has more places to drink than any other town per capita in Colorado. Why is that and is it realy neccessary. This in my opinion has contributed to many more young adults moving here thinking (party town). More alcohol, more underage drinking, more dui's with loss of driving privelages, more showing up to work late because of a hangovers or a no show at all, more people having trouble holding down a job, more homelessness. GIVE ME A BREAK!! You cant tell me this doesnt lead one to lack of respect in life. I enjoy tieing one on like many in the boat, but Steamboats lifestyle has severly changed IMO due to alcoholism and the fact that Steamboat is drawing in many others who are looking for this type of party attitude. It is completly uneccessary to have this many places to drink in a small farming and athletic community. This town also has a serious suicide problem which in many cases is related to alchol and drugs. Leading by example isnt handing out a liquor license to any one who wants it.


Cresean Sterne 1 week ago on Terri Williamson: The impact of words

Terri, I have lived here for almost 30 yrs and what made Stmbt stand out amongst other mountain towns was the soulful friendly attitude that everyone had here twords everyone. Maybe then because Stmbt was 2/3 the size smaller, locals were happy to see new people venture into the community. We were always happy to answer questions and have a nice conversation over anything. Everyone used to say that Stmbt has the friendliest commuity I have been to. People rang their bike bell and said on your left all the time. Trust me, I have been close to shoving one of these so called local punks into the river for almost running me over with there bike with no warning. Times have definatly changed here and I do believe that the rapid growth of our small quaint town and handing out liquor licenses like candy is perpetuating this grumpy, unfriendly attitude that you are seeing. I have been saying this for almost 10 yrs now on how Stmbt is losing its charm that brought so many here. IMO these self riteous people are not old school locals but are new school jerks that realy have no business living in such a great town. These are the kind of people that left what they had to move here but now want what they left back. Many people I have talked to who moved here recently, now want things like a home depot, target, more franchise corporations built here for there convenience. This is not Stmbt nor should it be. Growth is good for the economy but can be horrible for the community. This is what I am seeing happen here. There are many, many great people here in the boat so when someone throws you attitude, just ignore them, dont lose your smile and remember that they are not speaking for us Steamboaters.


Cresean Sterne 1 week, 1 day ago on Mamba makes another break for it

What a stud.!! ...... I am just not sure that $146,000 will be enough to keep this guy in doggy Alcatraz... Next time he may make a raft out of dog beds and float away down the river..... But seiously, this is something that needs fixing before a pooch gets hurt or killed.


Cresean Sterne 1 week, 6 days ago on Officials bear down on trash solution, enforcement

Thanks Stmbt. Good on you for seriously looking into a big problem and coming up with solutions. Maybe trash services can charge a couple more dollars a month to help off set some of the costs of good bear proof cans. To me, that is worth the price of a bear, a replacement can from damage or damage to homes and cars. :-):-):-)


Cresean Sterne 1 week, 6 days ago on Our View: Oak Creek needs to stay the course

Thnks for the info. I would love to see how the underneath of the building looks sitting next to a snow shed and with neg grading. I would imagine it has signs of neglect or worse but I could be wrong. Oak Creek has mostly old construction and flooding in many crawl spaces. Bad drainage and natural springs only add to the mix. I had a foot of water underneath Big Tunas every yr and occassional minor water issues on Myers St.. I know that many homes in Oak Creek have sump pumps and terrible ventilation from inspections. Those two together and its a recipe for a lot of bad things especially a health risk. Maybe that old buiding is a lucky one like my 1916 home. No water penetration or any kind of damage ever noticed and its post on dirt.(no footers). I,m in agreement that adopted rules are not made to be broken.. I am also in agreement that if voted on then adjustments can be made If good for the town and community.. "I am wearing my flipflops on this one.."


Cresean Sterne 2 weeks ago on Our View: Oak Creek needs to stay the course

I believe that this is the area where Oak Creek stores its snow on the South side. If this is so, then the town will be faced with a major snow removal problem. This will only cause adding to the already existing snow mounds left on corners and in alley ways adding to an already problomatic drainage problem. If Oak Creek wants to revitalize the town, then drawing out a plan to pave its roads would be IMO one of the most benneficial projects it could do.


Cresean Sterne 2 weeks, 6 days ago on Andy Kennedy and Emilie Rogers: Recycle drop-off spots

Eagle county does it and they dont seem to have a problem with the distance it takes. Edwards has a great recycling program that sits at the rest stop off I-70.. I have heard of no issues with expenses to run these.. Also, Sanfrancisco, which in my opinion should be the modle that citys look at has a 90% trash recycling and yes it is single stream. It is so successful that they are working on a 100% recycling including the trash which will all be single stream. Dual stream recycling is fine as long as the card board is broken down and there isnt an extra gas expense for the install and removal of these containers and more employee expenses.. I dont have the answer to Steamboats recycling problem but I would love to see an expense break down from start to finish published. Then maybe with community input, we can come up with a cost effective solution