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Cresean Sterne 4 days, 2 hours ago on Sustainability Council to host panel about alternative transportation in the Yampa Valley

If the paper is misquoting or confusing the facts in such a way that is bennefitting them in advertisement sales, wouldnt that be an unethical way of doing business?? If so, wouldnt this violate a code of ethics?? If what you say is true then the paper has an obligation to explain the visitor numbers in layman's terms so there is no confusion. As of now, most believe what is posted about the visitor numbers. If what you are saying is true, then on average there were abut 7,000-9,000 visitors in town this past weekend. .....Hmmm......I gotta tell ya that living here most my life, it was pretty crazy down town. I could have walked from the health and rec to fart park then driven. Maybe not quite as crowded as some popular weekends when there is an event downtown but it was a good old fashion Wisconsin Dells out there.. By 1pm there was no parking to be had anywhere downtown or on the side streets and as far as I know, there was no event happening down town except for the farmers market. Almost everyone that came in said "they had never seen it this crowded here in the summer before." No exageration...


Cresean Sterne 4 days, 16 hours ago on Sustainability Council to host panel about alternative transportation in the Yampa Valley

Well they put in the paper "14,000 people expected this weekend" not 14,000 sleeping spots. Also, I dont know wher you were but town was most definatly full. Ther was almost no vacancy to be had and I know that by working in the tourist industry. Also, if shuttling was done corrctly, there wouldnt be to many empty shuttles. They may not be full but would at least remove quite a few cars from town. I drive shuttle in this town for many many years and there are more eficient ways to keeping them full then what is being used.. I guess we will have to agree to disagree..


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Just trying to stir the pot a bit Scott, maybe my dry sense of humor doesnt go over very well... NO... I dont love government regulations over the free market, but I do disagree with you saying that there is not enough demand for more shuttle services within the lodging community. We had more then the population of Steamboat in town this weekend and lodging was full to capacity. Most of these people drive there vehicle 5 min to a ball field and park it most of the day. Maybe a speific shuttle service to and from our ballfields is something to seriously consider. Another problem is that most people just want to drive and not have to rely on anyone else. Maybe if the lodging companies reached some kind of rider quoata during specific times of the year they could get a gas break which may help them push shuttling more to their guests (wink..wink..).. Even better, take the shuttle then get a drink voucher to where your going. After all, it is Steamboat. I'm sure where ever you are going they got alcohol to sell ya..


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As the rate of DUI's here continue to grow off the charts, it wont matter any way. In 5-10 yrs half the newbees here will have lost their licencse and will be on scooters. Also, there are many lodging companies that only run shuttle service in the winter. Steamboat needs to figure out how to utilize every shuttle service in town to its fullist pottential. Maybe a tax or gas break to any service going that extra mile to persuade guests to ride instead of drive and offering special services to and from large events such as the soccer tournament this past weekend... Maybe not over exploding the banks of Steamboat with more and more events every weekend of the summer causing more then double the poulation to come here at once would help.. lets also not forget that a major US Highway comes right through town adding plentty to the mix..


Cresean Sterne 1 week, 1 day ago on Tom Ross: Remember when it was legal to drive 60 mph up Eagleridge Drive?

Growth and development stole it away from us!! Those were some of the best times here with the vintage motorcycle races to. Hanging out on the deck of La Mantanas drinking cold frosty beverages...


Cresean Sterne 1 week, 5 days ago on The Record for Sunday, July 13, 2014

LOL.. Dont forget the gun waving officer at snow bowl that had a few to many but yet somehow managed to get hired by the RC sheriffs department. 10-34, the town of Mountain View is now hiring anyone with a troubled past. No back ground check necessary. Just send resume!!


Cresean Sterne 2 weeks, 3 days ago on Marijuana sales tax data hard to come by in Steamboat Springs

Every time I drive through Hayden I take a look at how the town has paved its roads. Many side streets have no sidewalks but it looks like thay have graded the roads properly for water run off. Granted, Hayden is nice and flat untill you drive up into their newest housing development. I always thought "how come OC doesnt begin such a project". OC does have a drainage issue with all the natural springs and piles of snow stored in odd spots such as alley ways and on corners of steep hills. The drainage issues here will continue untill piles of snow are relocated to better locations and excavating work with culverts are re-done, installed or fixed.. OC (IMO) could also use a normal size plow truck for fast easy jobs instead of constant use of gas guzzling excavating equipment. Alley ways are a great example. They will not plow some alley ways because they are worried that the bucket loader will do damage to surrounding property. I can respect that but there are other solutions by using a normal size plow truck through our narrow alley ways. Push it out to the street and let the grader take it away. The alley way next to our place has always been used as snow strorage so they dont plow it. Snow would pile up as high as my 5ft fence and then come spring my garage and neighbors garage flood out for a few weeks. I have discussed this with them a few times but they wont plow the alley way with fear of doing damage to my fence or my neighbors shed. (This is because they want to use the bucket loader.) My only solution is to spend money I dont have to try and have the alley vacated. This still gives me a snow removal issue as there is nowhere for me to remove the snow to except onto Williams st.
The town has been grading the roads and chlorinating them without peeling off some of the road structure. Pot holes are already re-surfacing when if done right they shouldnt be. Its only been 1 week!! Its not even a bandaid fix. More like putting a paper towel on it. I do like OC, it has a lot of small town charm. but its hard to support a town that doesnt want to make improvments to its infrastructure. EVER!! Its stuck in it old ways with the same people doing the same thing year after year without any major changes. A community like OC could bennefit from some change. Especially if the town wants to grow forward in the future. OC will never be a little Stmbt but could be a bit like Minturn or it will keep crumbling away like Max said and become what Walden is becomeing.


Cresean Sterne 2 weeks, 4 days ago on Marijuana sales tax data hard to come by in Steamboat Springs

Scott, I have a question for you. I am gonna go off topic here but since you own property in OC, has there ever been discussion on a chip and seal or paveing project for the town. I would assume that $$ is the main obsticle. I know that when Cargo was mayor she had focused some on main st revitalization and some trail building.


Cresean Sterne 2 weeks, 4 days ago on The Record for Monday, July 7, 2014

($$$$$$$$$) I would think the night games at the highschool would bother you more. But then again they are also busten out some good old fashion brass band music.